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Posted 7/27/14 , edited 7/27/14
As a avid anime watcher i log a lot of hours on this site in my free time watching just about everything.

As you can imagine my Queue is Monstrous, Now i could simply go about deleting shows after i watched through the season but i don't Want to and i have good reason.

By not deleting these shows i can just take a peek at my Queue and go o hey there's a New Season that started cool.

But that's not the only reason i find myself constantly asked by friends and family "What anime should i watch" or,
"I'm running out of good anime to watch any suggestions" And i can immediately name a few off the top of my head but there's just so many.
But Thankfully i have my phone and a few clicks into the crunchyroll app and i immediately have dozens of suggestions at my fingertips.

Now onto the point....

Now by logging on to crunchyroll in a few clicks i can look at everything i have or currently am watching and that's great! Because of this fact tho over time it becomes a pain and a hassle constantly reorganizing the list of new shows added or finished because the list simply became to big.

So to tackle this issue why not add categories to the Queue, By simply clicking on a tab within the queue we can select for example: Monday - Sunday each tab being a different day and based on the time frame a particular Anime comes out crunchyroll automatically compiles the list based on what you have in your queue.

Another Example would be Rating Tabs So say you give a show 1- 5 stars you can simply click one of the tabs in your categories and it will automatically compile a list based on the ratings for shows in your queue that you gave

and last but not least a New/Currently watching tab, Old/Have watched tab and the All tab The New Tab would obviously compile a list of all the shows you have not yet watched and the have watched tab would display everything you have already tackled, All Tab Obviously being all the anime in your queue.

So with that said i take my leave but i would like to say i believe this would be extremely beneficial to everyone and can not stress enough the need for organization.
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Posted 7/27/14 , edited 7/27/14
There are already several threads regarding the queue on this forum, including Collected Queue Suggestions, Wishes, and Thoughts. Your suggestion may already be covered there.
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