The Strain
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Posted 7/15/14 , edited 7/15/14

"In 2012 it was announced that FX had ordered a pilot episode of The Strain with the intention of creating a limited television series based on the books.[12] Before writing the book trilogy, del Toro had initially planned the books as a television series and stated that if picked up, the series would span three to five seasons.[1][13] He also commented that he and Hogan would co-write the script for the pilot episode and that as of November 2012 he had already begun casting.[14] Del Toro further commented that he planned to also direct the pilot episode, with a full season airing in 2014 if the show was picked up." -Wiki

This Tv series airred recently on FX network and I liked it a lot. Anyone else? Discuss

If you're commenting about the most recent episode use Spoilers please.
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Posted 7/16/14
I'm really excited about this series, I've read the books and they awesome! It's really refreshing to see a vampire series where the vampires aren't sparkly teenage boys! If anyone has ever read I am legend which is totally diff from the movie, I would compare this series to that! Where the human race slowly turns vampiric and the humans become the rare species fighting for survival!
Posted 8/1/14
I find the show fantastic!
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Posted 8/3/14
Phenomenal cast, very interesting story with the perfect amount of suspense and horror, and perfect time frame so it isn't affected by the stupid FCC regulations. Can't wait for episode 4!
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Posted 12/22/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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