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The Judge
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Posted 9 days ago

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Posted one day ago
Neat. Won an award guys. ^^^^^^^^

I know I might be sort of biased since I started the thread, but everyone that stumbles upon this should give it a read from the top, and consider adding to it if they have the time. It is actually pretty good, and really fun.


"Sooooooo.... Where are we going now?"

I asked.

"I was sort of feeling ice cream at this point."

Said Anna.


I said. Not really feeling like my common sense even matters anymore.
We had walked a little ways through a forest, and then through an isolated meadow covered in snow. Keep in mind nothing else was covered in snow except for this meadow. After brief snowball fight, we kept walking until we came to the top of a bluff. Which Anna of course promptly jumped right off of with so much as a warning.. I might only be 22, but I swear I can feel the grey sweeping over my head. I looked down and saw her standing there at the bottom, just fine with a irritatingly pleasant smile on her face.

"What are you waiting for?"

Said Anna.

"Public transportation to come and pick me up."

I responded hopelessly.

"There isn't any of that up there."

She responded matter-of-factly.

"Right. Well I will just have to find another way then."

It was then that I heard the rustle of metal behind me. I thought to myself that I really have gone too long in such a world to not have been attacked by a monster or something. So I spun around on my heels ready to meet my demise.
It was a small pink dog looking thing wearing a suit of armor.

"Well you can't really do that. Could you just stop being silly and get down here?"

Said Anna.

"Wait one second there is this little pink creature wearing armor and"


"What are you freaking out about woman?"


Anna urged.

"What? Walk backwards towards the edge of the cliff?"


This girl was literally telling ME to stop messing around.
The pink thing pulled out a sword and started running at me.

Before I could react in the oddest horror I have ever experienced in my life I felt a small hand grab the back of my collar and pull me down the bluff. I felt air rush against my neck for half of a second and then I was miraculously on the ground.

"Don't worry Sam. I have got you."

I heard Anna's voice.

"You ridiculous man. The bluff is only tall looking from he top. You should have known better."


I turned around and saw the ledge I was on previously was only about 6 feet up from this vantage point. The small pink evil was still on the top of it, but it looked like it wasn't about to make the six foot leap.

"The Small Warriors are very afraid of heights."

Said Anna.

"But it is only actually 6 feet?"

I puzzled still kind of afraid that the nefarious pink cream puff would jump after us.

"The Small Warriors are very small Sam."

Said Anna.

"Don't worry we should be safe now, but we should keep moving. We don't want to be late for the train."

"The train?"

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