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Posted 7/19/14 , edited 10/20/16
I really do love the new partnership, and appreciate that it has only just happened, so things like these may already be in development. Also the partnership has made me switch completely away from MAL to . Also correct me if I am wrong/have missed something, but there are 2 main features missing from the the current Anime-Planet/Crunchyroll setup:

-Premium viewing on - Simple really, I love the interaction between anime-planet's recommendations and auto-update when watched feature, however since there is no way to login to crunchyroll on their site (as far as I'm aware), It means A) No HD and I get ads watching from anime-planet.

-No updates to Anime-Planet watched list if I watch from crunchyroll - I love my queue, being able to order/reorder my series and even watch half of a video then come back to it, to know exactly where I left off. The system is intelligent and easy to use. However, its going to be tedious having to update Anime-Planet every time I watch an episode. This basically means that I will always want to watch anime via Anime-Planet for the auto-update, however this leads to the no premium problem mentioned above, as well as there being no updates to what I have watched on the crunchyroll side (therefore not earning Crunchyroll points/achievements etc.).


The solution in my eyes would be linking the 2 accounts together, and much like the crunchyroll integration on Anime-Planet, have some button to auto-update the Anime-Planet watched/watching list, via my crunchyroll videos.


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Posted 7/24/14 , edited 7/24/14
Not having premium makes the Anime Planet kind of useless to me right now. Ideally, like you said, it would allow you to link your account so if I watch an episode on Crunchyroll using something else (e.g., my AppleTV), it would update Anime Planet.
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Posted 9/23/16 , edited 9/23/16
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