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Please try and stay active!

Respect everyone if the group. If you are having problems with someone in the group, please let the creator or the mods know and we will take care of it!

Anything R-18+ or heavy violence must be placed in a spoiler.

Unless you have permission to kill off another member's character, there will be no killing. However, it's different if the character is yours.

No angels or demons or any other race.
[ RP R U L E S ]

✖ If you wish to speak out of character (OOC) during the middle of an RP session, please use (( )) or [[ ]] before or after your reply.

✖ Your character does not need to necessarily have a special ability. It could just be a weapon or a skill.

✖ No character is allowed to have the power to end the world.

✖ No character is allowed to make a person die with a single touch.

✖ If your character has an ability that requires a certain time limit for an ability, put that in that category.

✖ No character is allowed to be immortal or invincible; they must have some weakness.

✖ No character is allowed to have a history of mass killings! Your character is human, not a demon!
[ F A Q ]

How many character am I allowed to have?
As long as you keep the characters active, as many as you want.

My character hasn't been approved yet. Why?
The creator and mods will get to you as soon as possible! We might not have known about it.

Are you in need of mods?
Since the group is just starting out, yes. We are in need of mods! If you are interested, please PM me about it with sample work of yours. I will need to know how active you are on CR.
▬ Will be updating ▬

Any suggestions? Feel free to comment below with them or PM me!
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//raises hand
KawaiiNeko122-san~ Question~. Are we allowed to do omniverse roleplays? Or is that forbidden as well? If it's not forbidden, is there a max. limit of how many people are we RPing with per character?
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Posted 11/1/14 , edited 11/1/14

Are you referring to letting one of your characters be in a different place while RPing in another? If so, that is fine! You can have the same character in at least two different places total. I hope this answers your question ;;w;;
Posted 11/1/14 , edited 11/2/14

Yes, yes I did C: Yayyyyy thanks~!
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