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Post Reply Sexual Harrasment at Comic Con
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31 / M / Minnesota, USA
Posted 10/7/14

vandellan wrote:

My Girlfriend and I go to cons. We went to ACen this year. Her cosplay was revealing. Now she didn't get groped or anything like that. But she went there knowing she would get looks. Her words "It's gonna draw attention. I know that." - she chose a revealing cosplay, knowing full well she would get some looks. No one should ever be groped or filmed in any way, shape or form. But if you choose to show off your skin, be prepared to get some looks. If you are uncomfortable getting those looks, or for any other reason do not want them, choose a less revealing cosplay that won't be at catching to the eyes of other con-goers regarding the parts of your body you don't want displayed. I understand some looks can be creepy, I'm not denying that. But if you don't want those looks, do what you can to prevent yourself from getting them. That's where I stand, everyone has their own right to choose where they stand on issues.

Well said my friend, well said.
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Posted 10/12/14 , edited 12/7/14

baofu wrote:

Victim blaming? Really?

Hey, how about we don't perv on girls . We have a whole other thread on basically this issue:

I'd be the first to deck a guy sexually harassing a woman, but it takes two to tango; if you want to lay blame, then blame: the producers of fan service and female anime stereotypes, men and their lack of self control, and women and their lack of sound judgement.

Though it is ultimately the "man's" fault for acting on his desire (not a real man!), you don't put food in front of a starving man and... well that's just a really bad analogy. Never mind.
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Posted 10/19/14
What's wrong with some people? Women can wear whatever the hell they want, and it is up to us not to be creepy idiots. Imagine a society where we could barely go out for fear of being mugged, killed, or whatever so we would be force to limit what we do. This is what women go through every single day! I don't know of the first friend that doesn't get constantly sexually harassed, and it really has nothing to do with wearing sexy clothes or not. It is that sexist mentality that many people have who think that women's body belong to them. This has to stop! There is nothing wrong with seeing and admiring, but keep your mouths shut and your hands off. It is very simple and it has nothing to do with limiting women's freedom to wear whatever the hell they want to.
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22 / F / England
Posted 10/19/14 , edited 11/23/14
Okay, I'm prepared for a lot of people to shout at me, but I'm another one of these people who thinks there's two sides to this. I suppose my main thoughts are:

1.) Absolutely do not touch someone without permission. That means, even if you just want a hug, ask first, and definitely no groping. That goes for women and men, no matter how much skin they're showing, how great their muscles are, you don't touch without permission. That's just common courtesy.

2.) Cosplay is made to be looked at. If you're a woman wearing a skirt that barely covers your knickers, you shouldn't be upset if people have a quick look. If you're not comfortable with people looking at a certain part of your body, you cover it up. Wear clothes that you are comfortable being seen in. There's no harm in glancing at anything that is clearly on display, but everyone should remember their manners. It's rude to stare.

3.1.) Always ask before taking photos, and remember 'no' is an acceptable answer! As a cosplayer, I love it when people ask for my photo. It's a huge compliment for me, however, there is a line. Luckily, I have never been asked to pose in a way I am not comfortable with, but if I were, I would apologise and offer a different pose instead. Or, as another example, sometimes cosplayers may feel ill, or be very busy, in this case, it is perfectly acceptable for them to say 'no', and I think everyone needs to accept that.

3.2.) Asking is polite! It's not fair to critisise fans for requesting a certain pose. For example, someone asking "Is it okay for you to bend over a little, and give a flirty look to the camera?" is fine, but if they are told 'no' and and continue to push, like "Come on, you can't dress like that and not expect to do some fanservice shots" then that person is being rude and is at fault.

But honestly, I do get a little annoyed when I hear women say things like "There was this guy at a convention, and I saw him check me out, how disgusting, nobody gets to look at my body like that, except for my boyfriend!" In that case, I sort of feel like, if you don't want anyone to see your body, surely you should wear more than a bikini?

I probably shouldn't let this opinion be out there on the internet... I'm sure there are many flaws in my logic, but I've been feeling so grumpy lately, I can't keep myself quiet.
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23 / M / Brentwood
Posted 12/1/14 , edited 1/14/15
I think both party are responsible. Majority falls on guys. But some girls wear the most inappropriate thing and some guys do too not acceptable.
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35 / F / New Jersey
Posted 1/11/15
If people are going to blame women for dressing "like she wanted it" or "like a slut", then start blaming the people who created the characters that are being cosplayed. Ok, then.

I, as a female, have no problem keeping my hands to myself should I see a bishounen character being cosplayed [one that I would normally xxx to]. If the dude is hot and I would "10/10 would bang", I'd just ask for a hug and a photo and, not to be borderline creepy, would enthuse about it being my fave character and how great their cosplay is. Anything else I would want to do; I'd go home and do in the privacy of my room. >.>
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22 / M / United States
Posted 1/21/15
Hmm, only been to one convention so far (long time ago but I do intend to partake in more :D)

Groping and inappropriate touching should be heavily monitored and not allowed.

However, I do find myself leaning with some of these other comments. I, like most normal people (women included), will probably find it difficult to not gaze at an attractive person wearing skimpy clothing (though as stated before, it should not be used as an excuse for inappropriate action)
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