Last Season of Naruto?
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Posted 7/15/14
I have a coworker who is an anime casual (in the past year all he has watched is Naruto and AoT) while I myself am watching 15 current streaming shows and 2 older ones. He keeps pushing me to try watching Naruto Shippuden and while I don't particularly have anything against the show, I watched a few episodes of the first series and combined with the overwhelming number of episodes I'm not exactly too keen on picking the series up. A few months back I read somewhere that while they don't have an exact date the creators were discussing an end the the series. I promised my buddy that when they announce the final episode I will start watching the series and according to some rough math I can power through both series to the current episode as it stands in 4-6 months while still watching other shows. I don't want this to be a Naruto hate thread or people telling me not to watch it. I just want to hear if anyone has any valid speculations as to when the show is ending?


That being said I guess we can also talk about friend recommendations that you were pleasantly surprised by. For me, I am about half way through Innocent Venus and while I prefer slice of life I'm really liking this series- I catch a Gargantia meets Beebop vibe for some reason.
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Posted 7/15/14
Nah, the manga is currently on the final villain of the series and its just yanking our dicks at this point.

The manga will probably end late 2014 or early 2015 so even then Naruto Shippuden will have more fillers(hopefully more like the Kakashi ones because those are probably the best fillers to date).

And even after they beat the final villain, you gotta speculate whether or not Sasuke and Naruto will fight and/or the epilogue of the series will happen.

Naruto has 2-3 more seasons? depending on how much filler they do but this would be the time to start watching since some pretty cool shit is coming up.
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Posted 7/15/14 , edited 7/15/14
Just adding this here. If you do start watching the series, I highly recommend looking at this list of filler episodes. Will come in very handy and you'll get through it a lot quicker.


Naruto Shippuden:
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Posted 7/15/14
Am I the only one that get's more excited not less when I see a ton of episodes for a series I'm interested in but haven't watched yet?
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Posted 12/27/15
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