Post Reply What are your opinions on chibis reviews?
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Posted 8/6/14
Do you like his videos and do you agree with his opinion on his reviews?
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Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/6/14
well i just saw your post, so i decided to check his channel out.

pretty good reviews in my opinion. better than most of the extremely biased reviewers on youtube. While i must admit, i never heard of him until today.

He seems like a reviewer i would watch mostly if i wanted to see someone else's thoughts on a current anime episode. Like reactions to certain controversial topics and themes in recent episodes of anime.

While i can't consider him to be the best anime reviewer (That spot is reserved for GRArkada and Douchebag Chocolat) I would consider him in the top 3 youtube anime reviewers.

He has a pretty decent and clear speaking voice from the video i watched, much better than alot of reviewers who can barely formulate basic sentences.

i will probably give his channel a more thorough browse later in the week when i get some free time
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Posted 8/6/14 , edited 8/7/14
I subbed to him a while back after I came across some of his Hunter x Hunter reviews and I haven't stopped watching his videos since. I love his watching his perspective on such a wide range of seasonal shows as well as the long running ones. I respect the amount of effort he puts into his videos and his channel. Some of his opinions are controversial (*cough* Mahouka *cough*), but most of the time the community and I agree with his opinions. Overall I think he has a fantastic channel and one of the best communities out there
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