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Should I learn Chinese or Japanese?
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Posted 9/22/14 , edited 9/23/14

I know there are distinctive patterns and writing to each language, but I was trying to get across the point that there are still many traditional chinese characters used in the japanese language, but of course like you said there are many variants of these characters.
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Posted 10/31/14 , edited 10/31/14
The question you might want to ask yourself is what language you really need in the future. Excluding Japanese, I learnt Thai and English for many years and now the only two language I'm using is Japanese and English. 13 years has been nothing but a waste. Therefore, I would say learn the one you believe you are going to need it for your future.
Posted 11/2/14 , edited 11/3/14

(I do not regret learning Chinese)
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Posted 11/4/14 , edited 11/5/14
May be I could say something, I am new here and I am a Chinese .
Which language you should learn is up to what you want to do, if you want to learn something about anime culture Japenese is better. A lot of my friends who are anime fans also learn Japenese. And about other reasons others had posted above Chinese is better.
And there are something between Chinese and Japense:
there are some Chinese word in Japenese, so learn Chinese is helpful for you to learn Japense.(But there are alse some same words have different meaning);
the grammar between Chinese and Japenese is totally defferent(Learn Chinse is no help for this);
About pronounciation, Japenses is much easier to learn, Chinese is more difficult.
I just know little about Japenese, so that is all I can advise.
And sorry about my poor english.

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Posted 11/8/14 , edited 11/8/14
where do u even live lol if the answer is america then spanish. If you want to just learn for hobby sake then by all means shoot for chinese or Japanese. But dont expect learning japanese to be a useful language in say Texas
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Posted 11/19/14 , edited 11/19/14
Chinese with their booming economy it is a plus if you work for multinational conglomerate to know it you would get promoted faster better salary and all other perks.
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Posted 1/14/15 , edited 1/15/15
Chinese / Mandarin will get you farther if you are planning to involve yourself in international business, Japanese can also help, but to a far lesser extent, more often when business proposals are made with the Asians, it's with the Chinese.
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Posted 6/15/16 , edited 6/15/16
Closed due to inactivity. There are some other threads about learning Japanese and these days requests for advice belong in the Advice, Info, Recommendations forum.
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