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Posted 7/21/14 , edited 7/21/14
Here in this small village, surrounded by woods and water is the densest population of magical beings on earth. The name of this town is Artenia. Here is a healthy economy and a better community... however... it is being threatened by the monsters! the forest surrounding our village is called the Forest of Screams. The forest got that name because for as long as any of the villagers can remember, the monsters have stolen children, women and your warriors. Those who were taken could be heard screaming for hours... but were never found in the dense forest.
However, this forest is not all bad, there are also spirits that guard it, good spirits. and the greatest good in the forest is the Great Tree, a tree that protects the edge of the town from less powerful monsters. about a month ago, a young warrior sent out news that the town needed heroes. Here, in our town, these great heroes are gathering to protect something more precious than all the gold in the world. Heroes and those who hope to be heroes alike will gather here, form teams and fight to protect this town of treasures.
Teams refer to the bulletin board for special missions, but usually one can find work by talking to villagers. Every monster has something its worth. For example, a demon spider has venom that doctors can use to sterilize wounds and make antidotes out of! fire beasts have a hide that is fireproof, and a wraith often has a weapon on it that is straight from legend! Its up to you to decide what to do with these objects... but a word of caution... no one is invincible... these beasts will kill you if you let them. So heroes, protect our village! And above all else, do it for the glory of Artenia!
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