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Posted 8/1/14 , edited 4/29/16
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well here are the site rules, first
☆be nice
☆if you've read this put up your favorite animal on your character form
i know it's all the obvious things but who knows.
✿no god modding
✿you can only rp after your character is approved
✿don't kill other people's characters without permission
✿If you've read this put your fav color on your form
✿put all quotes in spoilers or delete them
✿a minimum of 3 sentences per post.
✿keep things pg 13. if anything goes over either stop or move it to the pm.
...i'll add more when i think of them.
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Posted 8/1/14 , edited 4/29/16

 Years ago the land was divided, people fought to gain more territory for themselves. Everywhere was a war zone, which had led to the destruction of humans and the continent of Estal. It was not until one man who appeared out of nowhere went onward seizing territory after territory until there was nothing left to conquer. With this the land was unified and peace was finally here, with this man as their king. However that was a tale 30 years ago. The king is now old, and he can't rule the whole continent like he had used to.

none atm.

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Posted 12/22/15 , edited 4/29/16

character groups
 The house of lords have been established by the king decades ago as he already predicted the decline in his health as he aged. Dividing the land, he had given his most trusted appointees, friends, and others a piece of it to help him govern creating the House of Lords.

 The Lords were then given a silver medallion, with it would signify their right to govern their own province. However, there is always a catch when it comes to power. It's always easy to gain it, but it's always hard to keep it. It was only stated the owner of the medallion would be able to control the land. It didn't matter whether or not the medallion was given or forcefully taken if you had one it was proof you had enough strength to rule.
 Even with no queen or mistresses the Royal Family cannot be considered small with many prince and princesses with the oldest in their early 30s and the youngest 12. The king has a hobby of taking in eccentric, interesting, and talented kids. With this the kids he has taken into royal palace in hopes of nurturing their special abilities
 Hundreds of years ago, humans and monsters weren't the only ones living in the continent. In the war to figure out who was the dominant race the humans won, leaving many of the other races to decline, and gradually go live in either assigned territories or hiding.
If none of those above apply to you, you are a citizen.
orz accidentally deleted the post for this. given this still isn't filled out just ask me about it.
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Posted 4/29/16 , edited 4/29/16

 Magic is said to be a gift from the goddess. In this world 95% of the people can use magic, and is often used to help with their everyday life. In this world the concept of magic is based upon mana.
 Mana is the source of energy which is needed to utilize magic. It is said that each individual has some sort of mana container within their bodies which stores mana. The amount of mana these containers can store within an individual is determined by birth, ranging from rank F,E,D,C,B,A,S. (lowest to highest)

  With most of the average population having low mana ranks they can only utilize simple,mediocre, magic. As some spells require an amount of mana which is larger than a normal person's mana container can store. There are possible ways to increase the amount of mana you have within your body and move ranks, but many tend to stay within the rank determined since birth, or only manage to increase their mana pool by one or two ranks.
 Whereas your mana pool is mostly determined by birth, the types of magic one can use is endless as long as one works hard. As the goddess had always liked the hard working, she had set prerequisites on magic.

 Magic can only be gained after certain requirements are met. While some magic can be obtained through studying books passed down by previous generations, some can be gained by completing trials set by the goddess. There has even been cases of some who have been blessed by the goddess and are given unique skills which can only be acquired to those of the same blood line.
Magic can be anything you can think of, however if I find it too op I will tell you to put restrictions on it.
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100 / M / A descent into ma...
Posted 5/9/16
yo! o3o just wanted to put up a suggestion X3 hope some of this helps
- Undead settlement(s)
- A place where the great war was fought (I don't have a name for this o3o)
- Ruins of [add something here] (ancient temples, burial grounds, etc o3o)
- Tifalls, City of Sword (o3o a city! ... somewhere! ... owo)

Character Groups/organizations (I dunno what the difference is, X3 use to your preference, creator)
- Cults (dragons cults, demons cults, etc o3o)
- Bandit groups (?) (o3o this one is not sure about this one)
- Council of [add something here]

That is all I have ... for now
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Posted 12/23/15 , edited 4/29/16

Can I have a character that does not go with any character group?
Please, feel free to do so, be whatever you want, just put it in as your occupation in your character sheet, or if you want to create your own group or organization PM me.

What are the different races to choose from for the Exilian group?
I intended to give people more freedom to choose whatever race they'd like, so there's really nothing you can't make as long as you provide a decent enough description of it in your character sheet.

Is it ok to go ahead and make a character that's higher ranking in one of the groups?
Really depends on what position it is. If it's something like a queen or concubine, then no. But if not, post below what you had in mind or PM me about it, and I'll reply on whether or not it's alright.

How many characters are we allowed to make?
I'll set the limit to 4 right now. If you want anymore you'll have to buy it at the merchants association.

Is omnipresence allowed?
Yes, I don't really care as long as you can manage all of them.

I'll add onto this as questions are asked =3=
Things I need help on:
+Character Groups
+Other stuff probably...
if you have any questions, suggestions, or whatever, post them below
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Posted 5/14/16
Thanks for your suggestions Kyubii >_<.
Hopefully once I've gotten everything settled I'll be able to add them in the future.
- I might open an undead settlement as an event, not sure how to incorporate the location as a permanent part of the rp.
- For the great war, I have an idea where it can be a town where exilians and humans can coincide, or a wasteland.
- Yea, I've already been planning on adding ruins, ancient temples, and abandoned cities.
- Whee a city~ I'll add this somewhere! Probably in the south.

- Hmm, well I won't say I'm against cults, but they'll probably have to have a specific belief.
- As for bandit groups, I don't think it'll work out. Any criminals and of the sort would also go under civilians, but if 5 other players would like to make one, then I'll do it.
- I like the idea of a Council, you'll probably see one in the future
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