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Let us write something together.
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Posted 11/5/14 , edited 11/5/14
I'm calling this next one! I hope that's ok. I have stumbled across some magic in the making here but before we set on through the magical adventure, let's take a few steps back to the "real world"
It’s finally time, how long has it been? Long enough for me to become Chief of Police around here. A blessing and a curse I’d say.

A knock on my door came to interrupt my thoughts. “Sir, my report.”

“Come in.” I turned toward door to my office to find Clark, my subordinate.

“The unidentified creature suddenly stopped his rampage and receded into a nearby forest. The remaining forces have fallen back just as you said.”

“Good, that’ll be all.” I look at his face to find he is forcing himself to act professional. “Is there anything else?”

"Should I even have to ask?! What the hell was up with these orders?!" Not too surprised about this but I really don’t have time.

"Orders are orders. I really don't think I should have to explain th-" I tried to say before being grabbed by the collar and hoisted up against the wall.

"We used up most our resources! MEN and resources only TRYING to succeed and YOU KNOW SOMETHING."

Calming down from his outburst, he lets me down.

"My brother was in that mess, he…” Choking back the tears, he was unable to continue.

Damnit, I really shouldn’t try to be a hardass if I can’t keep it up till the end.

“...I get it. I at least owe you that much. There’s another world out there, parallel to our own. Crazy stuff happens around there. That THING is not from this world...and neither am I.”

Taking the trench coat I make my way to the door.

“And it’s about time I start acting like it.”

He grabs my arm. “Wait, you can’t expect me to believe that shit!”

Unfortunately that’s all I can give you.

“I’ll admit that what I did was harsh. I just needed to buy some time for someone, but that doesn’t excuse all of those deaths, including your brother. When i come back I’ll take full responsibility. For now, I’ll be AWOL.”

After what seemed like an hour, he let me go.

“I don’t care where you’re going, but you better come back.” He spat that out with as much bitterness as he could muster while crying.

If only I was so sure that I would be coming back, then maybe I could have said goodbye like a normal person. Reality isn’t always so great. It’s also not always very sane.

I headed to the roof of the building and took out the amulet. This is the key to getting back to Pasithea. I was beginning to think I would never have to use this. Supposedly for this to work I have to be gain enough speed.

I look over the edge of the rooftop into the busy streets full of pedestrians.

It should activate before hitting the ground.

“Clara, this better work.” I take the leap of faith and close my eyes. Eventually the sensation of falling goes away and I feel myself being pushed back into the air.

Giant trampoline, of course. I’m definitely back in Pasithea. I don’t have much time to lose. I have to find Sam.
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Posted 11/6/14 , edited 11/7/14
I am going to try to add to the story again. Wish me luck !

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Let the cat's adventure continue~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It’s been days now, or maybe just moments, since I have failed to find the entrance to Pathisea. At any rate, I was tired. I haven’t had a single nap in the past two hours; the only possible explanation is that I have developed insomnia.

How stupid.

So then, what do I do now? Do I wait for the whole world to burn down at the hands of that fat ass Big Daddy (but then again, everyone looks like a giant from a cat’s perspective). It was in the middle of these deep ponderings that I saw a man wandering through the streets in an urge of desperation and hope to get somewhere, somewhere important it seemed. As any curious cat would do, I followed, but stayed aloof. Pridefully and condescendingly I stalked him from a distance, until that is I saw the purpose of his actions. Even though I accidentally came to follow him, for those were not my original intentions, it was a fortunate waste of time on my part because the device he carried certainly looked more than familiar and I soon came to realize the reason for this sense of déjà vu. The revelation came to me at the exact same moment as I saw this insane human jump of a building; blinded by the intrigue of the moment, I followed …I blame the insomnia for my irrational thinking.
I hate flying…it messes up my luxurious fur. And trampolines are even worse; the static cannot be good for my perfectly groomed mane.
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And in a format I can deal with? You guys, my heart.

My name is Carlota Sofia Iglesias. I came into the this world 100 years too early.

I have vague memories of being Larva. Lazing around, crunching on leaves. Many of us crunched on the wrong leaves and died, but not me. Some others were taken. But not me.

There was another girl who was so much further along than I was, she was ready to chrysalize when I met her. I once asked Dr. Florencia for her name, but she didn't remember. I have always wondered.

I was happy to be with this Larva. We found ourselves forced to the same leaf. The other Larvae of our generation had brazenly devoured our territory. This is how the life of a Dark Fairy goes, another will crunch your leaf.

I was with her. We both got chased off by the same overbold Larvae. I heard her crawling as fast as she could, I learned the emotions behind shit and damn from her. I learned the words as I ran from the same starvation.

And so we wound up on the same plant. We ate with the same care. The effects of the toxins of this plant I remember clearly. Shortness of breath, mostly. I would eat, then I would stop breathing, then I would awake and eat again, slowly.

In the end, maybe it was just that those Larvae didn't come to eat this poison plant with us. Maybe they were smarter. Anxiety, that's what we shared. I would hear her timid crunching and I would crunch timidly back We were both so prone to distress that we were able to share the leaves. Under all this mindless hunger and fear of starvation, we were able to share a leaf.

I remember being ready to chrysalize, to finally catch up to this girl with whom I had a treaty. They will eat our leaves, but we will not starve each other. And then she chrysalized. She had hung herself open on the stalk of that poison plant, she was ready. I was still blind, I couldn't see it, but I knew it had happened. Her crunching had stopped.

I don't try to think about the Fuzz Bee that Dr. Florencia said "had parasatoided her." It's pointless. Sometimes the life of a Dark Fairy "just goes that way."

But now this is the second time I've returned from speaking with the dark network, and damn it, these trampolines that spring up while I'm gone are a fucking problem! That was all he had left behind in the last wreck! I am not a chrysalis anymore, Fuzz Bees do not scare me!

"Stop fluttering and fly with me!" he shouts.

"Stop leaping and flutter for a second... Fuck!" I shouted back.

It's not time for him to destroy another city. It's time for him to spill his guts.

It's not time to race through endless flames just yet. I can't wait, but it is not time.

Carlota, just let him bounce on a few trampolines for a minute until he tells you what happened. Don't let Big Daddy spread the trampolines across the city. I've got the Small Warriors to think about now.

"Language!" he shouts at me. He is such a blind leader. Easy to manipulate as long as he's not already thinking like Big Daddy.

So now I have to put up with him.


The only reason I put up with this is because he's really speaking to me. When he calls me by name, I know he's about to tell me something important. So who am I speaking to, Bid Daddy or Jeff?

He stops bouncing. Don't ask me to give you the full title. Just please, don't be McFredrickson again.

"Please relay to me my current full title." he says.

A gut reaction, a fluttering hope that honesty can reign. A stupid, stupid notion drives my words. The chance for flame, let him set this world afire so you can dance in the light, Carlota!

"I am at your service, Sir King Professor Big Daddy McFredrickson Lord of all Trampolines, Door Hinges, Sunglasses, and Pastries."

The life of a Dark Fairy sometimes just goes this way.

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Posted 11/9/14 , edited 11/9/14
I am working on the next piece guys. I will have it up here in a few minutes.
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Posted 11/9/14 , edited 12/1/14
At this point, I am past expectations. My memory has not completely returned, and all of the images I can remember are beyond any form of belief I knew to exist in my past fake life. I cannot tell which ones are fabricated, and which ones are real... But that suits me fine for now.

"Whatcha thinkin about dad?"

Said Annie as we strolled down an oddly well put together stone road that stretched across an expansive prairie that we happened upon on our walk to Greenfold. We had been on the road for an hour or so, and nothing incredibly odd had yet to happen, which is very very odd.

"Nothing daughter."

That felt weird to say, but better get used to it.

"Hey. Is anything odd about to happen?"

I asked.


Said Annie.

"Want to fill me in on it before it does?"

I inquired hopefully.

"Most definitely."

Said Annie. Who then continued to say nothing.

"So you are going to wait until right before it happens then to tell me?"

I asked.

"Oh! Would you like to know now?"

Asked Annie, shocked.

"Yes, I think that would be nice."

"Well we are about to happen upon a very large cannon. Once we get to the cannon we will meet an old man. We will then have to solve the old man's riddle so he will let us shoot ourselves out of the cannon."

"We want to be shot out of a cannon?"

"Yes. Or we could simply ask him nicely if he would let us use his cannon. Or we could just guess at the riddle and if we get it wrong go for it anyway. I mean we could probably take an old man."

"Yes. But why do we need to be shot out of a cannon?"

"It is pretty much the only way to get across the infinite prairie in a timely fashion. Otherwise it would take like 2 hours longer by foot."

"Okay I don't think a firm definition of the word "infinite" has been established here."

I attempted.


Annie continued.

"There is a chance we would be eaten by a really big prairie whale."

"Well alright, I am up for a cannon ride."

After five more minutes we happened upon an old man standing next to a very large circus looking cannon.

"You must answer my...... riddle if you want to use my..... toaster."

The old man managed to mumble. Where in the hell does this guy sleep?

"Okay old person. Do your worst."

But really though we are several miles from anywhere. Does he just stand next to this cannon constantly? What does he eat?

"What is my sons name?"

At this point I am not entirely certain if this guy has forgotten his son's name or if this was actually the riddle.
I looked over at Annie.

"Well Annie. Do you have any guesses?"


Shouted Annie.

"Yes..... Yes that sounds right I think. Very well on you go."

Said the old man.


Annie yelled while throwing her arms in the air.

Before I could say anything else Annie was loading herself into the cannon. I had just enough time to shout the markedly delayed question,


The old man then pulled a lever.


But I could just barely hear her yell as she sped off into the distance.


Of course... Well here we go. I climbed up a ladder and started to load myself into the cannon and tried to shout down at the old man,

"Okay could you give me a count down up until when you are going to shoot."

Or at least I would have shouted that had he not pulled the lever right as I had begun to lower myself into the cannon.

The air rushed past me, I was gaining on the clouds quickly, but something about all of this felt natural and familiar. I didn't even feel fear. Flying thorough the air looking down at the small moving outline of what I could only assume was a prairie whale. As I accelerated up and through the clouds I saw what looked like a large wooden construct sitting on top of a particularly large stratus. Before I could think twice my velocity was abruptly absorbed. I started to swing back and forth. I realized I had been caught in a net. I dangled there trying to gain composure as I felt the net begin to rise up towards what I could now identify as a boat. This was not supposed to happen. I never thought I would desire a trampoline this badly.

A memory flashed, before I could grasp it completely I recognized feelings of both affection, and a bit of annoyance. What is about to happen? As I rose up higher I could hear a girls voice... Annie's voice.... And the sound of singing.
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Posted 11/17/14 , edited 11/17/14
Well here it goes, the cat's adventure part 3!


Have I already mentioned that I hate falling through the air? Well let me add to that, I hate always landing on my feet even more. Humans are fascinated by this skill of mine. They always awe at my balance, but honestly it’s just a bother, for I can never endure the pleasure of sympathy because they always assume that I am just fine since I manage to pull off a perfect landing time after time.

And it was then that gravity decided to interrupt my thought process.

I bounced once and then firmly grabbed on to the fabric with my claws, desperately trying to protest against Newton’s third law of equal and opposite reaction. I would have won too, but that foolish human whom I followed into this world was causing a ruckus as he bounced up and down attempting to conceal his childish joy or perhaps some warm memory all the while trying to regain his footing. He flew up in the air exactly five times and on his final descend somehow he managed to land, from all of the vast surface of the trampoline, six inches from where I was holding on for dear life. His fall caused my flight and a prompt landing upon his head half a second thereafter. He dared to think to throw me off, but no one is allowed to touch me unless I command them to. So I did the only logical thing, I jumped off, in the process marking him with my claws so that he may never again dare touch a cat without a proper invitation to do so. Then I addressed the man with a hint of irritation in my tone, “Excuse me sir, do you mind apologizing for causing utmost inconvenience with your bouncing and almost crushing me?”

He was visibly startled and stared at me surprised. I wonder what caused his confusion, was it my sudden appearance or the fact that I looked like a round fuzzy monster all thanks to that static electricity caused by the trampoline. Regardless, I stared back remarking on his rude behavior. In reply all I could hear coming from his mouth were incoherent sounds.

Ignorant humans, can they not even learn to speak a simple language, as us cats did. I wonder how they have managed to survive for this long if even evolution has abandoned all hope of teaching them proper manners.
Or at least its so in this world. Back on Earth at least I could decipher their mumbling even if they still couldn't understand my speech. How trully inconvenient.

Continuing to be as rude as ever, the man got up and started clumsily walking towards the edge of the trampoline on his two appendages.

“It was nice to meet you too, sir….I hope you fall, asshole” I say under my breath, but the idiot doesn't even think to turn around.

Fine then, I guess that I will keep that device that got you here and that you managed to drop in this frenzy all to myself.

Now then, why again did I think it was a good idea to follow him here? Oh, that’s right, I am hungry and Annie is here and she is the only one who knows how to prepare that delicious tuna casserole just the way I like it. If she strokes me at the base of my left ear I may even tell her how to stop Big Daddy…we will just have to see.
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This took longer than it should have but here's the next part.

I was already well on my way towards following a familiar trail of magic, which is about the only thing i'm good at, when i realized that i misplaced the pendant.

"That damned cat..."

I don't know where the hell it came from and it scratched my face out of nowhere. AND it TALKED. Cat's don't talk, I don't care how crazy this world is. There's obviously something off about it. A curse, a spell or maybe it's just a familiar?

Anyway, I've finally come across the remnants of the magic used here. Looks like teleportation magic.

"Of course it's teleportation magic..."

It's the one of the harder of magic to decipher but i should be able to recreate it. I draw the lines and symbols that I see in my mind's eye on the floor. As i stand before it, it glows and i've arrived at a peculiar place i read in a children's book once.

This tree is beyond gigantic. Someone needs to create a new word that means, this country would be split in half if this thing fell over. On another note i feel a faint trace of magic going off into another path but i can't quite tell what it is. I'd rather not have to talk to the guy that lives all the way up there but i need more information.

As i look over the door decorated with fairy fountains on either side, i notice that it has already been opened. This is easy. Retrace the steps and with a finger i pour trace amounts of magic to recreate the key and the door opens on it's own.

Up ahead there's a circular platform that I immediately step over to. As i take the magic lift up there i start to get the feeling that all i'm going to be doing is stuff like this.

"How do people keep getting into my house!" Says the "great wizard" Why is he dressed like Merlin?

"In my defense somebody had already opened it."

"Goddamnit Annie, even with you gone you leave nothing but trouble behind!"

"Hey, aren't you being a little harsh-wait, you said Annie? Annie was here?!"

"Yes that crazy person was here with some guy who didn't even know where he was. Poor guy was probably kidnapped or something." He says almost flippantly.

I see, if Annie is with Sam then it makes a load of sense why that monster came about in the other world. If she had any sense then they should be heading towards the one place where he can get his memories back. That is IF she did. Okay that might be a little rude but i can't deny that possibility. Anyway, i wish i could cut them off but it'd take while on-

"Anwyay, can you leave soon i'm just getting to the good part." He gestures over to a book turned open against the wall that's about as tall as he was.

"Sorry about that, I'll be on my way." I say as i turn away, but before i get to the lift, I spot a few particular books that i can't leave without. "Actually there's one more thing. Can i borrow these books?"
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WOW I SUCK. Sorry for taking so long. Thanksgiving ended up having far more pie in it than I initially expected.



As the net I was now precariously dangling from rose up above the ships deck I was lowered into quite the scene. I should be more shocked about what I saw, but honestly I am just kind of annoyed that a net ceased my velocity so suddenly and unexpectedly. It wasn't a pleasant experience, and I know I never did well in physics back in my fake world, but really I think this occurrence should have harmed me somehow. Oh well. I guess I am glad it didn't.

Anyways, the scene below me as I dangled from the net was astonishing. There were people everywhere, and it looked like a party. People dressed in 1920s looking clothing were dancing all over the deck of this, surprisingly well polished, wooden ship. Music was booming from a massive phonograph that seemed to also act as a stage. A band was on the phonograph stage with two female singers. The sound was something like a combination between swing and techno. Really catchy. Wait. Is that Annie singing?


I try to call out to the stage as I am gently lowered onto the dancefloor/deck of the ship. As I am gently lowered to the ground I stand up and look around. No one seems to be paying any particular attention to the strange man wearing battle armor and swords that was just lowered into their dance party, but I am beginning to think this is just a classic Pasithean trait. I try to wave at Annie, but she is really really into this song. There are so many questions running through my head.

Dang this song is catchy.

I start walking through the crowd towards the stage, weaving in and out of seemingly perfectly choreographed swing dancing. As I get to the front of the stage the music starts to wind down. The crowd starts to applaud the band's performance. Annie bows ands hops off the stage with a massive grin, and then gives me a huge hug like she didn't just see me 3 minutes ago before being shot out of a cannon, it doesn't make any since, but that doesn't matter to me right now. I just really feel proud of my daughter. She has an excellent voice, and that was a world class performance. But really.

"Annie, what is going on?"

"A dance party."

"I see that. Uhm.... Where to start... Why did a net catch us out of the sky and drop us into the dance party on a ship floating on a cloud?"

"So we could join the party I suppose."

Responded Annie.

"Well this certainly is a fascinating way to invite someone to a party."

"Actually," said an unknown voice a few feet away.

"We dropped our nets just in time to invite you to battle."

Said a middle aged man, with hair that was starting to grey in a nice grey suit with a proper top hat on his head and a blue tie around his neck, as he descended the stairs.

"Our best lookout in the crows nest identified your attire as knights of the old world and immediately sent word to our best word spreader, who then immediately sent word to our second best net dropper who ever so narrowly caught you."

"And they accomplished all of this the couple of seconds we were flying through the air?"

I questioned.

"Well, they are our best."

Said the man.

"Except for Derek the net dropper. He will never be half the net dropper his grandfather was."

He continued in disappointment.

"Poor Derek."

Said Annie looking truly distraught.

"Wait... what, did you say battle?"

I said as my mind finally caught up to the more pressing issues. This world is really starting to do a number on my rational thinking skills.

"Oh dear yes. What you have happened upon is indeed not a party at all! But a very very very cleverly laid trap for the A.D.I.T.S.S.I.J.D.L.I.D.Q.M.I.A.G.T.B.U.Y.S.Y.S.H Force."

Said the finely dressed man.

"Dare I ask what in the hell you actually just said, because honestly it sounded like you were about to say something normal and then it was like you had a mouth seizure?"

I said.

"It stands for Anti Dancing In The Sky Seriously I just Don't Like It Don't Question Me I Am Going To Blow Up Your Ship You Stupid Hipsters Force. Named by the king of eloquence himself."

Replied the man.

"GASP! Big Daddy is the king of eloquence! Sounds like an excellent extravaganza! When do our party crashers arrive?"

Said Annie in a way that made her sound way way way way way too into the entire idea of fighting some guys that were oddly specifically put to the task of destroying only one thing in this world, and we happened to be standing on it. I mean I am fine with helping out and everything, but it kind of feels like we are at a critical disadvantage here. I mean did these guys even have an alternative plan if we didn't show up? Is Annie even good at fighting? Am I even good at fighting? I haven't even thought about that stopping time and whooping that monster's ass until know, considering the things that happened immediately following the instance it didn't seem like such a big deal. Can I do that just whenever?

"Round about 4."

Said the well dressed man glancing at his pocket watch.

"And might I ask you the hour sir?"

Said Annie in a British accent.


Said the man.

With delight on her face Annie then jumps up on the stage and yells into the microphone.

"Then let the trap be sprung, and the party begun!"

The crowd goes crazy.

This is going to be fascinating.
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Posted 12/6/14 , edited 12/6/14
Just an update. Sorry I haven't been around, had a busy couple of months. I will be reading through everything and hopefully get a post out today
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I sat on a chair facing the stage as Annie began to sing again. This world is becoming more and more familiar to me. The moon was full now, casting a white light across the ship. The ocean was calm as the gulls sang over head. This big daddy is an issue here. Taking control and breaking families apart. His mad ways need to come to an end and only I can stop him.

More images flashed before my eyes. Annie's birth, Clara and I dancing at our wedding, me at her bedside as that disgusting virus took a hold of her. Annie looked at me and asked, "are you ok?"
She stared down at me, as tears ran down my face. Voice shaking I replied," I'm fine"

I stood up needing to be alone. I walked away from the party, away from Annie. She seemed to understand I needed to be alone. I put my hands on the edge of the ship and looked out into the black waters. Why did this have to happen to us?

Suddenly a horn rang out, filling the air. The voices and music from the party stopped as a sailor upon a mast shouted down, "HE IS HERE! HE IS HERE! PREPARE THE CANNONS!
People began to scream and run in every direction. I composed myself and ran back to the dance floor. I grabbed Annie and pushed her into the arms of a fleeing woman. "Take her inside with you and keep her safe!"

"NO! " Annie shouted, struggling at her holder.

" Go! " I shouted back" I will be ok! "

I couldn't let Annie be here, I couldn't risk losing her as well. This was my fight. I need to release these emotions on someone.
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Posted 12/8/14 , edited 12/9/14
Pause. No one post anything. A few continuity issues need to be addressed before we can move forward.

It should be fixed in the next couple of days. I will let you all know when it is good to write again.

I love you all.

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Posted 12/10/14 , edited 12/11/14
Alright everything is great now. Review the last few bits before you post, but other than that, have at it!
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Posted 6/22/15 , edited 6/22/15
Is this post dead now?
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Posted 10/6/15 , edited 10/6/15
Really would like to see this continued.
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Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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