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Posted 8/4/14 , edited 8/4/14
I use the crunchyroll app on my iPhone, and it has worked fine (up until tonight).

I was trying to watch an anime on my phone, and I noticed that the anime in the queue doesn't have the right episode (like it said the next ep is ep 2 of an anime I know I've watched more of). Also, the history wasn't correct... and the anime I was going to watch, which I had watched on my phone the previous day (Flowers of Evil)... I can't find it. It's nowhere to be found on my phone.

Is there anyone who knows what's going on? I tried re-installing the app, it didn't change anything. I also tried logging in again but it didn't work either. It's a bit strange because on the computer my history shows up right.

Edit: I think I've solved it... I noticed that Flowers of Evil wasn't on my queue... still I can't find the anime in the app though?
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