If Final Fantasy 7 was a LIVE ACTION MOVIE! Who would you cast?
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Posted 7/30/14 , edited 7/30/14
Bored, ...
and so I wanted to create a forum where, if Final Fantasy were made into a live action movie, who you'll wish to see play the characters!
I've basically picked according to faces and not acting skills, some of them aren't even actors, so it's just as in who they look like to me, (at least as close as it gets to real life, since it's almost impossible to look like SE characters :sweatingbullets:)
consider it my secret dream cast!
Since it's a Fantasy world, race is a meshed up and irrelevant!

Tao as Cloud Strife! (so far, the closest looking Cloud I've ever seen in real life, or at least other than Gackt!)

Kay, Gackt also looks so much like him...hmmm

Tifa Lockhart (a tough one to pick)
But this cosplayer looks so much like her!

or maybe Erika Sawajiri

Chad Coleman as Barrett Wallace

Lena Fujii as Aerith

Sebastiano Serafini as Vincent Valentine (He's half Italian half Asian model, and here he's got the same red eyes!)

(he kind of can look like Noel Kreiss from FFXIII-2 too!!)

Maki Horikita as Yuffie (I found this pix in a diventart and thought they do look alike)

Robert Downey Jr as Reeve Tuesti (Another great suggestion I saw on the internet)

Dennis Oh as Zack Fair (....kay, not the best pick, but Zack is very hard to find a lookalike! based on look is an odd combination of J-rock/anime/Eurasian looking)
(lol badd photoshop!!)

Gackt as Rufus (I feel like Gackt can be all the pretty boys in Final Fantasy....and he's even officially Genesis as well :wacko:)

Takeshi Kaneshiro as Tseng

Anna Tsuchiya as Elena (singer and actress, she was in 'Kamikaze Girls')

And here's when she's blonde

Yusuke Izaki as Reno (It took me forever to find a suitable Reno, he's like a combination of a cat/anime boy, then I came across this pic of Izaki and thought hey, he might work as Reno)
(lol...excuse my bad photoshop, but I added the tattoo and a goggles)

Sephiroth!!! (I can't pick anyone, and no not David Bowie, I think he should be in CGI, to emphasize that 'alien' look to him)

But I'm not too sure who to cast Scarlett, Palmer, and etc those people, what do you guys think? Any suggestion??

Posted 7/30/14 , edited 7/31/14

Closed for duplicate.
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