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Capital City is where both the Council and Rebel Headquarters are located.

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Slash wandered the streets, a combination of a hood, sunglasses and a bandanna concealing her greyed skin. She usually avoided the city streets, preferring to stick to the rooftops, but with the massive size of the Council, she was certain they'd be looking out for people trying to avoid the public. After all, it was calm a the moment. She loved night in the city. Sure, it was still busy. It was a big city, after all, but at night, nobody really paid attention to the hooded girl wandering the streets, concealing her face. At night there were plenty of shady people to draw attention, and Blacky had made sure to tell her multiple times that these shady people would be a good enough crowd to blend in with to avoid attracting the Council's attention. So she wandered. She wandered the city streets aimlessly, taking in the lights and the advertisements and all the beautiful people. She missed being around people. She missed her clan.
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