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Frustrations and how to deal with regional restrictions
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Posted 7/30/14 , edited 7/30/14

tsun wrote:

Shame on a country for wanting to make money lol.
You might want to take a read on this.
It's lots of work...

"These trade shows are huge affairs that are, by day, semi-formal meetings at booths (complete with info packets, screeners, and business cards), and at night turn into fun, casual grown-up talk. Much alcohol is consumed, and several hotel rooms are fouled."
[from link]

Hahaha Anime News Network made reading about licensing INTERESTING.
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Posted 7/31/14 , edited 7/31/14
I think they (Producers of Anime) should come up with something which lets the anime getting licensed globally by a partner because just focusing on certain regions is one of the main reasons why many of anime watchers turn into pirates because there isn't anyway to get that except buying the Damn DVD/Blu-Ray which leads to extra shipping charges & customs making the purchase rather unsatisfying. I don't see CR at fault here but the region specific licensing model at fault.
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