Yuugare Contract
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Posted 7/22/14
Or twilight contract, however you want to call it lol.

...Might be on here, I don't know if excessive blood and gore is allowed on here lol. Someone might have to point me to a place to put it. (I have it posted on the baka tsuki forums but I know for a fact that link isn't allowed on here haha.)

I guess for now I'll just put down the summary and prologue for those who are interested, those are safe.

Genre: Fantasy, supernatural, drama, romance.

Synopsis: One of the many questions of the world that has been frequently asked. Where does the soul go once someone dies? Is there life after death? What does the other side look like?...

Though has one ever wondered what happens to a soul tainted in darkness? The soul of a murderer? One person finds out first hand when he awakens on the other side, a young man named Kaiden, when he meets a mysterious girl who refers to herself as Roka and tells him he has been branded with the mark of one who has violated one of the greater taboos. The mark of a murderer.

Only problem is...he has never committed a single crime during his time alive. Together they try to unravel why he was sent there and how to clear his name before his soul is erased completely.


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Posted 12/22/15
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