Chubbier/more muscular characters
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Posted 7/26/14 , edited 7/27/14
Well, I don't want anyone to feel offended or whatever,and I'd like to keep away from the ''fat people shouldn't cosplay'' debate as much as possible...

We've all heard more than once that body size/shape doesn't matter when it comes to cosplay and that as long as you enjoy yourself,there's no need to care about haters...I totally agree with that,and I think anyone should do whatever he or she pleases when it comes to cosplay.

However,and here I'm talking for myself, I'm the perfectionnist type you see..And what I like about cosplay is making it the most accurate I can. I just love being as similar to the character as I can(physically and in terms of behaviour and personality) , and the more I look like it,the happier and prouder it makes me..

So,I'll put this straight.I'm looking for characters that have a body shape more similar to mine. I'm not anything near obese but I'm definitely not the tall and stick thin typical protagonist girl you see in most animes/mangas. I'm 5'3,with pretty short legs and pretty broad shoulders.. I'm the kind of muscular pudgy,you see ?( note: good quads,calves and pipes ahah). So basically, I'm looking for a character that has a bit of a larger shape. It can be anime,manga,video games or whatever (don't worry,I'll definitely watch,read or play it before I cosplay ahah).I also don't mind going as a guy :)

If you guys have any ideas I'd really appreciate!
And if you're also on the hunt for chubbier characters to cosplay,well, feel free to tell us what you're looking for and we'll try to help you out as well :D

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Posted 7/26/14
Toujou Nozomi from Love Live! School Idol Project. Her body shape is a little bit different from the average female anime character. She would be a cute character to cosplay as.
Another character is Arita Haruyuki from Accel World. He is short and overweight, and is adorable.
I hope these ideas helped you. Good luck on your cosplay. ^-^
Posted 7/26/14 , edited 7/26/14
Currently working on a Mai Shiriniu (revamping it) and a Chun Li.

I am by no means skinny, (and i know it's not anime) but between that, wonder woman and a few others, those are my next challenges.

Although long and skinny, Lavi from D-Grey Man also worked well for a not so tall chubby
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Posted 7/27/14 , edited 7/27/14
Mai definitely sounds like a kick-ass cosplay to do for a more muscular person! I had thought about Chun Li as well but I don't just didn't appeal to me I guess.Well,that also made me think about Cammy and I kinda liked it so you could say I put it on the list somewhere

Marvel characters are usually a great pick for muscular women as well..Though you need a D cup most of the time (which I don't own ahha). But hey, Lemme get some silicone prostetics,I'm sure I can uprgrade my boob size with that !

I'd love cosplaying as Lavi..Like..big time.. But my bum and the shape of my legs sell my true identity right away when I cosplay as guys in thight pants ._. GET FLAT BUM,GET FLAT! I had thought about doing Kassim from Magi though.. BECAUSE FLOWY HAREM PANTS. At first I wanted to go as Judal ( just because,oh well, I LOVE THE CHARACTER,hermherm) even though he's really slender ( No matter their size..I think the people who pull him off the best are those with kickass abs ahah) But then I noticed Kassim kinda had some broader shoulders.. And then I was kinda caught in a dilemna( just because,oh well,I LOVE BOTH OF THEM,hermherm)

Anyways,thank you for your answers guys :)

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Posted 9/28/14
There are options for people who aren't stick-thin, though, even if you're really worried about accuracy. Some characters look good when "broad"; this is one of mine:

That being said, you should never let body type put you off cosplaying. I'm a really big believer in that people should be able to cosplay anyone they want, irrespective of body type, race or even gender.
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Posted 12/23/15
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