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Let us write something together.
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Posted 10/17/14 , edited 10/22/14

Ah, piss.

What's for breakfast!?!
Sam was up long before the sun that morning, breathing heavily, terrified. The room was pitch black, and Sam struggled to find himself. The bed felt like a coffin, the darkness like a blindfold.

Half-conscious, Sam's nightmare came back to him. He had been running through a city with his brother. His brother? No, he was sure it was his older brother. They were charging forward bravely, they knew this city and they were determined to charge through it. And they were not scared, they were bold. But why had they been running like there was no time to stop?

There was a small shop, this is where they had ended up. They confidently barricaded the door, and as Sam looked around the room, he wondered what they had even come here for, so he became anxious.

Immediately, he noticed strange decor on a table near the blocked off door. Two candelabras, a paper-mache skull, hokey Halloween stuff.

"What is this about?" wondered Sam.

A man in a baggy black robe trimmed in gold had appeared just at this moment. The man, stricken with grief, could hardly stand. Sam was terrified of this man. "Oh, they hated it!" came the woeful cry, like a pitiful howling dog.

A huge pile of pigeons writhed in front of this warlock. "I made a demon and they hated it!" bemoaned the warlock, over and over.

"We get it," thought Sam, "You did something wrong. Please stop howling."

Before Sam had time to question the situation, he found himself and his brother in a bright white bathroom trying desperately to finish pushing pigeons and loose feathers down the tub with the handle of a plunger. They kept flying up out of the drain, flapping in panic, and in his own panic, Sam found himself alone trying to catch them and push them back down.

In that same panic, like pigeons trying to escape a bathtub drain, Sam sat upright, but not awake for a few minutes as the dream rushed back to him. And he was calmed. Laughing quietly to himself, he thought "Why was I so scared? Nothing about that was scary, it just doesn't make sense."

His excitement and relief soon fell away to a deep sadness. He said aloud, "But why can I remember such a strange dream, and nothing else?"


He looked to Annie. In the darkness, he could make out just a shadow, rising and falling in the bed by his. The pulse was slow, even. There was something off, though. Sam squinted. Her bed was five feet away and it was so dark he could hardly see, but he remembered how different she looked in the dusk, while she was lying on her side.

At dusk, without really meaning to, he had been staring at her face, unusually devoid of that mischief, relaxed and empty like he'd never seen it. It had led Sam to believe she was forcing herself to sleep when she didn't want to.


Her only response was a gentle "Hmm?" that said she was already adrift.

"What makes you so sure that I get my memories tomorrow?"

Annie opened her eyes for just a moment. Thinking back, somehow, Sam believed during this entire moment, their gazes were locked. Annie let out one laugh, and Sam felt like the world was a joke. Like he was the punch-line. Like there was a simple answer.

Like it was a simple question, she yawned, and rolled onto her back. "Because you'll remember today." Sam understood then. This was the end of the night, and tomorrow would be very strange.

Now, in the silent darkness before sunrise, she was just a shadow, breathing, Just the same as before. Hard to define, confusing, but as long as you're sure it's not a ghost, you can trust it. Except there was something different about her shadow now.

In fact, there was no mistaking it. The shadow of those giant, fluffy yellow ear muffs, and he was positive they were yellow. And a faint gleam on the corner of her face. Annie was drooling in her sleep. As he thought about it, Sam realized she was snoring a little too.

"She shushed me in her sleep? But the ear-muffs..."

Sam couldn't tell if he was hearing things, seeing things, or both. He yawned hard and shook his head and started to take another hard look at Annie.

"Excuse me, Sir," came the whisper, from behind. Sam whipped around, but made no sound. The door was open, a light so dim from the hallway revealing only another shadow in the darkness. It shrunk for a moment, as if it had the notion to disappear, as if it had been there the whole time and was just about to leave.

"Annie would like to sleep. Would you like us to wake her?" came a soft, welcoming voice.

"No," replied Sam in the same calm tone.

"Would you like to sleep?" came a soft, welcoming, entreating voice.

"No," replied Sam, honest and ashamed.

Still soft, still welcoming, Sam heard "Please, feel free to enjoy the services of this hotel. Many guests visit our lounge, our spa, or our library. For a full directory of our services or a list of locations just outside the hotel, please, see our liaison, Mr. Sister down in the lobby. Any complaints should be brought to Lady Tiria" And then the silhouette was gone.

Sam sat stunned for a long time. He had heard and seen everything correctly. he was sure It wouldn't matter if he had a memory, this still wouldn't make sense.

He was not comfortable in his bed. It was too soft, or maybe too firm, but he knew he couldn't stay in it any longer. He was not so sure about asking for anything in the lobby. All he really wanted was to get his old memories back. How could Annie be so certain it would be today?

So Sam decided he would wait for the morning while pacing the warm, dim, extravagant halls of the the Saint Express Hotel.
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Posted 10/22/14

Padster92 wrote:

The poetic words echoed through the carriages as Sam and Annie stepped on. The Saint Express Hotel really did show just how much etiquette one would need to fit in on a train like this. It had a 1900's feel to it. The wood paneling, the red material seats, the men and woman dressed in Victorian clothing. The Saint Express was like something out of a time warp. The young lady who greeted us onto the train guided us to a room down a long corridor lined with doors.

"Here you go miss" said the young woman handing us a bronze key. "Would you like your usual breakfast for the morning?"

"YES PLEASE" beamed Annie, excitement in her voice.

"And what about your friend, would he like the same?"

"errr..." exclaimed Sam.

"Yes he will" said Annie, a look of mischief glinting in here eyes.

"Good, well have a nice sleep miss, sir"

The woman walked of back down the corridor as Annie opened the door. The room was rather large. The bed stood to the right, a large mirror above it. To the right of the door was a small bathroom with the bath sunk into the floor. The rest of the room was dedicated to a rug in the middle and a dressing table along the wall opposite the bed. The window looking outside was a blue of dark shapes as the train sped along the forest.

Annie jumped onto the bed, kicking of her boots.

" Do you know that lady?" Sam asked.

"Yes, she is Lady Tiria" Annie said "She runs this train. I have gotten it before. But enough of that. I'm sleepy and we need to be up early tomorrow. It is the big day, the day we get you your memory back!"

Sam turned to shut the door. As he did he began to feel a strange feeling inside him. What would he remember?

A long way away the town of Greenfold was awoken by an explosion in the town square. Bid Daddy was home.

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Posted 10/23/14
Morning came with the call of a rooster. The train began to slow as the Saint Express pulled into the station. Sam grabbed his things and followed Annie of the train. The sun hit Sam hard in the face casting him to squint.

"where now? " he asked looking down at Annie.

"This way" She said pointing up a path south of the station. "not far until we get to the lake"

"lake? " Sam said in confusion.

"The white lake" said Annie smiling up at Sam. "The lake is known to heal broken people. It will give you your memories"

Sam looked at her. "are you sure this will work?" .

"how would I know? I just want to see the pretty lake" She said beaming.

They walked for a while not really talking, Annie skipping around and chasing any small animal she saw. After a while Sam decided to ask her.

"Annie, do I have a brother?"

"uncle Wulfric? " She said, looking up at Sam.

" So I do!" Sam exclaimed. "where is he?"

Suddenly out of nowhere a giant object jumped onto Sam throwing him to the ground. The bear like creature bared down on Sam as Annie screamed, "No!"

Sam reached for his sword but not quick e ough. The bare like creature bit at his arm causing Sam to scream in pain. Blood spurred out as the now blood stained teeth went down for another attack. Before it could however Annie plunged her own sword into the creatures side. It howled in pain as one of its paws swiped at a now, knocking her to the floor. In this moment Sam managed to push the creature of him and stumble to his feet.

"Annie no! " he yelled at her limp body lying unconcious on the floor. Sam looked at at the creature as it stood growling at him. Suddenly the beast galloped towards Sam.
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Posted 10/23/14 , edited 10/24/14
I have got the next post! No one dare touch it!


I am almost done with the next post. I will hopefully have it done and posted before the day is over.
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Hey everyone. I decided to pour a little bit of my soul into the story. I am sorry for its length. Inspiration hit, and it just kept coming. I am not going to lie to you. I did cry a little bit writing this.

Here it is.

I hope you all like it.


Part 1: A Struggle With a Beast.

As the beast galloped toward me I thought on only two things.



Time slowed down.
I could see every wrinkle of fat and slobber swing wildly about the beasts face. I saw the dust slowly begin to form indistinguishable shapes. But I was not afraid. I looked down at the crumpled image of what this story is forcing me to believe may be my daughter, and for the first time I believe it. I look up at the beast. My face is expressionless. I feel my grip tighten around both of my swords. I begin to walk forward. I bring my blades above my head and slam them into the beast’s side and begin to slowly open up its gut one step at a time. I do my best to draw a perfect line, but no one is perfect. Once I reach the base of it's body I pull my swords out of the beast as I feel the tissue and bone tear, I remember from class that genetically this beast and I can’t be that different. I lean down to the grass and wipe the death off of my blades. I stand up. And then the world finally catches up with me. I hear the monster slam into the ground. It didn't stand a chance. I will never again let anything harm my daughter.

I look around. Annie has fallen still. I pick her up in my arms and continue south. I see a village ahead. She will not die on me. Once I get there I walk to a hut with a door. I knock on the door knowing what waits. A woman answers the door and sees the mess in my arms and goes into a panic. I can't hear a word she is saying. I just walk in and lay her on a pile of furs and walk out for the old lady to do as she sees fit. I know Annie will be okay.

I walk outside and sit in the middle of the road, and cry. I am not entirely certain why, but the tears fall evenly onto the ground. No one has started his or her day yet. As the sun rises behind me I decide that this is the best time to take a walk. I see a forest. It feels familiar.

As I pass through the trees I can feel myself being drawn forward. I begin to run forward. Nothing will stop me. I see a clearing. I see my future. I see the door to my past. And it is a 50-foot bluff above a pool of blank white. I don't care. I feel tired. Like all of the most important burdens I have been neglecting have finally surfaced. Like I am finally acknowledging the world on my shoulders.

I dive. As I fall towards the water it feels like the world is falling with me.

There is no splash.

I feel no need to hold my breath.

I just feel warmth surround me.

The scenery changes.

I am in a blank room.
There is a table in the middle.

And across from me is a man wearing a tuxedo.

He approaches the table and gestures for me to sit down.

I look at him in the eyes.

This man has familiar eyes.

My eyes.

It is me.

Part 2: A Natural Conclusion

“Hello Sam.”

Said the man with my face.

“Hello... Me?”

Said the man that also has my face.

“I think I am here to retrieve something important.”

I said to him.

“I would say you are right.”

He said to me.

“Do you have something to tell me?”

I asked.

“What would you like to know?”

I replied.

“Well... What do you think I would like to know?”

“I think you would like to remember our wife.”

My heart instantly dropped.

“Yes... I think that would be important.”

The memories came flooding back. Her long hair. Her beautiful face. Her kind laugh. All of the adventures we had. The love of my life. I felt the warmth of a smile cross my face.

“She looks just like her...”

“Yes. Our daughter is something special.”

“Where is she? My... our wife I mean.”

I felt the tears start to fall before the memories hit me. Then I felt my knees hit the ground. The memory was there. Holding my wife’s cold body closely as I went out of my mind.


I scream through awful tears.

“Sam... We did all we could.”


I call out in desperate anger.

“No no no Sam... He could never have gotten to our love. She died of an illness that no one could have foreseen or cured. I assure you, we did everything we could to save her. It just wasn’t enough.”

I sit sobbing in silence. This is familiar.

“Then what was the world I was in? The life I was living before I came here?”

I ask in desperation.

“Nothing more than a fantasy we created to cope with our loss.”

“But my family... My friends... My school...”

“All synthesized as a way of escape. Sam, that world is not real. Pasithea is the reality you have been running from. Pasithea is where you left your daughter, where you left your people to fend for themselves as that nightmare ravaged your kingdom.”


“You have to accept this right now Sam. You left them all to die. If you do not, you will hide away in your demented fantasy again and nothing will ever change, and everyone you leave behind will die. This entire world will die at the hands of that man.”

I can only sit there on my knees. I cannot think. I cannot move. Hours pass, and I finally manage to ask,

“Who is he?”

“He... is the natural conclusion of your decision to leave. He is the chaos and despair in the hearts of millions when you turned your back on them. He is the sorrow your daughter felt every night she cried out wondering where you were. He goes by Mr. McFredrickson or Big Daddy, but his real name is abandonment. And you have to decide now, only you, will you rise up and fight to fix what you have done, or will you hide away in your sorrow all over again? Choose now.”


I can feel the pain in my heart... It is too much. No man should have to handle the loss I have experienced. I barely even know this world anymore. The reality I created was so comfortable... I am going back.

The End.

You didn't fall for that... Did you?

My heart is broken, and I am a coward, and it is really really hard to face reality, and the mistakes that I have made, but I am making the decision now to love. And for this decision I am going to have to make a serious change. My name is Samuel Pasitoth, and I am taking back control of my kingdom. Mr. McFredrickson I am coming for you.
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Posted 10/25/14 , edited 10/26/14
I hope everybody thinks this is funny and in line with the story's progression.


Jeff McFredrickson's right hand was flying. One piece of dirt, two splinters, one piece of lint, one piece of lint, one splinter, one piece of lint. His eyes had narrowed so far he didn't notice that he had started pulling the fabric of his sweater apart entirely.

"I will remove them all..." he mumbled to himself.

In his left hand, he gripped the doorknob to the fated Lab 10. He was no longer staring at the sunken black characters stamped into the wood, "Lab 10." He was simply thinking about them, thinking about the door to Lab 10. Thinking about the door and the locked handle and the twisted hinges. Somewhere in his mind, Jeff knew this door. There was somebody behind this door. A student? A colleague? A rival. A man who had unlocked the final piece to their research, who held the other half of his knowledge. The research that had pushed both their minds off that cliff. That ambiguous truth that they found in Lab 10.

As he pulled more and more of his sweater apart with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy, he felt the locking mechanism bite up less and less. With each frantic jiggle of the handle, the rattle had soon turned to a screech, metal scraping on metal. Finally, totally mangled, it gave way and the bolt clicked open. Mr. McFredrickson's eyes opened just as suddenly. He had defeated the door to the last lab at the university.

"Carlota. It unlocked."

"Very good, Big Daddy. You can put it down now."

McFredrickson stood atop a pile of rubble, still holding the door he had ripped from the entryway. Carlota hovered above him, her dark wings treading the smokey air. Shredded books, broken flasks. The embers were starting to flare up, golden tongues of flame shooting out from the desk. Lab 10, like the rest of the university, was starting to burn. It was a fine mess and it was only getting finer. The university was not the end of this search. This was a thrilling concept to Carlota, even if it meant her job was going to get tougher.

"Carlota, remind me what I'm doing here please," said Mr. McFredrickson as he casually tossed the door through the broad window along the east side of the room. He began climbing out the newly created exit, ready to drop the eight stories to the soft grass. He had once felt like a king in front of that window. It was that same feeling as before, a king looking out over his dominion with his archduke by his side. No monster could harm him. Just like with Carlota hovering there to advise and execute. Yes, a king.

"And use my full title."

Carlota darted after him as his shadow suddenly dropped out of the sunrise that peeked above the frame.

"We're looking for the important documents, Sir King Professor Big Daddy McFredrickson Lord of all Trampolines, Door Hinges, Sunglasses, and Removing Crap From His Sweater. The documents that Samuel Pasitoth had... "

Mr. McFrederickson walked hurriedly across the green. Half of him was listening to Carlota's tiny, urgent voice, the other half was counting the blades of grass that had grown longer than two and a half inches. Why couldn't they just cut the damn grass and make this simple?

"Ah, yes, the papers. Wait, when did I pick up that last title?"

"You decreed it just a few moments before we..."

Mr. McFredickson stopped dead in his tracks. He needed a new plan, and thankfully it had already formed.

"Forget it, drop it. Carlota, it seems we've reached a dead end. That fool Pasitoth must have hidden his findings somewhere. Maybe inside somebody..."

His eyes shot to a trash bin seven feet and four inches away from him, which, accounting for his height, was only three feet and two and 15/32s of an inch outside of his reach. It would take him 1.15 seconds to tear it into two pieces and spread the contents out in the street where he could look them over quickly.

Carlota dipped below the shrapnel that came her way. She needed a new plan as well. This inefficient style of search would only slow them down. His thoughts were too busy catching up to his actions.

"Big Daddy"

"I don't think it's here!" Mr. McFredrickson shouted, tossing pieces of litter behind him, through windows, on top of buildings.

"Might I suggest having me contact the dark network and see if we can broaden the search a bit?"

Mr. McFredrickson snapped to attention.

"Of course. They must have picked up the trash recently. We'll have to visit the dump. Flutter with me, Carlota!"

Carlota, furiously trying to keep pace, ignored Mr. McFredrickson's words as he ran deeper into the city. Exasperated, she tried again.

"Damn it, listen to me!"

The streets were flooding with confused, sleepy locals. Shops and stalls were just opening, but the city was getting noisy like the afternoon. The sun had just crested the rooftops. Mr. McFredrickson continued his mad dash.

"Language, Carlota! Yes. Notify them. And send for the Small Warriors, I will need a three man team canvasing the area. I want Pink and Green and..." Mr. McFredrickson stopped and paused in a moment of silent consideration.

"Blue?" panted Carlota, finally reaching him

A police crew barreled past them. an explosion at the university had recently set the town into a panic.
"Could it be?"
"Not Big Daddy, no way."
"Get everyone outside!"

"Hmm... No, we'd better put Orange on it. Blue doesn't work well in a team. She's unfocused. I worry about her sometimes. I think she may have a troubled past. Look, a bakery! Let's get breakfast!"

Immediately, he dove through a storefront window. Over the screams and the panic of people clamoring their way out the door, Carlota heard Big Daddy's booming voice announce

"I am the Lord of Pastries! The Harbinger of the 5th dimension the IV! I have come to collect that which is rightfully mine!"

"How did I get stuck with such a shitty assignment?" she sighed. This man's memories were too mixed up to trust anymore. It no longer seemed like he was going to be able to uncover the secrets of his own superhuman powers. He would have to be used in a different way. It was getting very difficult to contain him, this was sure to be a wreck. The dark network wouldn't be happy with her, but sometimes the life of a dark winged fairy just goes this way.

She weighed the situation as she watched Big Daddy wrench an oven away from the wall and begin smashing displays and stragglers. Gas was now billowing into the building. Carlota knew what would come next. Mr. McFredrickson would start talking about making this city his home.

"At least," she thought with mounting excitement, "There's always lots of fire."
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M / Somewhere in the...
Posted 10/26/14 , edited 10/26/14
Love the story ! Such a good section bejamin77! I am getting confused a bit though we all seem to be switching between first and third person I have gone back a few times and corrected myself. The first person bit fits nicely with your section Benjamin. I think the story as a whole works better in first person. Maybe whoever is collating this could change it up a bit to fit first person? Ok here is my part.

My name is Samuel Pasitoth, and I am taking back control of my kingdom. Mr. McFredrickson I am coming for you.

I opened my eyes. I now understood. The adrenalin, the thrill of a fight, the love I felt for my daughter triggered the memories.
“Clara” I whispered into the morning air, floating on the lakes surface. “Clara I miss you.”

A tear dripped from my face as more of wife span wildly out of control in my mind.
“It’s ok Clara, I will protect our daughter no matter what” I got out of the water. It was time to head back. I needed to get back, to see Annie to make sure she was ok. The run back was easy, leaping over fallen trees and dashing through clumps of Ivy spreading unchecked over the forest floor. The doctors tried to save her. I knew they tried. The dark network provided the best doctors they could to help, there was nothing that could be done.

I banged the door open of the house I left Annie in. The woman approached me, saying words I could not here. I knelt down beside her. The scratches across her chest were bandaged, blood stains shimmering in the morning sunlight. The woman put her hand on my shoulder.

“Did you hear me, she will be ok”

I looked down at Annie, my heart racing. I kissed the top of Annies head. “ I love you Annie”

“ I love you to daddy” came her faint whisper. I looked at her. Eyes open, she smiled back at me.

“Annie I’m so sorry” I began to sob “ If I had been quicker…”

“It’s ok daddy, you saved me in the end.”

“Why are you calling me daddy now?” I asked

“Because you are no longer Sam, you remember don’t you?”


“ You remember mummy don’t you”

“Clara” I whispered, staring at the wall. Suddenly my head began to spin as I slowly fell to the floor, the world going dark.

“You always did like to keep your wife waiting didn’t you my love.”
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Posted 10/26/14
I've got the next one.
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Posted 10/26/14
Thanks a lot man. It is always a pleasure. And I really love the way we are all coalescing at this point. That being said. I still want more of you people reading this to add to the story. I want to know what happens to the cat, I also want side adventures, I also want new characters, and settings, and ideas. If you are just nervous about posting out in the open for your first time then feel free to private message me your addition and we can talk about it. But I KNOW some of you have incredible talents, and are just bit nervous. So please at least consider becoming apart of this incredible work of art, and message me if you have any questions.


Everything froze. A chill drove down my spine. Annie wasn't moving, the fire lit behind her wasn't moving, I looked to my left and the old lady wasn't moving and neither was the tea she was currently in the process of pouring.



"Is this... Real?"

"I am not sure if you of all people are in a state that is fit to start judging situations by the quality of their "realness" my dear."

"Fair enough."

We just smile at each other, but my sense of total movement seems to have been taken away from me.

"I am just here to point you in the right direction Mr. Pasitoth."

"And which direction is that?"



"You remember where it is then."


"Sigh... Well good luck at any rate. I have to go back to do whatever it is that figments of your imagination do when they aren't manifesting themselves into reality."

She said with a wink.

"I will miss you."

"I will miss you too."

And just like that everything began again, very quickly.

"You do remember mom now? I am assuming you went to find the White Lake because you just sort of look like someone who had a sudden and important life changing event happen to them, I assume. I mean I don't want to be too presumptuous father, but seriously are you ready to start our adventure to save the kingdom for real or do I need to kick you back into the lake that you may or may not have already jumped into?"

Annie said in one single breath.

"Well... Do you know how to get to Greenfold?"

I said.

"Everyone knows how to get to Greenfold."

Said Annie.

"Well then. I guess I am ready to start."

Annie looked over at the old woman in whose house we were sitting.

"Thanks for your help lady, but we have to go now."

Said Annie.

"It isn't a problem dear. Just please kill the man responsible for making my husband into a tea pot that he might be freed."

Replied the old lady in an old person voice.

"Right then! Let's head............."

I am still not certain.


Shouted Annie with a massive smile.

"Actually Greenfold is east of here dear."

Said the old lady with a calm smile.

That was when I knew. This adventure is far from over.
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Posted 10/26/14 , edited 10/27/14
I am doing one first person, but I'm kind of screwing up the flow again. I think third person for "Meanwhile, elsewhere this is happening" kind of pieces will work fine. I will try not to write for Sam without it being in the first person anymore.

My name is Carlota Sofia Iglesias. I came into this world 100 years too early.

My first memories are of chaos. Darkness, panicked voices, and one ever-entrancing beam of light

"Dr. Florencia, a chrysalis in the second adolescent ward is opening!"

"Oh? Well, let's see it into the world. Who is it?"

"The pupa's name was Carlota Iglesias, daughter of Maria Camila Iglesias."

"How far along is she?"

"She should need approximately 107 more years before she is fully formed!"

"Well, that's not so uncommon, is it? Get some towels, we'll need to dry her wings."

I remember these words, I remember feeling a true love for that doctor. Two hundred years in a cocoon was enough. I was cramped. I was bored. And then the light, had I ever seen such a thing? Will I ever see that light again?

"But doctor, if she has 100 years to go..."

"Nonsense, Enrique. Give her a chance."

"But... I mean, look at how Antonio turned out. Maybe it would be better if we just..."

"Enrique, I need more towels." This voice was stern, protective, dismissive. It was the first time I'd ever heard a refreshing voice like that.

And there I was, helpless, wet, unable to respond. At the mercy of this excited voice, rubbing my wings to life, drying my body, shielding my eyes from that brilliant entrancing light.

"Carlota. Carlota, welcome. Can you hear me? You've made it. You're a full fledged fairy, Carlota."

So many years ago....

And now I'm once again surrounded by darkness. Cramped in my seat, ready to give answers. Across the room from me are a line of giant shadowy figures, purposely obscured.

"Carlota, welcome."

There is no excitement in this voice. It was boredom, frustration in these meager five syllables. I know these undertones too well, you can't mask yourself in front of me.

"Thank you for having me, dark masters. I hope my written report was satisfactory," I replied. Now a long pause. Shit, that wasn't the right thing to say, now they know I'm bored and frustrated too.

"What have you come here for, child?" comes a more welcoming, effeminate voice. I had been expecting the angry man, were they using the old woman as a trick then?

"I have come to request some aid" I respond, automatically. Damn it, I need more time to explain the situation! I can't just go asking for help.

Oh no, the angry man has stood to his feet

"Aid!?! What could you possibly need aid for!?! We sent you out with a mission, and you ask for help with nothing in return?"


"Nothing in return!?! I'm telling you he's insane, dammit! I can't just keep him pinned down, he doesn't remember what he was doing ten seconds ago, let alone anything useful from his research! He's running wild, I can't do anything about it! The best he could be is bait for the man he did research with, but we've got no idea where he could be or what his plans are! The best we can assume is he's totally lost it too!"

As I listen to my words echo back to me in the dark room, I know I've had it. I just mouthed off, why can't I give a tempered response? I couldn't have expected the angry man right then, they aren't even giving me a chance.

Ugh. I suppose I will await my death.

"Your request for the Small Warriors has been granted," came the bored, frustrated voice. "But you are to take Red and Blue as well."

"Whaaaaat!?! How does that make my job easier!?! If the five of them form together, it'll cause..."

"SILENCE!" came the voice of the old woman. Now, my voice is frozen in my chest. "We have already decided."

I'm so shocked. Those mutts, those mangy scavengers, all five in one place. McFredrickson is out of control. But it's only been two or three cities. And he can be reasoned with, kind of. If the Small Warriors managed to agree on something, we're fucked. We're fucked!

"The Small Warriors will be a contingency plan," continues the old woman. "If anything gets too out of hand they will solve it. And then we will be responsible for pulling them apart. But Carlota."

I swallow hard, I hate being addressed by name.

"It is up to you to make sure they do not all come together if there is any other available recourse."

"It's too much." The words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. This is bad, I cannot make the wrong move with the dark network, I cannot make the wrong move with the position they've put me in, I'm panicking! "It really is just too damn much!"

"Relax" comes the bored, frustrated voice.

My heart drops back to its original resting place.

"This is how you get your start with the dark network. If you think we hadn't really considered that you could handle this, why would we be sending you back?"

Yes, right, I'd be dead already if this was a waste of their time.

Maybe I could just shoo a couple of the Small Warriors off..

"You know him better than anybody now," says the old woman.

"Are we supposed to send somebody in your place to start from scratch!?!" shouts the angry man.

My head is swimming. It's so dark here. I can't see anybody. What I wouldn't give for a single flame. A flame I could stare at for hours. A light that would never die.

"Are you going to do it or not!?!" the angry man has been shouting at me.

"I'll sort it all out," I say. Shut up, already. I don't care anymore. I just want out of these dark halls, I just want to see the city of Greenfold burn.
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So when are these guys gonna fight?
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