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Posted 8/8/14 , edited 8/8/14
GPRC is a new way for users to share guest passes, rack up points, and spend them on forum/group related privileges.

This idea is still very new, as in i just came up with it like 30 minutes ago.

I'll keep things as short and as colorful as possible, so people won't get too bored.

Here are my thoughts:
People pay for Crunchyroll, and get free guest passes as a reward from Crucnhyroll. But these rewards are almost meaningless to the one whom acquires it. Giving away free memberships just doesn't feel rewarding enough. On top of this, the ones receiving them are almost always complete strangers. Don't get me wrong, it feels good to do charity work and helping another anime lovers in need of some doping. But giving away free drugs (Metaphorically speaking) is something that doesn't make much sense! So I came up with an (in-progress) idea where people could feel a little more rewarded.

This idea is to share Passes to fellow members and get points in return to spend on Mod rights, Photoshop requests, Custom Signatures, Backgrounds, Profile pictures, Gifs... Etc.

This way Digital Currency (GP) can be used to buy other user related merchandise!

Other Ideas: In progress
Members Invites: People invite an "x" amount of members, send a Screen Shot to a separate topic on the forums as proof and get rewarded with GP.
Member Count Point Marks: After an "x" amount of members are within the group, EVERYONE Gets a fixed amount of points. (This is a 50/50, As the group gets bigger if it ever does, we would need more Mods to help organize all the points)
Forum Games: A game will be announced, a fixed amount of points will be shown to attract players. (Along with other prizes)

More soon..

Group is a non-profit organization. Copyrights are NOT enforced, but are appreciated
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