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Post Reply How do you feel about owing somebody?
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23 / M / strangereal
Posted 6/20/17
I hate owing anybody but if its out of goodwill like with friends. I'll definetly repay them back.
Posted 6/23/17
I owe my best friend $100 and I'll pay him back...eventually!
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M / A Very Specific P...
Posted 10/30/17
I always feel responsible
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Posted 10/31/17 , edited 10/31/17

I know that with my friends we always get each other back and it will go full-circle. If I pay for a meal one day then I know my friend will get me back, in the same kind of way, another day. I hate people who are like "Hey you owe me $3.50."
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F / BuBbLeS!
Posted 11/1/17
I don't owe anyone and never have, gotten plenty who do owe me and never have paid me back, thus they get no more money from me.
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Posted 11/1/17 , edited 11/1/17
Rather than money, I feel super guilty when friends do a huge favor for me and I don't return it quickly.
Like asking someone to give you rides all the time. Gotta give them some gas money. Or asking someone to help you move house on last minute notice. Or asking someone to cover for you at work, or help you finish something you can't do by the deadline. Fixing leaking pipes, crashing on their couch, suffering through your breakup vicariously through lots of whining, etc.

I think other people would say these things don't necessarily warrant a return, but I don't feel good imposing on someone, and I usually try to return it through handmade goods or food.

Basically I'm bad at human relations, and treat affection like material exchange.
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