"Deadstar: Original 3D Animated Series" Thread
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Posted 7/30/14
Hey guys, my name is Brandon Wright and I am the creator of “Deadstar.” Deadstar is an animated science fiction series I've been working on for the past 3 years.

I animate, edit, voice and do all the sound mixing all on my computer in my room at home. I animate using the incredible Blender animation software. Which is free source program, available for anyone to learn and use. I edit the show using Final Cut Express, and download sound effects from freesound.com.

I got the idea of Deadstar around May 2011 and I began to outline the story and characters for a few months. Around August 2011 I began to cast free voice actor from various voice over sites online. Before I would begin the series, I thought it was a good idea to release a preview episode that would serve as a nice precursor to the show. I thought it would be a good way to build anticipation. The preview episode is available watch at any time on YouTube. However once I was almost done with the preview episode around November 2011, I wasn't entirely happy with the modelling and the designs. I would go to Blender and other animation forums and I felt that Deadstar wasn't living up to its full potential I had originally planned for it. So around December 2011 I decided to remodel the whole show. Luckily I hadn't began the main episodes yet, so I mainly just remodeled all the characters that I had made up until that point.

It took me until about May 2012 until the first shot of the first episode was rendered. It’s been a long journey but the show has officially released and streaming on YouTube and Blip.tv since October 2012.

I just released the season 2 premiere in May 2014.

Link to the series channel:
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Posted 8/3/14
Hey man props to you for putting in so much work! As a fellow creator I'm intimately aware of how much hard work goes into making something like this. Keep going man!
Posted 11/24/14
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Posted 12/23/15
"Year-end cleanup. Closing threads with no activity since 2014."
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