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Post Reply Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise
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Posted 12/23/14
Rakuen Tsuiho - Expelled from Paradise (Limited Complete Pressing) # 2 12,168 Total so far 40,480.

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Posted 12/31/14
I thought, hm, why are "usefulness" and other miscellaneous concepts right out of Gargantia?

...Then I looked up stuff on a search engine, and sure enough, this Gen guy. I knew there was hype regarding the person behind the film but didn't look into who it actually was until after seeing it.

I feel that while the middle of the movie could have been cut significantly (it didn't need the hour forty three run time), the end was well worth the wait. The "deorbiting battle" was on par with the deorbiting battle sequence in the 3rd Evangelion movie, and the action that came after was really well executed also.

While the film didn't start out very impressively at all, it ended impressively. I think the concepts of the film took center stage, where they belonged. Everything else, including the story, was there to service the concepts... and the movie was very cool on a conceptual level (e.g. the real world ain't THAT bad from a certain relative point of view). The action was the eye-candy dressing.

Take SAO/LH(or something like Baldr Force EXE), turn it completely inside out, add some sprinklings of Gargantia, and you get Expelled From Paradise.
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