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What one thing would you take with you if you were escaping from a fire?
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25 / F / Under the Starry...
Posted 6/8/10

Darkwiz34 wrote:

My homework. What am I suppose to say the next day? My homework caught on fire?

LOL that actually would be epic.
teacher: Darkwiz34, i heard your house burnt down, was everything ok?
Darkwiz34: i didnt have a chance to save much, but i saved this report thats due in today (LOL) *other students who didnt hand in theirs were in mortified*

Rongolian wrote:

I wouldn't really take anything. All my photos are in another house, my sister just broke my laptop, and there's nothing else I really need. ;(
Just maybe my phone... or some NUTELLA!


personally... I think i would take my laptop with me... i would say my ipod but i always have it with me 24/7 as im scared to ever lose it (but i always listen to it anyway :P) so that shouldnt count should it XD?
but in a real situation i would probably be burn to death thinking about what should i save
all my precious box of memories, my books and my awesome sub woofer
even though i can replace it, its the only thing i pride myself with -_- (doesnt own much nice things) lol...
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27 / M / London,UK
Posted 6/8/10
My Apple Macbook Pro

This machine is the most expensive product I've ever bought
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30 / M / USA, Idaho
Posted 6/8/10 , edited 6/8/10
My money is in the bank. I would take my laptop.
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