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Alice in wonderland inspired

Wonderland cast

Yuki "Mad hatter"
A cute,Japanese girl with pale skin, pure white curly hair reaching just above her waist, , right eye pastel purple and left is pastel pink, full fringe, strands of her hair at the front reaching to her shoulders, height of 152 cm.

Leiko "Cheshire cat"
177 cm tall.

Akemi "White rabbit"
179 cm

Hiroto "March haare"
175 cm

Venus "Queen of hearts"
Straight firetruck hair reaching just below her shoulders and shorter at the back.

Other characters

Ophelia Jackson
The popular cheerleader. Light blonde hair, just above her shoulders. Blue eyes.

Jet black hair

Ophelia's boyfriend. Dark brown hair and brown eyes. The popular jerk.

The geek who's skilled at hacking. He's in love with Madison

Mochi princess
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18 / F / Tokyo
Posted 7/24/14 , edited 7/24/14
A glowing blue butterfly flys down onto a teacup on a long table decorated in different sized and colored tea cups and plates of food. Mismatching chairs spread out around the table. A red moon guarding the sky. A voice is heard however no one is in sight.

"Everyone's heard the story of Alice in Wonderland. The tale of a little girl who ventures into a spell-bounding world of magic and enchantment. However, thats not the true story.Welcome to the Illusionary wonderland"

The shot shows a pair of white, hime gyaru shoes walking along the grass. A white face mask drops to the ground.

A school bell rings through the air as the shot changes to a classroom. A teacher is standing at the front of the room however no one was paying attention besides Yuki in the back row who is a cute, Japanese girl with pale skin, pure white curly hair reaching just above her waist, , right eye pastel purple her fringe covers her left eye. Strands of her hair at the front reaching to her shoulders and her height is 152 cm. "Less then an hour till halloween break, you can all pay attention," the teacher moaned, dropping two heavy books against his desk which caused all the students to jump.

"This is pathetic," Ophelia complains from her desk in the middle of the room. She was focusing on the mirror in her hand as she checked her light blonde hair that reached just above her shoulders. "Miss Jackson, if you wish to stay behind longer after school that is perfectly fine," the teacher commented. "I have plans," Ophelia responded, lining her sky blue eyes with black eyeliner.

The school bell echoed through the room. "Finally," one of the students sighed. Everyone picked up all their things into there bag. "Yuki, can I speak to you for a moment?" the teacher requested as Yuki walked past. She nodded as she stopped walking. "You've been here a month, have you even tried to make friends?" he asked. Yuki's grip on the books she was holding increased. "I'm friends with Madison from the other class," Yuki informed. Her voice was soft and sweet.

"I still can't believe you invited ghost girl," Ophelia sighs as she sits on the hood of the white car in the schools parking lot. "She's fine once you met her," Madison responded, checking the time on her phone. Selena walks up to them with two guys each side of her, holding her bags and books. "Here's fine," Selena stated. They handed her the bag and books before walking off. "That's my sister for you," Ophelia smiled. Dale and Vincent were in the middle of a discussion. "I can always count on you," Dale expressed. "If I get caught its going to affect both of us, you know," Vincent reminded.

"Ah, Yuki," Madison calls as she notices Yuki walking out of the school. "Your coming with us later, right?" Madison asks. Yuki nods.

"How far away is your parents cabin?" Selena asks, leaning backwards in her seat in the car. The sky was getting darker. "Not far, we need to top us the gas know," Dale stated, driving up to the gas station. "Anyone need anything?" he asks. "I need to the bathroom," Selena stated, climbing out of the car. "Pay for the gas and get crisps," Dale ordered, passing Selena some money. Selena felt someone watching her while she was at the counter. Turning around, she saw no one.

Ophelia turned on the car radio, which was playing ACDC highway to hell. Her, Selena and Madison sang along as Dale continued to drive. They passed someone standing by the side of the road who had short, silver hair and was wearing white rabbit ears on their head, a short sleeved white shirt, a black waistcoat, black Ouji shorts with white stripes along the bottom, black and white diamond striped over the knee socks and black boots. A black bow was around his neck with a pocket watch necklace hanging down. He had an emotionless look on his face. Yuki quickly sat up as she looked behind her. As something ran out into the road, Dale quickly pulled on the breaks, causing the car to skid of the road, crashing into a tree. "Is everyone okay?" Vincent asked a minute later as he sat up. Dale wiped the blood away from his head. "What the hell was that," he huffed, trying to start the car up however it didn't move. He pulled his seat belt of before climbing out of the car. "What happened to it?" Ophelia questioned. "No idea," Dale stated. Vincent climbed out of the car, going over to help him. "Someone needs to walk back to the gas station," Vincent stated. Selena climbed out of the car, opening the boot and sitting down. "There's no way i'm walking all the way back there," she expressed. Ophelia followed by Madison and Yuki got out of the car.

Yuki felt someone watching her, turning around she saw no one. "Vincent, stay here and I'll go to the gas station," Dale ordered. "I'll go with you," Ophelia stated, picking up her bag from the boot of the car. The ground underneath them started to shake. "An earthquake?" Madison panicked. The next thing they knew they were falling. THUD. Yuki sat up, looking around. They were all in a large garden with steps running through the middle with grass and large flowers along the edge. A black fence ran through the middle. Giant bushes shaped like animals were in the distance. "Where are we?" Madison asked, looking around.
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