Historical/ Fiction Based Story?
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Posted 7/27/14 , edited 7/28/14
Developing a storyline can be difficult, especially if it's one that's historical based. I know many of you guys probably seen those genres before, but they're mostly about the Sengoku Period of Japan and I think that theme has been overused even though their storylines are original.

Ok so the story I'm writing about is a historical/fiction shonen type taking place in the Hellenistic period of Ancient Greece. I have the story set during a specific year, following historical events and affecting the following events in history after the storyline has been concluded. I did my research on this while developing my story so that it all adds up and makes sense.

Before developing my story I already decided I wanted to create one taking place in a historical time period. Why Ancient Greece? Because that theme hasn't really been used since the 70's (and NO, Reign the Conqueror isn't really legit). I also had looked up historical based manga and anime but once again, they're mainly feudal japanese or superficially Medieval European historical/mythological (like Reign the Conqueror). The only two that caught my attention was the "The Rose of Versailles" and "Historie" (Historie is the only one I came across that is legitimately ancient Greek).

I already have my story title, characters/profiles (even though i'll still re-develop them), a setting, and synopsis. But my major frustration is how the characters and storyline will fit and play fluidly (gosh I sometimes hate how manga can be so complicated). What's also creating a complication in it is integrating non-realistic elements and features in it like mythological beings and beasts (which some of my major and minor characters fall into that category). But I guess that's also the beauty of it, because every other great shonen series I admire; all have completely insane unrealistic elements incorporated into it.

I keep asking myself multiple questions about it, going back and doing more research, looking back at the WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY and still i'm kinda stuck.... Regardless I'm still committed to finishing this.

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