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Posted 7/20/14 , edited 7/20/14
I just got a subscription and I was wondering how many people can use my account at once. I have two siblings who will be using my account. Can me and my two sisters use the account all at the same time without issue? Also to add right now all 3 of us will be on the same IP address but come fall one will be located elsewhere, will this have an effect on account being used as well?
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Posted 7/20/14 , edited 7/20/14
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Here's an answer from a support mod:

Bjaker wrote:

Sharing between family members in the same household is alright.
If we believe that you are abusing your account we could terminate service though.


I sometimes use my account on different houses or on the go to watch some shows with some homies. Like what the above post says, it goes down to whether it is being abuse and such.
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