Songs you Would Like to See as Anime Opening or Endings
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Posted 8/2/14 , edited 8/3/14
I haven't made a thread in a while. If this is already a thread then link I suppose.

Ever listen to a song and thought 'This would make a great anime opening or ending'. Well this the thread to share! The song doesn't have to be in Japanese it can be in any language!

As for myself

Galileo Galilei - SGP

Babymetal - Headbanger

Bonus Question: What genre would you like the anime to be?

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Posted 8/2/14 , edited 8/3/14
TSFH- Sons of War(opening)
Genre- Science fiction.
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Posted 8/2/14 , edited 8/3/14
Hmm. For this first link, i would love to see it as part of a character theme song, or a ED

John 5 - Noche Acosador

For a pretty good OP i would suggest
Girugamesh - Tsumi

another good opening would be by my favorite Gothic metal band "Yousei Teikoku"
Yousei Teikoku - Kakusei, Sateru Tamashii to Unmei no Kyoukaisen
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Posted 8/2/14 , edited 8/3/14
Nevereverland by Nano

she did some anime op's before too.
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Posted 8/2/14 , edited 8/3/14
fripSide - Red Reduction Division (Remix) (OP of eroge "Kanojo tachi no Ryuugi")
The remix version should go with a magical girl anime.

fripSide - Hesitation Snow (OP of eroge "Hatsuyuki Sakura")
This should go well with sci-fi

Yuikonnu - Hatsukoi no Ehon (Picture Book of First Love)

ClariS - Next To You
Should be a good anime ED
No link. This song is in the album "CLICK", which is the first OP of Nisekoi
Posted 8/2/14 , edited 8/3/14
Mother Earth by Within Temptation for X (The anime adaptation from the awesome manga sucked so hard, but the opening is SO suited to the series) -Omg! Just found out this was actually used as the foreign opening for the German dub! SO jealous of you lucky Germans right now!-

Cosmic Love by Florence and the Machine for the final season of Sailor Moon - Sailor Stars (Preferably the new manga-adaption which involves a finale that brings to mind Puella Magi Madoka Magica's final episode).

Better Days by Goo Goo Dolls for 12 Kingdoms...But later on in the series.

Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground for Nana.

Nothing Else Matters by Metallica for some anime that involves the end of the world/galaxy/universe...Or a dark, depressing series in general.

Two Princes by Spin Doctors for any romantic comedy involving a love triangle that DOESN'T get angsty and stays funny throughout.
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Posted 8/2/14 , edited 8/3/14
Homeworld (Yes), for a scifi/space opera
(Note you'd have to cut it down substantially)
Posted 8/2/14 , edited 8/3/14
Gangsta is now getting an anime adaptation.

The best OP theme song for Gangsta the animation is this.
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Posted 8/4/14 , edited 8/5/14
I downloaded the app "Deemo" and I'd recommend it to any. It's free for the week in the Apple Appstore. While playing I heard the song Wings of Piano by V.K. and I don't know for what anime opening or ending it would but I feel it can fit in a lot of them. I got goosebumps from it. Check it out. Sounds amazing.
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