Holiday in Japan
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Posted 7/22/14 , edited 8/11/14
Hey! I'm planning a holiday to Japan in spring for 2 - 3 weeks with the wife and would love to hear suggestions of places and things you'd recommend.

This will be the first time we've ever visited Japan. Thanks
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Posted 7/22/14 , edited 7/22/14
I'd suggest taking a trip to Nara. The park is amazing and home to hundreds of free-roaming deer. You can feed and pet them. It's also home to Todaiji Temple, which houses one of Japan's largest Buddha statues. Such an awesome experience!

Also, Akihabara is a must if you are an anime fan.
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Posted 7/24/14 , edited 7/25/14
I'm lazy, and don't want to write all this all over again. So links.

A bunch of people posted in those threads too.
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Posted 7/26/14 , edited 7/26/14
Make sure to stop by Kyoto for traditional goodies! They're famous for traditional sweets, pickled vegetables, and sake.
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Posted 7/26/14 , edited 7/27/14
Thanks guys that's awesome
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Posted 7/29/14 , edited 8/11/14
First decide what part of Japan you want to visit. Riding the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto is not cheap. I would research getting a Japan Rail Pass.

If you are going in the spring and can time it right I would suggest going to see the cherry blossoms bloom. The last two times I went in the spring I missed it by one week. In Tokyo, you can visit the Sky Tower, Tsukiji Fish Market and the temple in Asakusa. Kyoto has a ton of temples too.

Here is some other advice:

I suggest renting a smart phone while there or if you have T-Mobile bring your cell phone. I have T-Mobile and they offer free 3g data and SMS overseas which was a big help. I was able to use my android phone earlier this year. This was a huge help because that means I could use Google Maps.

Download the hyperdia app from the Play store or go to to get train times. Sometimes Google Maps will actually be able to navigate you to your destination if you set it for walking directions. The only problem I ran into is that it would sometimes give me train stops in English and when i refresh it, in Japanese. When I'm meeting friends in Tokyo, I usually check hyperdia and Google Maps to get the next train and save it as a screenshot. It will list all the station and stop names and time. Some of the trains have a display that lists the stops in English and usually those trains have automated announcements for the next stop. For those that don't they usually have signs with romanji at each stop and you just have to pay attention so you don't miss your stop.

You are going to get lost in those train stations. I have gotten on the wrong train or gone in the wrong direction numerous times. Sometimes you have to switch platforms and get lost trying to navigate to them. When that happens you may miss the next train you were planning to get on. This is where having a smart phone helps and it helps reduce stress.

Oh and I suggest packing lightly, but that may be hard to do on a 2-3 week trip. Dragging multiple suit cases on and off trains is going to be difficult if you are visiting multiple cities, especially if it's busy.. Most stations have elevators, but you could also end up having to take the stairs in some places.

Finally, bring comfortable walking shoes as you will be walking most of the time.
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