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Tales of.....
Posted 12/27/14 , edited 12/28/14
Vesperia son.
First was Abyss, favorite Vesperia, least favorite Graces F.
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Posted 1/3/15 , edited 3/3/15

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Posted 1/5/15 , edited 1/6/15
Tales of Symphonia was my first Tales of a lot time ago and I'm glad it was. Everything about it was amazing on the first playthrough, and growing up let me realize how deep the game really is.

Played Tales of Xillia, but I just can't get around to finish it. Everything about it is fine, and has some good parts to it. But also has some bad points from my perspective.. My first Tales of did influence my expectations of all the others one, so I guess I'm just biased. Oh well.
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Posted 1/7/15 , edited 1/7/15
Symphonia or Xilia.
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Posted 1/9/15 , edited 1/10/15
Symphonia, though aside from Vesperia, it's the only other Tales game I've played.

I really wish I had finished Vesperia, too, but I lost my save file after putting in near 200 hours of playtime, and haven't had the heart to start over.
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Posted 1/11/15 , edited 1/11/15
tales of abyss was aweome, been buying and playing the newer tales of games, they seem to be missing what this game had.
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Posted 1/11/15 , edited 1/12/15
symphonia followed by vesperia
Posted 1/12/15 , edited 1/13/15

The first Tales game I picked up as a kid and was immediately hooked. One of the best JRPG's on the Gamecube for sure. After that, I was interested in playing other Tales games but managed to play the sequel, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of a New World, which was okay.
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18 / F / イブキド
Posted 1/14/15 , edited 1/15/15
Only one i actually own is Symphonia, which i still haven't finished. I played Vesperia back when i used my 360 and it was pretty good, ended up never buying it though. I'll probably get the japanese PS3 version soon.
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Posted 1/16/15 , edited 1/17/15
Vesperia will always be number one in my life.
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Posted 1/20/15 , edited 1/21/15
Vesperia. Was one of the main reasons I decided to get a 360, and was well worth it.
Symphonia would be a close second. The tales game that introduced me to the tales series.
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22 / F / Australia
Posted 1/21/15 , edited 1/21/15
I'm glad to see so many people are saying Vesperia! That's also my favourite Tales title even though I'm not huge into the franchise personally.
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25 / M / Pennsylvania
Posted 1/21/15 , edited 1/22/15
Vesperia will always be one of my favorite games of all time. There are some Tales characters that I never really cared for, but I was invested in the entire Vesperia cast. Symphonia would be a second.
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Posted 2/22/15 , edited 2/22/15
Hmm, let's see. For me it would have to be..

1. Tales of Symphonia. It was the first proper Tales game I played from start to finish. Such a good story!
2. Tales of Xillia. Loved how it improved on the aesthetics of the overworld, voice acting and character development.
3. Tales of Vesperia. Enjoyed this one too, shame it wasn't on PS3 though! I had to play it at my friends house.
4. Tales of Graces F. Took a bit of getting used to seeing as the battle mechanics and weapon upgrades were different, but I liked the change.
5 Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. I was kind of disappointed with this one to be honest. I think there were a lot of missed opportunities.

I've yet to play Xillia 2 and I'm really looking forward to Zestiria. :3
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23 / M / Illinois
Posted 3/2/15 , edited 3/3/15
I love tales games
Symphonia - characters
Vesperia - world
Abyss - plot
Graces - combat
Xillia/ Xillia 2 - great mix of above
Phantasia is like a base of all the games oddly enough
and Zestiria is awesome looking
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