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Hulu plus and/or funimation
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Posted 7/12/14 , edited 7/12/14
I use hulu plus mainly for some anime(dubs mainly) but recently they're have been multiple anime simulcasted by them I'm interested in. My question is should I pay for the subscription just to avoid waiting a week? Also do you need the paid app instead of the free one? One last question is the player within the app better than the one from the actual site?
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Posted 7/12/14 , edited 7/12/14
Funimation updated their website sometime last year and the player they use is a ton better. I know before I tried a free trial and only watched a few videos and most of which lagged terribly or just refused to load. Now I can watch anything without a worry on their website. I bought the 6 months of streaming for $20 from Funimation the day they did their deal and I really like it. I was never a big fan of watching anime on Hulu+ with ads.
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Posted 7/12/14 , edited 7/12/14

But seriously this is beating a dead horse here.

Anyways my take on it:
If you can't deal with ads, go with FUNi subscription.
If you can deal with ads, go with Hulu+.
If you have the money and don't care, just sub to everything, like me.

Hulu+ does not do simulcasts, they only get simulcasts a week late from providers like FUNi and CR (among others).
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Posted 7/12/14

Yes, this does come up from time to time, and even very recently. I'm closing this because individual threads requesting help/advice aren't allowed.

However, I have repurposed an earlier thread on the subject so everyone has a place to go to share their opinions and experiences with other legal streaming sites. Please take a look over there, and share what you know!

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