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Long anime
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21 / F / Disboard world of...
Posted 8/8/14 , edited 8/8/14
on going wise, like right now, no, besides ones already mentioned but one that has like 50 episodes and is getting more episodes i think cr said in the fall is Kurko's no Basketball, I honestly think real basketball is boring, but again, sports anime prove to me i can like a sport anime of a sport i have no interest in in real life
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Posted 8/8/14
YuYu Hakusho

made by the same mangaka as Hunter x Hunter, at the moment is my favorite anime ever.....
here are other options:

1) Fairy Tail
2) One Piece
3) Katekyo Hitman Reborn
4) Naruto
5) Bleach
6) Toriko (better read the manga)
7) Ruroini Kenshin
8) Gintama
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23 / M / Norway
Posted 8/8/14
Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood is pretty long, 60 episodes i think.
And Monster, 72 episodes
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18 / M / Reincarnated in A...
Posted 8/8/14

Kirarin Revolution,
Keroro Gunsou,
Hayate no Gotoku,, there's really not a lot of long anime that aren't Shounen, mecha, or not mentioned yet...
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F / Boston-ish
Posted 8/9/14

elijah5947 wrote:

Can anyone name some long ongoing anime I can just watch 24/7?! :D

Waiting for hunter x hunter, naruto, and Sao episodes just takes too long!

I recommend Space Brothers and Gintama.

That said, I'm closing this thread because individual personal "help" threads (including recommendation requests) aren't allowed in the discussion forums. In the future if you need recommendations, pleas ask in the existing Recommend Me an Anime thread. (it's stickied" near the top of the Anime forum.)
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