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Chapter 1
The full moon guarded the night sky. A cute, Japanese girl with curled, waist length, snow white hair was sitting on the edge of a building, her legs over the side. Her right eye was pale purple while her left eye was pale pink. Her outfit consisted of a black, seifuku, white loose socks and a pair of Hime styled boots. "Princess," a male voice called behind her. "Senpai," she mumbled. On the street below the building, car and a motorcycle crashed into each other. The girl stood up, looking down at the crash. The sound of a train echoed in the background as a English young girl with Sakura doughnut colored hair rushed around the corner. She was wearing a short sleeved, pastel blue top printed in pastel sweets and a short, pastel pink petticoat with multicolored bows along the edge. A pair of over the knee, pink socks covered her legs and a pair of pink, low heels were on her feet. She was about 163 cm tall. A girl with shoulder length, brown hair was waiting outside the train-station. She was wearing a short sleeved, white t-shirt with a black cat printed in the middle, a pair of black short-shorts and white flip-flops. "Hi, Yuki," the brown haired girl greeted. "Hi, lilka," Yuki smiled. "How have you been?" Lilka wondered. "Iv'e been okay, what about you?" Yuki responded. "Good, it's nice not having school for a few months," Lilka added. Yuki felt someone watching her from the top of the train-station. She glanced up, seeing that no one was up there. "Yuki?" Lilka asked. "Sorry," Yuki blushed, focusing back on Lilka. "your going to start a youtube channel?" Lilka beamed. "Yep, It's just going to start of with Jpop dance covers and convention videos though," Yuki nodded. "Good luck with it," Lilka stated. "Thank you," Yuki smiled. They looked around some of the shops in the shopping center before going to the bottom floor which hosted the food court. Yuki ordered a milkshake from KFC and a sub from subway while Lilka got a happy meal in Mcdonalds. "Is how to train your dragon one of your favorite films?" Yuki guessed as Lilka opened her happy meal after they sat down. "Yep, my little sister likes it too," Lilka responded, taking a sip of her drink. "Thief," a voice from the floor above shouted as a man, carrying a handbag, ran down the escalators into the food court. "It's like a Kdrama," Yuki whispered. A security guard ran around the corner, pushing the thief against the wall. He handed the handbag back to the woman with short, blonde hair who just came running up. "Thank you," she thanked. The security guard nodded as he took the man off, who grinned as he glanced over at Yuki. "That was dramatic," Lilka sighed. "I hope nothing was stolen," Yuki nodded. The blonde haired woman went back up the escalators. "Where do you want to go next?" Yuki wondered as her and Lilka placed their rubbish in the bin. "Can we go to water-stones?" Lilka requested. "Okay," Kuro nodded. A gun shot echoed through the air, causing everyone to jump. "Nobody move," a male voice demanded as a man with black hair walked down the escalators, holding a gun up into the air. Yuki and Lilka exchanged glances. He walked down into the middle of the food court. Someone in the background went to get a phone out of their pocket however the man grabbed Yuki's arm, pulling her closer to him and not letting go. He aimed the gun towards her stomach. "If you contact anyone without me telling you, I will shoot her," he warned. Yuki felt her heart beet increase. "Who are you?" one of the customers asked. "Me? I'm just a demon," the man responded. "Demon?" Yuki repeated. The man glanced down at her. "What do you want?" someone else shouted out. "That is a bit... complicated," he informed, tightening his grip on Yuki's arm, which caused her to flinch. "How long will it take for it to happen?" he sighed, looking down into her eyes. "What to happen?" Yuki mumbled, looking to the side. "So you have no idea," he grinned. A man wearing jeans and a short sleeved, black top with a thin camouflaged jacket over-top suddenly appeared behind them. He grabbed the man's arm, pulling it away from Yuki who quickly moved out of the way of the gun. "You," the man with the gun moaned. "Call me Lau, I'm apart of SDC," the new man introduced. "SDC?" the man panicked. "Game over," Lau nodded. "Crap," the man moaned, moving the gun up towards Yuki. He moved away from Lau, grabbing Yuki's arm. "Princess," he added, pulling the trigger. Yuki quickly struggled out of the way. A sunshot echoed through the air. Yuki flinched as pain rushed through her arm.A burst of white light sent out as Yuki fell forwards. Once the light disappeared her appearance had changed. She looked Japanese, with a pale face and was thinner then before. Her skin was pale and she had curly, waist length pure white hair. Her right eye was pale purple and left was pale pink. A full fringe covered her forehead. Strands of her hair at the front reaching to her shoulders and her height of 152 cm. THUD. "Your the princess?" Lau questioned. "Now you see why I wanted to kill her," the man nodded. Lau rushed forwards, crouching down in-front of Yuki. He placed pressure against the gunshot wound. "Princess?" Yuki mumbled, trying to hide the pain. Even her voice sounded cute. Lau glanced up at Lilka. "Your her friend, right?" he asked. Lilka nodded. "Put pressure on it," he added. "Okay," Lilka nodded, moving next to Yuki and putting pressure on the wound as soon as Lau moved his hand away. Lau pushed the man against the wall as he got a black phone out of his pocket. "There's a man here who tried to kill the princess," Lau stated, before hanging up. A minute later a swat team rushed in, with three agents wearing black suits. "I'm arresting you for attempt of murder towards the princess, anything you say can and will be hold against you," one of them informed as they wrapped handcuffs around the man's wrists. "An ambulance is on its way," one of them added. Lau crouched down next to Yuki. "You can let go now," he added. Lilka nodded, moving her hand away. "It looks like the spell completely came off," he added, looking into Yuki's eyes. "What happened?" Yuki cried. Before Lau could respond, the man pulled away from the officers as chains appeared in the air, shooting towards them. A blanket of shadows appeared, acting as a shield. Shadows moved around the ground as a red pentagram appeared on the ground. "Crap," the man whinnied, stepping backwards. A black glow drifted away from the pentagram as a shadow slowly grew out of it. The black lights flew to the side as bats as a tall, black haired Japanese man stood there.
The man with the gun admittely went down on his knees. "Please, forgive me!" he begged. The man looked down at him. "I won't do it again, I'm so sorry, your highness!" he whinnied. "You tried to kill my daughter," the new man coldly added. "Daughter?" Lilka and Yuki repeated in-unison. "I'm really sorry! I don't know what came over me," the man begged, putting his hands together. Bats wrapped around him. "Sir, please," he begged. As the bats covered him, he screamed. The bats flew away, showing nothing there. The swat team left, leaving the three officers there. The new man turned around, looking down at Yuki. An ambulance Syrian filled the air. "Yuki," he stated. "How do you know that name?" Kuro mumbled. "My name is Hiyoshi Kurayami, I'm known as Lucifer to most people. To say it bluntly, I'm your father," Hiyoshi introduced. Yuki glanced at Lilka. Two paramedics came running up. "Is anyone else injured?" one of them asked, looking back at the ground. As there were no response, they crouched down in-front of Yuki. "Are you able to walk?We need to get you to the hospital," one of them announced. "I have to go to the hospital?" Yuki mumbled One of the paramedics glanced at Hiyoshi. "We have the medical supply's in the ambulance to sort it out but you should go to the hospital to make sure nothing was damaged," they stated. "She will be okay if the bullet is just taken out and its stitched up," Lau commented. He helped her stand up as the paramedics guided them over to the ambulance, followed by Lau, Lilka, Hiyoshi and the three agents. "Sorry, I ruined the day," Yuki mumbled. "You didn't," responded Lilka. "There you go, all bandaged up," one of the paramedics "Do you want any pain killers?"they offered. "She's allergic to a type of antibiotics so it's easier to not give her any," Hiyoshi stated. "How do you know that?" Yuki mumbled. "Shannon?" a female voice called as a woman with brown hair came running up. "Mum," Yuki mumbled. "I heard the gun shots earlier, what happened?" she asked. She looked over at Hiyoshi. "I thought I told you to never go near her," she moaned. Yuki glanced up at her. "So what he said is true?" she mumbled. "Yes, and by the way your the Shinigami princess. Are you aware of what one is?" Hiyoshi asked. "A god of death," Yuki nodded. "Stop changing the subject, Hiyoshi, why are you here?" her mum moaned. "If I didn't she would be dead," Hiyoshi defended. "Why did my hair change colour?" Yuki mumbled. "It wasn't the only thing," Lilka added. "When you were born I placed a spell on you to hide you as a human," Hiyoshi informed. "Yes and it was't meant to come of," her mum complained. "That isn't my fault," Hiyoshi commented. "We should get out of her," Lau added, helping Yuki stand up. The ambulance drove off. Lau glanced at Lilka. "I'll leave you too to what ever you were doing," he stated. "Thanks for saving me back there," Yuki mumbled. Lau patted her on the head. "Anytime," he smiled. Hiyoshi did a fake cough. Lau quickly moved his hand away from her. A ring around Hiyoshi's finger started glowing. "I need to go, there's an emergency in hell. If you need anything just shout my name," Hiyoshi informed, as he disappeared. "I should get going," Lilka sighed. "It's not because I ruined today, is it?" Yuki asked. Lilka guided her to the side. "Since It's Sunday the next train is in about ten minutes and I should go home," she explained, glancing at Lau. "And you deserve to be happy," she grinned. "Huh?" Yuki mumbled. "You two look cute together," Lilka smiled. Yuki's face turned red. "It's not like that," she blushed. "I should get going," Lilka waved, winking before walking of. "I need to get back to work, will you be okay?" her mum questioned. "I'll be fine," Kuro nodded. "Bye, message me when you get home," her mum stated before walking of. "Lau, thank you for contacting us," one of the agents stated. "Miss Yuki," the female agent stated. Yuki looked over at her. "We are all from the company called SDC, it stands for Supernatural defense corporation," she stated, handing Yuki a business card. "If you ever need any help or wish to join us, call that number," one of the other agents announced. After a few seconds they bowed slightly before walking away. "Thanks for saving me again, I should go find a mirror," Yuki mumbled. "I'll come with you," Lau added. "I'll be okay, don't worry," Yuki blushed. "Your injured and something else might hurt you," Lau reminded, looking down at the bandage wrapped around Yuki's arm. While they were walking down the alleyway, pain rushed through Yuki. She crouched down, gripping onto her arm. "Hey," Lau panicked, turning around to face her. "Do you have a mirror?" Lau wondered. "A small hand one," Yuki nodded. "If I hold it, it will save you for walking all the way there?" suggested Lau, kneeling down on the ground in-front of her. Yuki nodded, getting her mirror out of her bag, pacing it to Lau who held it out in-front of her. "My eyes are different," she added, looking in the mirror. "And you look Japanese," Lau added. Yuki suddenly grabbed his arm, with the arm that wasn't injured. "Whats wrong?" he asked. Yuki looked at the ghost with long black hair and wearing a white sundress behind him. Lau looked behind him. "Is there something there?" he guessed. Yuki nodded. "I guess since your a Shinigami your going to be able to see ghosts," Lau added. "Ghosts?" Yuki asked. "Your not scared of them, are you?" Lau guessed, watching Yuki nod. "Your one weird Shinigami," he sighed, helping her stand up. His phone started ringing. "I have a mission, will you be okay on your own?" Lau stated. "I should get home," Yuki nodded. Lau pulled her phone out of her bag, getting his phone out of his pocket as he got out his phone, typing her number into his phone.He sent a message to Yuki's phone before saving himself under the contacts. "Message me if you need anything or want to talk," he smiled. "Okay," Yuki blushed. Her bus arrived ten minutes later. She unlocked her front door, placing the key under the plant pot next to the door before going inside. She closed the door, taking off her shoes. Opening the door to the dining room, she chucked her shoes down onto the ground. She quickly sent her mum a message on Facebook to tell her that she was home. She went into the living room, placing her ipod and phone down onto the sofa. The curtains were closed, making it slightly dark. A shadow suddenly appeared behind her. A pair of hands wrapped around her mouth and her stomach. Their grip increased as Yuki tried to pull away. She quickly stood on their foot, causing them to let go of her. THUD. "Your pretty weak," a male voice commented. Looking up, she saw a boy with short,dark brown hair and grey eyes. "Who are you?" Kuro panicked, turning around and shuffling backwards, bumping into the sofa. "Just the vampire that's going to kill you," he stated, walking closer to her and placing his foot on the edge of the sofa to stop her from running away. "I haven't done anything wrong, please let me go," she cried. "Sorry princess," he added, kicking her down to the floor. He crouched down next to her, squeezing her check and looking down into her eyes. "Should I just bite you or make lots of cuts and lick them?" he wondered. Yuki looked to the side as she pulled away from him. "The cuts may take you longer to die, it should be more fun," he smiled. Yuki kicked him where it hurts, causing him to move to the side. Yuki quickly stood up, running towards the door. He grabbed her wrist on the arm that had the wound, pushing her down on the sofa and sitting on-top of her legs. Pain rushed through her arm. "Your already hurt?" he grinned, leaning forwards and pulling the bandage of which caused her to flinch. "Please let me go," she mumbled, trying to move to the side. "It's a shame its stitched up," he sighed. "Why are you doing this?" Yuki cred. "Why not?" he responded, looking down into her eyes. "Are you crying?" he smirked, noticing tears forming in the corner of her eyes. Yuki went to move her her hands to wipe her eyes however the vampires hands pressing down on her arms meant she couldn't move. "Your seriously one interesting girl," he smiled, moving one of his arms off her and getting a pair of scissors out of his back pocket. "Please don't," Yuki cried, kicking him to move out of the way. He made a cut just by her shoulder blade. A few drops of warm blood dripped down. "Your blood smells really sweet," he added, licking the blood, which caused Yuki to flinch. He moved so he was leaning against her. "Your a pretty cute girl," he whispered, looking to the side to see her. Yuki quickly moved her hand. SLAP. He looked down into her eyes as his check turned red after being slapped. "Can you get off me?" she blushed, rubbing her eyes to get rid of the tears. He leaned closer, licking her neck. His tong rolled across his fangs. Someone suddenly grabbed his hand, pulling him off her. A tall, Korean boy with short dark brown hair with a fringe and sky blue eyes stood there. He was about 177 cm tall.
"An ace?" the vampire moaned. Yuki quickly sat up, however pain rushed through her. "Get out of here!" the new boy demanded, pushing the vampire against the wall. "Why so soon? I was really enjoying her blood," he stated. "Just get out of here and never go anywhere near her!" the new boy demanded, letting go of the vampire "See ya Princess," the vampire waved before heading to the balcony door, opening it before walking off. "Are you okay?" the new panicked, rushing over to Yuki and sitting down on the sofa in-front of her. Yuki wiped the blood off the cut. He looked down at the stitched up cut. "What happened?" he asked. "Earlier at the food court a demon with a gun turned up," she mumbled. "Was that when the spell came off?" he guessed, watching Yuki nod. "How did you get in here?" Yuk mumbled. "Front door, I found the key after I sensed you in danger in here," he admitted. "Who are you? Whats an Ace?" Yuki asked. "Akemi Ichimoku, what about you?" Akemi introduced. "Yuki, I think," Yuki mumbled. "Ah, you have a name that your dad choosed and then a name to hide you as a human," Akemi remembered. He wiped a drop of blood of her. "And an Ace," he sighed, leaning back on the sofa. Akemi carefully wrapped his arm around her shoulder, pulling her closer to him. "We're meant to protect you," he explained. "Why me?" Yuki asked. Akemi patted her on the head. "Because your the Shinigami Princess, your important," he added. "It wasn't my choose to become the princess," she sighed, putting her feet up onto the sofa. She leaned on her knees as she looked down at the ground. "Okay, you need to be happier," Akemi added, pinching both of her checks. "It's kind of hard when people keep trying to kill me today and so much has changed," Yuki reminded. He looked down at her clothes. He smiled as he stood up, picking up her laptop before sitting back down next to her. He pressed the on button before getting something out of his pocket. "As a sorry for letting you get hurt," he smiled, waving a card in-front of her. "Your card?" she mumbled. "I'll buy you some things," he nodded, clicking on google once the laptop loaded up. "But isn't that annoying?" she asked. "I want to," Akemi added. "I'm home," her mum called, coming through the door. Akemi was asleep with sitting in the corner of the sofa with Yuki asleep using his lap as a pillow. Her laptop was on the other chair. She crouched down next to the sofa, lightly shaking Yuki's arm. "Baby lady," she softly commented. Yuki slowly opened her eyes. "Mum?" she yawned. "First question, who is he?" her mum questioned. Yuki looked behind her to see Akemi asleep behind her. Yuki sat up, rubbing her eyes. "Akemi, he's an Ace apparently. He saved me from a vampire," Yuki muffled. A pair of arms wrapped around her stomach from behind her. Her checks turned pink as Akemi leaned his head on her shoulder. He opened his eyes to see Yuki's mum. "Hi," he yawned. "Yeah, hi," her mum responded. "I'm an Ace," he explained, moving his arms away from Yuki. "One of the people who are meant to protect her?" Yuki's mum guessed. Akemi nodded. "If It's okay I convinced her to let me buy her some things for an apology for letting her get hurt," he added, lightly poking, the cut on her shoulder which was covered in a plaster. "You got hurt again?" her mum stated, watching Yuki nod. "I should leave you," Akemi added, patting Yuki on the head before getting up off the sofa. Yuki showed him to the door. "Thanks for everything," she thanked. Akemi smiled as he ruffled her hair. "Somebody has to protect you," he added. Yuki nodded, moving her hair back into place. He grinned before waving. "Bye," he waved before leaving. The next day. KNOCK.KNOCK. Yuki's mum opened the door to see the Lau standing at the door. "Hi, is Yuki home?" he wondered. "How did you know where she lived?" Yuki's mum questioned. "She told me somewhen yesterday," Lau responded. "She's up in her room, I think she is asleep," she stated. "Am I allowed to go up to wake her up and talk to her?" he requested. "I suppose," she nodded, moving to the side. Yuki was asleep on her double bed, facing the wall and hugging a large, purple arpakasso plushie. "Suspected her room to be like this," he smiled, seeing that the walls were covered in anime and kpop posters. Kawaii plushies were spread out on the bed and cute accessories covered her desk. He sat down on the bed, next to her. He lightly shock her arm. "Yuki, it's 1pm," he whispered, leaning over her to look at her. "Too early," she mumbled, pulling the duvet up. "Yuki," he whispered, poking her check. As she opened her eyes, her face blushed. "Lau?" she blushed. "Hi," Lau smiled. Yuki went to sit up however ended up accidentally headbutting him. "Sorry!" she blushed. "It's okay," Lau responded, leaning against the wall. "What are you doing here?" she mumbled, sitting up. "Was wondering if you were feeling better," he added, noticing the plaster on her shoulder. "what happened?" he panicked, moving closer to her. "Too close!" Yuki blushed, going to move however Lau grabbed her hand, stopping her from moving away. "This happened after I left you, right?" he guessed. Yuki nodded, looking away. "Does it hurt?" Lay asked. "It doesn't matter," Yuki mumbled. "It matters to me," Lau admitted. Yuki's face blushed as she hid under the duvet. "How old are you anyway?" Yuki muffled. "20, what about you?" Lau informed. "16," she muffled, not moving out of the duvet. Lau smiled as he moved under the duvet and pulled Yuki down onto his lap. "Lau!" Yuki blushed, trying to move off Lau's lap however he kept her down on his lap. "Come on, you can't sleep all day," he added, pulling to duvet away from her and looking down at her pajamas which consisted of pink, Hime gyaru styled pajamas with shorts and a cat ears on the hood. "It hurts, I don't want to get up," Yuki mumbled, pulling the duvet back over her. "It's 1pm," he reminded, looking under the duvet at her. Yuki sat up, rubbing her eyes. "So, why are you here?" she yawned. "I wanted to check on you," he admitted. "Really?" Yuki blushed. Lau nodded. Shortly after he left. She got changed before going down stairs."I have no idea what to eat," she sighed, looking through the cupboards in her kitchen. A shadow moved behind her. An arm suddenly wrapped around her shoulders as a needle was inserted into her neck. Yuki flinched before fulling forwards, being caught by the person behind her.Opening her eyes, she saw that she was inside a black and white stripped room with a black floor. Empty photo frames were decorating the wall. A man wearing all black walked out from the shadows. "Who are you?" Yuki asked, shuffling backwards. "I'm a demon," he stated, waving his hand. A blade fell from the ceiling. Yuki dodged out of the way, barely being missed by the blade. "Where is this?" she asked, standing up. "My own little realm," he grinned, walking forwards. Yuki stepped backwards, bumping into the wall. She went to move however his arm went against the wall, meaning she couldn't move. "Didn't think the Princess would be so cute," he smiled. He kicked her down to the ground. The boy crouched down in-front of her before he rammed a dagger through her right arm. Blood poured down her arm as he pulled the dagger out. He bursted out laughing. "Your even cute when your in pain," he smiled, pinching her checks. "Please... let me go," Yuki begged. The demon grinned as he kicked her down to the ground. Strawberry vines suddenly wrapped around him. The middle of the ceiling fell as a 179 cm tall boy jumped down. His short hair and eyes were both pastel green.
Strawberry vines grew out from the ground around him. "Damn Ace," the demon moaned, pulling away from the strawberry vines. The new boy ruffled his hand through his hair before zooming towards the demon, kicking him backwards. He held his arm up into the air as rose vines wrapped around the demon. A green pentagram appeared on the ground underneath the boys feet. "Princess, you might want to move," he added. Yuki nodded as she quickly moved behind him. The green pentagram grew brighter as strawberry vines covered the walls. The demon stumbled backwards. "Checkmate," the boy commented as a clover shaped hole appeared underneath the demon, causing him to fall down. The glowing disappeared. "I seriously hate demons," the boy sighed, turning around. "I'm Leiko," he introduced. "Yuki," Yuki mumbled, standing up. "Your bleeding pretty bad," he added. "I'm okay, don't worry," she mumbled, covering the cut with her hand. "Lets get out of here," Leiko commented, grabbing Yuki's hand before jumping up halfway up the room. Yuki gripped onto his arm as he jumped up to where the hole in the ceiling was. They were in what appeared to be a meadow covered in flowers. "Where are we?" Yuki mumbled, looking around. "Some place in hell," Leiko explained, crouching down in-front of he. "It might be best if we go to the Castle to get that sorted," he remembered. "Castle?" Yuki repeated. "Your father is the devil," he reminded, wiping a drop of blood off Yuki. "I only found out yesterday, I'm still trying to cope with it," she sighed. Leiko grabbed Yuki's hand. "Lets go," he smiled before standing up and walking off. It seemed like they were walking for hours. "Why can't there be some portal or something?" Yuki sighed. Leiko suddenly stopped walking which caused Yuki to bump into him. He turned around, looking down and noticing that Yuki wasn't wearing any shoes. "If they're hurting why didn't you say so before?" he sighed, turning around and kneeling down. "I'm okay, I can walk!" she blushed. "We still have a long way to go," Leiko informed. Yuki sighed as she wrapped her arms around Leiko's neck. He wrapped his arms around her back before standing up. "Thanks," she blushed. "Your different then I suspected," Leiko confessed. "Different?" Yuki repeated. "I thought you would be more like your father," he nodded. "Is it a good or bad surprise?" Yuki mumbled. "Good," Leiko smiled. Twenty minutes later. They were in-front of a large Victorian styled mansion. The black gate had a bat pattern. The garden the other side was filled with black roses. "Here goes nothing," Leiko sighed, opening the gate. "I can walk from here!" Yuki blushed. "Are you sure?" Leiko asked. As Yuki nodded, he helped her down. "Stay close," he instructed before walking forwards. Yuki gently gripped onto his sleeve. He knocked before opening the front door. The room was large with a tall ceiling. A large staircase was at the back of the room. A set of sofas were at the side, facing a lit fireplace. The floor was white and the walls were black and white stripped. "Are you here to sell a soul?" Hiyoshi's voice asked from the red sofa chair. "Excuse me,sir," Leiko called out. Hiyoshi popped his head out around the chair. "Ah, Yuki," he called. A glass of red wine was in his hand. "Come closer," he added before facing the fireplace. Yuki and Leiko exchanged glances before walking forwards. "I didn't know where else to take her," Leiko added. Hiyoshi signaled for them both to sit down on the black sofa. "What happened?" Hiyoshi asked, sitting forwards as he saw the blood. Yuki glanced up at Leiko. "A demon had kidnapped her," Leiko explained.

As she fell into the water, a large splash formed. "Your a useless princess," they sighed, walking to the edge of the pool. Yuki swam up to the surface, taking in a breath of fresh air before falling under again. The demon grinned as blades shot under the water, barely missing her. "Get away from her!" a male voice shouted. A 175 cm tall korean boy with light blue hair came swimming up.
He wrapped his arms around her before swimming up to the surface. "A ace," the demon complained, waving there hand which caused blades to shoot towards them. He helped Yuki out of the pool before climbing out himself. "I'm Kiyomizu Hiroto," he introduced, moving strands of her hair behind her ears. "Are you okay?" Hiroto asked, pulling Yuki closer to him. "Sorry... for bothering you," she mumbled. Hiroto picked his jacket of the side, wrapping it around her shoulders. "I'll take you home," Hiroto stated, standing up before helping her stand up.

Standing in-front of her was a 180 cm tall Korean boy with red hair.
"I'm Shiroyama Izumi," he smiled.

Chihiro. 174cm
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