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Today's Rap & Hip Hop
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Posted 8/1/14 , edited 8/1/14

tf2pyros wrote:

As a younger man of today's era, it's no surprise that I'm pretty much bound to hear some type of rap or hip hop at least 1-2 times a day. Although... it's message is nearly flawed nowadays. Where it used to signify a saying or certain message to its listeners, we all know what it's like now. It's about things like sex, money, scandalous women, and drugs & alcohol.

Now, not all of these songs are bad. In my personal opinion, the more "famous" ones are the ones I'm bringing up. Such as Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, Two Chainz, even Drake. I don't even know all their names.

The "messages" are just repulsive and disgusting. On top of that, absolutely no thought is required to make most of these songs. It's autotune and highly repetitive lyrics... well, that aren't even lyrics. It's gotten so bad, that I actually have to pause my mind to figure out a rhythm to the beat. While doing that, I'm getting slaughtered about "bitches, hoes, and money" or "go down on me and lick my stick" or whatever.

Actual freaking music was thrown out the window, got hit by a car, and rolled onto traintracks and exploded on impact of a steam train. Sometimes I wish I was born in such a simpler time, where people would hum a tune from The Beatles rather than a junky lyric on how to get fat stacks on bitches. A whacked out "artist" would tap a couple keys, throw-up in the recording studio, and make a million-dollar record, while the man who took his time and effort writing his own tunes with a real voice gets the hilt. The media loves it, and so does the music culture. It's all about money in my opinion. Some say, and yes I'm gonna say it, it's the whole illuminati business, and/or it's to literally support jailtime. Can you believe that?

What do you think about today's music culture?

Going to use the term "dadrocker" for you. Seriously "bad" music has always existed since the dawn of time so please don't assume the past was better than today because of certain pop artists. Also you're at fault of just paying attention to only what's on the radio than digging in other sources especially for hip-hop music.

meipurushiroppu wrote:

I really don't like the rap and the style of music most people listen to these days. I get fed up with those messages like sex, drugs, etc. because as children are getting more used to the internet, it wouldn't take long to find those types of songs and they would pose a bad influence. Personally, I listen to J-Pop and K-Pop because there are a lot of songs with nicer messages (Don't get me wrong, I know that there is also a dark side of Kpop like Psy).

Umm drugs, sex, and violence have always existed in music even before the Internet. Listen to a few blues records from the early 20th century or Victorian nursery rhymes of the late 19th century.

tlegoman wrote:

Kids of this generation will see the next generation's music the same way we see theirs. Life's too short to worry about stuff like this.

rebadv wrote:

There's quality music across most every genre, it's all about finding what sounds good to you personally. There's also shitty pop music across most every genre. It just so happens that rap is one of the most popular genres so naturally the top 40 rap hits are going to be some of the most overplayed songs performed by the most mainstream artists who use different variations of the same formula when creating their music. I grew up on hip hop so there will always be a place for rap in my heart because I know there will always be meaningful songs for me to find if I put in the effort and look for them. I get tired of hearing the same song over and over again regardless of what genre it is whether it be rap music or anything else but rap music is what I assume generates the most income and that's why I think it's going to be intertwined with pop culture for the foreseeable future. I'm not worried about the state of the genre or the industry, you can fake it til you make it but real recognize real.

TLDR: These two quotes above
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Posted 8/1/14
OP you're listening to the bad stuff. Anyone can find artists they like in any genre
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Posted 12/25/14
I love Rap music (I am even a Underground producer for hip hop music) I grew up in the 90's music in rap changed a lot over the time. I don't like listening to hip hop no a days. a lot of artist are leaving the art of rapping out of rap but there is still some artist who still are good like LOGIC and ect. I guess you just gonna find the type of rap you like.
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Posted 12/25/14
This year was good for hiphop, you had bangers like No Flex Zone, Hot Nigga and CoCo.
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Posted 12/26/14
I used to absolutely HATE rap, but starting the school year I decided to expand my tastes in music (being a musician, I find that important), and I started off with rap because I hated it the most.

Took me a while to dig for some gold, but I found some. I personally like Eminem and Dr. Dre. The message most of their songs bring out (at least the ones I've heard from either of them) are pretty inspiring and interesting.

My absolute favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar. I'd say his songs have a similar message to Eminem and Dre's music (but then again I could be wrong, I don't listen to too much rap). My particular favorite is "i Love Myself". Very catchy and happy song.
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Posted 12/23/15
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