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Posted 3/4/16 , edited 3/4/16
Name: Gia Akatsu
Age: Appears 17, real 20
Gender: Female

Personality: Caring, loving, protective, and a bit of a short temper
History: She use to be a scientist in her own work, working alone studying all kinds of different chemicals and biohazards, she also worked as an engineer, working with mechanical machines such as automail and other types of mechanical body parts, eventually in her line of work she sustained sever injuries and as unable to do much work, so she used the machines she made and turned herself into half human and half machine, giving her another chance in life. Although at first they were just normal mechanical body parts, eventually she started to see how the government and military was treating others as experiments by using scientists to do research on people and wanted to put a stop to it. She then designed a new form of automail in order for her to fight back against aggressive military personnel, by changing her own parts into weapons, and adding new parts, such as containers, tubes, and weapons. She would then added her other work into the mix by adding in chemicals and biohazards into her machines. She then regulated the chemicals and such in a matter that they would run through the body without causing damage to the body itself, almost as if the chemical or biohazard was part of the body and blood system. Her DNA had become Plutonium, a highly dangerous and flammable type of radiation.
Weapon/Ability: Two swords infused and specially designed to produce Plutonium and Controls Plutonium
Other Information: She goes against using her creations on others, but if it will save a persons life she will only proceed with the procedure if the client allows it, she will even give them warnings about how dangerous this may become and they may not even look the same and it will be very painful during the procedure. If the clients still agrees with it, she will perform the procedure and do what she can. Her main goal is to fight against the military who use scientists to conduct experiments on innocent people who have no choice, and wishes to give them the chance to make that choice...
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