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Posted 7/25/14 , edited 7/26/14
Good Morning Integrians!

I would like to officially announce that as of now the Online part of the roleplay has been ended to make way for the upcoming roleplay that we will be host to very soon codenamed "The Twilight." If you roleplay here on Integrability you still will be able to post as usual here (see link 1) in the Offline section of our roleplay until we launch "The Twilight" roleplay in the coming months.

Make sure to take this opportunity to progress your character's personal background story, explore new elements of the roleplay, and meet up with friends from all across "The World." Just keep in mind that all of the Online servers for "The World" are no longer postable, and that unless otherwise given permission your Offline character will not display any adverse affects as a result of being force logged out. Otherwise enjoy yourselves and get as much as you can out of progressing your Offline character's background to make for a rich, well-rounded, character!

Make sure to check out this roleplay post here (see link 2) for details on what has happened so far. Be sure also to check back with us frequently to get the latest and greatest news updates on "The Twilight" as we move closer to our launch date!

See you all in "The World" soon Integrians!

Link 1:
Link 2:ω-warring-city-lumina-cloth/page-8#entry48640
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