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Let us write something together.
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F / traveling
Posted 9/13/14 , edited 9/14/14

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Posted 9/21/14 , edited 9/30/14
Neat. Won an award guys. ^^^^^^^^

I know I might be sort of biased since I started the thread, but everyone that stumbles upon this should give it a read from the top, and consider adding to it if they have the time. It is actually pretty good, and really fun.


"Sooooooo.... Where are we going now?"

I asked.

"I was sort of feeling ice cream at this point."

Said Anna.


I said. Not really feeling like my common sense even matters anymore.
We had walked a little ways through a forest, and then through an isolated meadow covered in snow. Keep in mind nothing else was covered in snow except for this meadow. After brief snowball fight, we kept walking until we came to the top of a bluff. Which Annie of course promptly jumped right off of with so much as a warning.. I might only be 22, but I swear I can feel the grey sweeping over my head. I looked down and saw her standing there at the bottom, just fine with a irritatingly pleasant smile on her face.

"What are you waiting for?"

Said Annie.

"Public transportation to come and pick me up."

I responded hopelessly.

"There isn't any of that up there."

She responded matter-of-factly.

"Right. Well I will just have to find another way then."

It was then that I heard the rustle of metal behind me. I thought to myself that I really have gone too long in such a world to not have been attacked by a monster or something. So I spun around on my heels ready to meet my demise.
It was a small pink dog looking thing wearing a suit of armor.

"Well you can't really do that. Could you just stop being silly and get down here?"

Said Annie.

"Wait one second there is this little pink creature wearing armor and"


"What are you freaking out about woman?"


Annie urged.

"What? Walk backwards towards the edge of the cliff?"


This girl was literally telling ME to stop messing around.
The pink thing pulled out a sword and started running at me.

Before I could react in the oddest horror I have ever experienced in my life I felt a small hand grab the back of my collar and pull me down the bluff. I felt air rush against my neck for half of a second and then I was miraculously on the ground.

"Don't worry Sam. I have got you."

I heard Annie's voice.

"You ridiculous man. The bluff is only tall looking from he top. You should have known better."


I turned around and saw the ledge I was on previously was only about 6 feet up from this vantage point. The small pink evil was still on the top of it, but it looked like it wasn't about to make the six foot leap.

"The Small Warriors are very afraid of heights."

Said Annie.

"But it is only actually 6 feet?"

I puzzled still kind of afraid that the nefarious pink cream puff would jump after us.

"The Small Warriors are very small Sam."

Said Annie.

"Don't worry we should be safe now, but we should keep moving. We don't want to be late for the train."

"The train?"

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M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 9/26/14 , edited 9/26/14
OK sorry for the reply taking so long. I have been a busy bee but I am now back to start writing again! now where were we...

The walk down the winding path seemed to take forever. My thoughts raced about everything that had happened. Each time the road we was on seemed familiar. The world around me began to be part of a distant memory that I couldn't hold on to.

"Annie, where are we going?" I asked as she skipped ahead of me.

"To the blacksmith in town" she replied "He will get us geared up for our adventure into the mountains!"

"Mountains?" I said, confused.

"Yes, it is where my daddy lives. He knows we are here, he knows you are coming to stop him"

"Wait I never agreed to do this!" I shouted, stopping in my tracks. " I found you under the ice, I saved you and now I find myself in this place!" I dropped to my knees, emotions getting the better of me. "I don't even know what the bloody hell is going on!"

I began to cry. Tears dripped into my hands as I stared down at them. My mind a haze of thoughts and emotions. I could not do this anymore. "I JUST WANT TO GO HOME" I yelled.

Annie put a hand on my shoulder. I didn't shrug it of. What was the point? What was the point to any of this now?

"You are home Sam" she whispered softly. "I was sent to get you, to bring you home, to your real home"

I looked up at her, she wasn't her usual bubbly self anymore. She looked sad, her eyes shining as she stared over my head, down the path.

Her eyes met mine as she said "The place that you lived, before you met me, when did you move there?"

I looked at her, slightly confused. What has that got to....

"When Sam"

"I moved there just la... I mean back in...." I thought hard about when I moved down south but nothing came to me. How could I not remember when I moved in?

"Why can't I remember!" I said in a panic.

"You never moved there Sam. You was left there by my father. False memories planted into your mind. You was always a man of our world Sam. You need to remember. Since we have met the spell has been breaking but you need to remember. It's the only way to fix this. Please Sam, try."

I stood up. "Lets just go, I said in a weak voice." and I walked of down the road.
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21 / M / Fukang, Xinjiang,...
Posted 9/27/14 , edited 10/5/14
Hey again guys Awesome job ^-^ we got a giant contest-hime stamp! :O
Also if it's ok I'm going to start cataloguing and cleaning up the stuff written here - basically fixing any little grammatical issues, formatting it nicely and perhaps making it flow better If I get round to it I'll put it somewhere we can all see it so you can have a nice copy of the whole shebang
I won't change anything of what you guys have put in this case, and it'll keep track of who wrote what as well Also depending on how much time I have I might try drawing Annie, Sam and maybe some more characters, based on our descriptions so far. We shall see!


We carried on walking - what Annie had just said weighed heavily on my mind.

The journey lasted about an hour. The path was beautiful - it would through a forest, but not of the sort I remember from what I thought had been my home. Trees leaned over the path, with colourful leaves dyeing the sunlight that slipped through gaps in the canopy.

As I walked, snippets of memories starting flowing back to me. Nothing as tangible as I had seen earlier, but there was certainly a lingering sense of deja-vu that was starting to creep in as we explored more of this world.

Eventually we arrived at a run-down shack, tucked between a pair of particularly vibrant trees. The sign read 'Blacksmith'.

"I thought you said the blacksmith was 'in town'..."

I joked - I was pretty used to things here being nothing like how they sound by this point.

"It is in town, silly!' giggled Annie, "Look up!"

Sighing, I cast my gaze upwards;

"Oh yeah! Look at all those houses up there! Wait, why's that one moving!?" I asked;

"Well, it's not just that one moving! This is the town of the trees, all the houses float here. Well, except the blacksmith's that is!" she replied.

"And why's that?"

"No one lives in the blacksmith's, so it can't float, obviously!" she teased, taking advantage of the fact I clearly still had no idea what was going on...

She giggled, clicked her heels together and marched towards the 'blacksmiths'.
Upon reaching the door, she pushed it open and wandered inside. I followed, but was surprised to see that this 'blacksmith's' was nothing more than a room with a small pit in the middle.

"Righty, time to get geared up!" She chimed.

I looked at her, a confused expression plastered across my face;

"Erm... How..?" I questioned.

Annie didn't reply. She simply grinned, drew the dagger from earlier and closed her eyes. A glowing disc passed through the length of the dagger, turning it into the shape of a hammer. Still smiling, she threw it into the pit.

Before I had time to protest, the pit lit up, turning into a swirling vortex of colour.

"Here goes!" Annie shouted as she jumped into the pit.

I looked on, still dumbfounded. Had this happened earlier I might have been worried about her jumping into this, frankly quite dangerous looking, pit in the floor of some shack we found in the forest. Seconds later, she flew up again, landing deftly on the ground opposite me.

The change was quite impressive. She still clutched her hammer in her hand, but her attire had changed. Whereas before she was wearing a dress suited to a ball, she was now dressed in a pretty cool looking set of armour.

It was mostly fabric and leather, but there was a small breastplate and angular shoulder pauldron fashioned from some sort of iridescent metal. There was a fur collar with a tattered red cape that ran halfway down her back, and her entire right hand was covered with some sort of glove. There was a wide belt across her waist with some small bags and packs attached, and she wore tall leather boots, covered in metal plates.

"How do I look then?" She asked playfully, striking a pose.

"Quite different" I murmured' "In a good way though! You look raring to go!"

She grinned as her hammer turned back into a dagger and she sheathed it.

"Your go then!"

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M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 10/5/14 , edited 10/5/14
This won't be another addition to the story as of yet. Its late here and I need some sleep. Tomorrow I shall write again. I would just like to say I am glad to be apart of this. It has turned out amazing and I can not wait to see where Annie and Sam's adventure goes. cbborfmm I love the idea of you drawing these two amazing characters and I agree we should try and collate this into some kind of Part 1 story with some corrections to tidy up some of the grammatical errors. Would be nice to see this turned into a story page with some pictures. Anyway I shall get writing tomorrow! Thanks guys.
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M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 10/7/14 , edited 10/7/14
I stepped forward towards the pit. It seemed to have a warmth coming from it.
"Go on then!" Annie shouted, nudging me forward.
I took a deep breath and jumped, legs first into the pit. My body tingled as I felt movement all over like snakes coiling around my body. Seconds later I was hurling back upwards into the hut.

"You look great!" Annie exclaimed, looking me up and down. I to followed her gaze looking at myself. I was wearing a long white jacket with red lines streaking down my arms and across my chest that reached down to my knees. My legs had same white material with the same stripped pattern going down the length of it. My hands had opened fingered gloves accompanied by long knee high boots. The armour felt light but I knew I could take some beatings with this on.

"Oh wow" I sighed, admiring myself.

"Check out your swords" said Annie,pointing at my back.

I drew 2 short swords from my holster. Each were made out of a piercing bright blue material that seemed to glow faintly. The grips were made out of what looked like steel, embossed on them were evenly placed grooves. The end had a ruby set into it and the blade itself had writing in a language I could not read.

"These are amazing" I said staring at them.

In yo hands they felt natural although I could not think why. I swung them around and struck a stance that I didn't seem to me unfamiliar with.

"Awesome" chuckled Annie watching me. "Lets go then mr warrior, we have an adventure to begin!"

I followed Annie outside.
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37 / M / somewhere that is...
Posted 10/11/14 , edited 10/12/14
Make sure to keep your posts on topic and make logical sense. It is a progressive story so if you want to write something to go in you need to make sure it makes sense compared with the previous post and involves the same characters.
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Posted 10/12/14 , edited 10/13/14
OVER A THOUSAND VIEWS!!!!!!!!!! We did it. We can all die happy. What a great day.
Also listen to Mr. Moderator. Either add to the story at hand, or don't post. If you are coming at the story from a different angle that may not be entirely obvious at first, then please post a preface letting us know that we aren't being trolled, and that you are really just a genius taking an artistic direction too complex for our simple minds. It would be welcome.

BUT THANKS AGAIN FOR READING OUR WORDS GUYS!!! Someone else oughta post though. I am getting sick of reading what us three think over and over. But until then..... LET THE ADVENTURE CONTINUE!!!!!!!!!


Meanwhile, back in the "real world" Mr. McFredrickson (also known as Big Daddy) was just about finished with his rampage of the still undisclosed location of our hero Sam's "town where he used to go to University studying biomedical science until he found a girl under the ice of a fountain who took him on a perilous ridiculous adventure in a far off land where nothing has yet to make altogether too much sense."


Yelled Mr. McFredrickson as he used a police car as a lever to launch another police car into the air. He then used yet another police car as a bat to smack the airborne police car into a carefully stacked pyramid of police cars. This pyramid then tumbled into a very high, very precariously stacked pile of tanks which all then fell over through the glass roof of a shopping mall.

But not to worry dear reader, everyone in this area had already been evacuated or killed violently before all of this had taken place. Mr. McFredrickson was just caught up in the good time he was having.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll this has been a fantastic evening indeed."

Said Mr. Big Daddy McFredrickson, out loud to himself. (He often spoke to himself.)

"But why in the crap did I do all of this stuff to start with?"

Mr. McFredrickson pondered.
Just on a side note he did indeed say "crap." Mr. McFredrickson was definitely a murderous psychopathic with absolutely no regard for life. But he also saw himself as classy, which is why he always wore a top hat, and never used actual curse words.


Mr. McFredrickson yelled.

"Yes Sir King Big Daddy McFredrickson Lord of all Trampolines, Trains, Pastries, and Door Hinges and the Harbinger of the 5th dimension the IV."

Carlota the dark winged fairy replied.

"You can call me Jeff today Carlota. We have no time for such a long name today."

"Okay...... Jeff."

Replied Carlota with complete uncertainty, never having heard anyone, including himself, ever call him Jeff. But he did seem to make up a new name for himself every other month. Door hinges though? Just why? Does this clown even realize what a harbinger is?...... Oh well, back to the story.

"I have forgotten why it is we have come to this place."

Said Mr. McFredrickson.

"Are you fucking kidding me?"

Replied Carlota.


Said Mr. McFredickson, absolutely infuriated.

"I am sorry sir!.... Jeff! It is just that you have spent literally 16 hours playing Smash Smash Smash Smash 3 (Mr. McFredrickson named the game himself), and you mean to tell me that you did all of this completely devoid of the idea that your "daughter" has probably already gained the upper hand back home?"

Said Carlotta.

"Oh darn. Right. We had better get back home then. ONWARDS!"

Yelled Mr. McFredrickson running forward across the parking lot with decimated car and building and human parts littering the area almost entirely.

"The transport tree isn't even sort of in that direction!"

Yelled Carlota, but he could not hear her over his grandiose.

"We are going to be in this shit hole forever..."

Mumbled Carlota to herself.


Yelled Mr. McFredrickson with astounding selective hearing.
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21 / M / Fukang, Xinjiang,...
Posted 10/13/14 , edited 10/13/14
Hey all, I started compiling it all today, haven't edited or tidied anything up yet though At the moment it sits at a rather impressive 7500 ish words spanning 12 A4 pages of size 9 text :O
I'll get on to some more story soon enough, and with any luck some drawings, so watch this space!

Anyone want me to put it somewhere as a pdf every now and then once I've tidied it up?
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21 / F
Posted 10/13/14 , edited 10/14/14
Oh wow guys, this story is amazing! I hope I am not jumping in too late, but I just really wanted to contribute. I am just a rookie, so I hope my writing won’t be too awful. I am sorry if it’s bad though.

….Well then, let’s take a look at this story from a slightly different perspective:


While Big Daddy certainly had the time of his life that night—completely unfazed by the bloodbath that he initiated—the same could not be said about the rest of the city. The morning after the incident, the area was surrounded by numerous police cars, but there were not nearly enough officers to contain the public. But at least on the bright side, it seems the news finally had something exciting to report about.

“What the hell happened here?”

These we the words that could be heard all throughout the crowd that proceeded to gather at a rapid paste after the 6 a.m. news were aired.

The people stared in shock and fascination at the streets soaked with blood as they inhaled the pungent air filled with the fumes of iron coming from the human flesh, which was still laying around as if it were just trash left behind by some hooligans. Women could be heard crying and a loud whisper enveloped those on the streets.

A single survivor was left from the chaos of the previous night; he got to fully witness Big Daddy's overly enthusiastic genocide, but he too was indifferent to the desolate atmosphere of the scene. Now he was simply cleaning his black matted fur as he sat on the blood stained grass ever so slightly aggravated over not having gotten nearly enough sleep.

He knew he shouldn't have followed Annie to this stupid world. After all, he was simply a cat, what business did he even have getting involved in this “family” feud?
After licking himself exactly twenty three more times, the cat took off into the direction of the transport tree.
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26 / M / West South Central
Posted 10/13/14 , edited 10/14/14
YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, and I look forward to future contributions. And about the PDF!!!!!! I am going to pm you here soon to discuss that. BUT ASIDE FROM THAT I WILL TAKE THE LIBERTY OF POSTING ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now where were we. Let's see what our heroes are up to back in the still unnamed land that they are venturing across.

"It's called Pasithea."

Said Annie. As her and Sam strolled through the forest town which housed the blacksmith.

"Oh... Any reason you've waited up until now to tell me?"

Said Sam.

"Mainly to keep things fresh, and people LOVE the mysterious girl."

Said Annie with starry eyes.

"Well you certainly are that."

Said Sam, ducking under a low hanging tree branch.

"And what the hell was up with the apple?"

Questioned Sam.

"Oh. That was the blacksmith."

Replied Annie in her usual irritating matter of fact tone.

"Does he usually spend his time as a piece of fruit?"

Questioned Sam, believing this to be a perfectly normal question, especially after all he had been through in the last 16 hours.
When was the last time I slept? Sam thought to himself.


Annie said with a downcast look on her face.

"Big Daddy had the entire village turned into fruit when they had decided to rebel against his awfulness."

"That is terrible! Wait. Aren't you concerned that some wild animal might try to eat them?"

"They are wax fruit Sam."

Said Annie, gesturing to a family of pears sitting in a circle.

"Well that makes sense."

Said Sam glancing, upwards to a bridge hanging between two trees with a watermelon wearing a bowlers cap sitting there as proud as a watermelon can.

Where are we headed now then?"

"I was thinking we might get some sleep."

They were both starting to tire and look a bit subpar, which is extra sad, because they both are really attractive people. Especially in their new armor.

"The sun is starting to set isn't it?"

Said Sam.

"Where are we going to go then?"

"Oh, I have a decent idea."

Replied Annie with an incredibly excited yet exhausted look in her eye.

After walking for another 10 minutes or so in relative silence through thick foliage all of the sudden a massive sound like a horn blasted through the trees into Sam and Annie's faces.


Screamed Sam drawing his swords taking his rough estimate of a battle stance.

"Easy Sam."

Said Annie.

"Don't they have trains where you come from?"

"Well yeah but.... What? In the middle of the forest?"


Replied Annie with a confused look on her face.

She then pushed aside a bush revealing a truly incredible site.
Sam walked past her with his jaw nearly unhinged. Before them was what seemed to be an old luxury train, only it was probably eight stories tall. The train tracks seemed to nimbly cut and wind in and out of trees throughout the forest.

"Welcome to The Saint Express Hotel!"

Said a woman wearing a train conductors outfit sitting behind a receptionists desk as they entered the train through a grand golden entrance. The inside of the train was just as luxurious as the outside would suggest.

"Will you be staying with us this evening for our trek across the country side?"

Said the woman.

"Yes please!"

Said Annie.

"A room for two if you have one available."

"Of course we always have a room set aside for you darling."

Said the woman.

Sam still had no clue what to say. Which he was starting to get used to.
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31 / M
Posted 10/13/14 , edited 10/14/14
You guys are great. I will tell you a story to help us sleep.
The Saint Express Hotel. It was rare, it was beautiful. It was something to be adorned like a tiara. No, I meant for you, princess.

Only by the slightest chance could this hotel be found. It's true what they say, you have to be just so far past lost to find it.

There was a strong history there, refinement, class, utter appreciation. And the hotel itself had forged this line, had set these rails to drive straight up that elusive pillar of royalty. It was well known that they, as well as all the other train-car hotels, were bound by duty to see any visitor through the night. And each and every member of the staff was so regal. There was never a hesitation in giving you a room, accepting you into that mysterious grand welcoming perfection of the Garden of Eden. They acted as gods, truly. And I had the things I wanted...

And nobody was ever told they had to leave.

If they wished to stay there.

But remaining in the Saint Express Hotel requires etiquette, formality, and diligence. Which is why many would have watched it sail by rather than subject themselves to the scrutiny of their every desire. I cannot describe to you what it took to avoid that judgement so terrible, so destructive, I could never put it into words.

A select few have made it into and out of the hotel. We've all got the same empty story, nothing but grand experiences, wild stories of the ultimate comfort and rest. A chance to have respite, a chance to never worry again. And no obligation to check out.

And so rumors slowly begin to surface. If it truly was the greatest comfort and respite, who would ever leave? And why did so few people leave compared to how many people must have the chance, if there is one at all, to stay?

These rumors also include the hotel not existing in the first place, so I guess it's up to you to decide whether the old man is just mumbling again.

Hey, wake up! I'm about to tell you the only thing you need to know if you get the chance to stay a night at the Saint Express Hotel!

Stay one night, and one night only. If you can last one night, you will have a wonderful story that you can never tell for the rest of your life. Whatever you want, anything you want right then and there.

Because they are ready to act on any honest whim, you see, what the Saint Express Hotel really won't tolerate is liars.

And for heaven's sake don't ask for anything you don't want! Whether you know it or not.

But if you ever get the chance. Stay one night and not any longer.
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26 / M / West South Central
Posted 10/13/14 , edited 10/14/14
This is haunting. I adore it.
I literally just invented the Saint Express Hotel, and even my mind now finds it to be shrouded in mystery.
You are impressive.
You are all beyond impressive. Every single one of you has brought a distinct and beautiful style to our story. Once again I am really really really excited to see what happens next.

Goodnight to you all. I will sleep well.
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M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 10/16/14 , edited 10/23/14
The poetic words echoed through the carriages as Sam and Annie stepped on. The Saint Express Hotel really did show just how much etiquette one would need to fit in on a train like this. It had a 1900's feel to it. The wood paneling, the red material seats, the men and woman dressed in Victorian clothing. The Saint Express was like something out of a time warp. The young lady who greeted Sam and Annie onto the train guided them to a room down a long corridor lined with doors.

"Here you go miss" said the young woman handing us a bronze key. "Would you like your usual breakfast for the morning?"

"YES PLEASE" beamed Annie, excitement in her voice.

"And what about your friend, would he like the same?"

"errr..." exclaimed Sam.

"Yes he will" said Annie, a look of mischief glinting in here eyes.

"Good, well have a nice sleep miss, sir"

The woman walked of back down the corridor as Annie opened the door. The room was rather large. The bed stood to the right, a large mirror above it. To the right of the door was a small bathroom with the bath sunk into the floor. The rest of the room was dedicated to a rug in the middle and a dressing table along the wall opposite the bed. The window looking outside was a blue of dark shapes as the train sped along the forest.

Annie jumped onto the bed, kicking of her boots.

" Do you know that lady?" Sam asked.

"Yes, she is Lady Tiria" Annie said "She runs this train. I have gotten it before. But enough of that. I'm sleepy and we need to be up early tomorrow. It is the big day, the day we get you your memory back!"

Sam turned to shut the door. As he did he began to feel a strange feeling inside him. What would he remember?

A long way away the town of Greenfold was awoken by an explosion in the town square. Bid Daddy was home.
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