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Posted 7/25/14 , edited 7/25/14

I am sorry if this problem has been addressed in a different post, but the forum is a huge mess, and the posts that seem to ask the same question as I'm going to, have all gone off topic within 2 or 3 posts.

Anyways, on to the question:

When I stream 1080p here on this site, I'm getting a lot of buffering.. hell, even 720p can be a problem.
I have made sure to try at different times of the day to make sure buffering was not due to "rush hour" or whatever you want to call it, but it didn't change a thing. No matter when I tried, the results was the same; Maybe 5-10 mins or bufferless streaming (and thats on a good day mind you), and then hell.

A bit of info:

I live in Scandinavia and have a dedicated 100/20 connection.

I'm not sharing this connection with anyone, it's all mine.
I have tried using both my ISP's DNS settings, and various alternatives from the internet (Google DNS, Open DNS, etc. etc.) to see if maybe that could have an impact on this, but none of them changed the results.
I've tried on several different PC's as well, but no luck there either.

Can someone tell me why this is happening?
Does Crunchyroll run their streaming service of a potato located in some third world country, or could this be an issue on my end?
I've tried all the different subscriptions the site has to offer, and it's the same on every single one of the, (not that that should matter, just saying).

It's frustrating not to be able to stream a simple movie clip in HD, when you have a nice ass internet connection and a sweet pc, both capable of running pretty much anything out there.

Please, someone enlighten me.
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Posted 8/3/14 , edited 8/3/14
I have the same problem.
100/100mbit connection.

I stream 1080p just fine on all other streaming services.. Here i can't even go 480p. It just won't cache/load.

Doesnt look like i'll extend my premium membership, if this keeps up
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Posted 9/18/14 , edited 9/18/14
Same here.
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Posted 9/18/14 , edited 9/18/14
Crunchyroll's streams are hosted at a major CDN provider with several locations in Europe (and are also providing services to various other streaming websites and major websites). There is a chance that certain ISPs choke their link to that CDN provider at peak hours or employ a too small link - at the expense of their customers. For example: Over in the German support I've had various such inquiries and the majority of cases is in connection to a certain cable provider.

Your best approach is getting in touch with customer support /contact after going through the playback help /help?topic=video.
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