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Need some honest opinions on what to name my new cat
Posted 7/31/14
Shiro is a cute name.
I like Sheena or maybe Shampoo from Ranma.
Posted 7/31/14

Dang you beat me to the post lol. I second this name ^^
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Posted 7/31/14

Nemphisangel wrote:

So my wife surprised me and got me a grey and white cat that looks like Totoro! since i mentioned i wanted a cat a year back and said i wanted to name it Totoro but its a female and i wanted a male so i could name it Totoro but she only found me a female that looks like Totro and said i can name it Totoro but im iffy about it cause Totoro is a guy and shes a girl. My alternate names are Shiro from Dead-man Wonderland and no game no life or Asuna fro SAO. what is your opinion? got any good female cat names?? :D

Sorry about this, but your thread was reported as a personal/help thread, and has to be closed.. looks like you got some good suggestions, though! If you still need more, there is the, do feel free to post there!
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