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Posted 7/18/14 , edited 7/19/14
General Rules:
1) Be kind and polite to all who post in this group. Bullying and trolling will not be taken lightly.
2) Do not post inappropriate pictures, links or content in this group.
3) Please do not post new forums. Message me if you have a suggestion OR post the suggestion in the forum called "suggestion box" If approved then and only then can you post said role play as a new topic!!!
4) Keep your language pg13 appropriate. Keep cursing to a minimum if possible.
5) Have fun and be aware that general rules as well as role play rules can change at any given time.

Role Play Specific Rules:
1) No sexually explicit content (utilize a time skip if anything happens between characters).
2) No auto hitting, god modding, power playing or any form of unfair play.
3) Character development is important.
4) No killing another character without permission from that characters owner.
5) All OOC needs to go either in the OOC forum OR at the very bottom of your post in brackets [ ]
6) Be sure to follow individual rules of each Role play as well.
7) Like all rules, these can be changed as needed!
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