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Posted 7/27/14 , edited 7/28/14
Hello there everyone.

Are you a MMORPG player?
What about a MOBA player?
Or even new to MMO?
!! Or actually new to PC games?

Well, there's a great game you can play. It's a really refreshing game that will blow your mind away...

Firstly, let's take a look at the current state of MMORPG industry. Ever since the rise of World of Warcraft, many MMORPGs sought to defeat it but none came close, however this slowly decayed the quality of each MMORPGs as it's simply too generic games being popped out. This so called games eventually got the name of themepark for which no freedom lies, you would have to follow a set of storyline to advance! How boring is that!? To be the same as everyone else...?

Then sandparks came, Age of Wushu was probably the first one but it's setting most likely turned off Western Players. But now, a new game arose.

ArcheAge is made by XLGAMEs over at Korea. It's been out for two years by now and it's just been released in here, or rather release for Closed Betas.

ArcheAge doesn't need a long explanation to begin with, because all it is that it's a game full of random events but definitely memorable and a game forwhich you can create your own story...

So why not try it!?

ArcheAge Closed Beta Testing 2 Events starts on July 30 Wednesday at 10:00 AM PDT (California/Los Angeles Time) and last through Monday 10:00 AM August 3!
You will need a decent computer, beta key (there should be a few by now if you google it), & at least 60G of hard-drive space.

I shall be in Kyrios Server (NA) by the name of Principe if anyone's ever interested, say hi if you see me!
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