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Posted 7/19/14 , edited 7/27/14
After you are accepted into this school, please review the rules in your handbook~!

1. DO NOT kill in the forums.
◆ PM the Mastermind describing your murder
◆ The Mastermind will PM you back with either alterations or saying they have announced your murder
◆ Make sure your kill plan involves some kind of clue towards you, subtle or not. Don't make it impossible to figure out.

2. You CANNOT kill with another person. If you are caught at a trial, you and only you will be punished. Not your "partner in crime".
◆ You can, however, frame someone.

3. You can only have 1 character
◆ Unless your character died. Then you are free to make a new one.

4. No magic/fantasy/sci-fi themes
◆ You are real people. Realistic themes.

5. If you kill someone, please come up with an execution based off of your SHSL talent and PM it to the Mastermind before your trial ends.
◆ If you don't, the Mastermind will make one up for you.

6. After the murder has been solved in a trial, the murderer will be executed (refer to rule 5)
◆ However, if the murder IS NOT solved within a certain period of time, the murderer has the choice to stay in the school or leave.
◆ If the murderer stays, they must PM the mastermind that this is their choice. They also cannot reveal that they were the murderer
◆ If the murderer does not want to stay, they PM the mastermind such. They can now make a new character.

7. Please don't "Find items on your own" after a murder.
◆ For example, instead of saying "I searched the body and found an apple" just say "I searched the body".
◆ The mastermind will reply back to you, saying if you found something or not. They may not reply right away, but they'll do it ASAP
◆ This is a very important rule, as it can mess up an entire murder plan.

Any violation of these rules results in immediate execution.

~Still a WIP~
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