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Posted 11/14/14 , edited 11/15/14
"I'm not overly worried about my energy. I haven't used it much at all, and I did die young, so I've got quite a bit. I could use the practice, and I'll be careful." Gwen shrugged. "No thanks. I have no need to return to the past. But thank you for the offer."
Posted 11/16/14 , edited 11/16/14

"I see, good for you, forever young, forever living but not really. Here and at the same time, isn't. You get what I mean?"

Hephaestion Crawford
Loony Hephy
Hephaestion says resentfully as he finishes his beer before proceeding on drinking his second, third, fourth, until he speaks up again and throws that can of beer towards the trash can.

"We are despicable creatures. No better than those monsters. One day I'd create a portal that will let me travel back time, and I'll annihilate the entire astrorobiticus species, its predecessors and successors."

Hephaestion Crawford
Loony Hephy
He slurs his words, clearly not that sober as he was before, he bangs his head twice on the table, before reaching out and grabbing his fifth drink.
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