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Summer 2014 Writing Contest!!! (Winners Announced!!!)
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Posted 8/9/14 , edited 8/10/14
Sounds too mainstream.
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Posted 8/10/14 , edited 8/13/14
Terror in Tub (a comedy)

It was a hot summer day in Tokyo. The sun mocked the city and the elderly stayed inside.

Shibazaki sat outside in an inflatable kiddy pool with Nine and Twelve. "I see you solved the riddle," he said.

"Yeah, it was easy," Twelve said with an enchanting smile.
Nine pushes his glasses further up his nose. "Oedipus Rex... like T-rex... like Barney the dinosaur... who lives next door to you."

“I expected nothing less from you, Sphinx,” said Shibazaki.

"Shibazaki, when you said barbeque, I thought there'd be more than ramen. We're not all about the carbs, you know..." his coworker Mukasa says, bringing a whole plate of ramen and splashing into the kiddy pool.

Five, lounging in a chair next to the kiddy pool, just got splashed. "Stop that, I'm doing my nails."

"So, why did you want to meet us here?" asks Nine.

Shibazaki frowned. “We both know the real villain is the summer. I wanted to show you that there are more ways to beat the summer heat than clouding the sky with a nuclear tragedy. People die when they are killed, you know.”

"No, why the kiddie pool?” Asks Five, tauntingly.

"I wanted to breathe the same air you breath, relax in the same water that you relax in. That way we can understand eachother better."

“Did you want to swim in the same urine, too?” Twelve says with a mischievous smile.

“You boys, playing with weapons like toys. If you pee in this pool, I will never forgive you!! Shibazaki shouted.


Twelve laughed, and his charisma was contagious. Nine began to chuckle, which caused Twelve to laugh more. Mukasa began to laugh a funny laugh, and then even Shibazaki began to laugh slowly. Five smiled, stating “This will commemorate our reunion.” Now Nine was beginning to laugh out loud, and the hilarity could no longer be contained. Shibazaki was bending to the side in laughter, and Nine and Twelve laughed like they hadn't laughed ever before. They laughed and laughed until Five said, “What's that smell?”

The laughter came to an abrupt halt as a yellow stream became visible in the water. Twelve says, “Nine, you didn't...”

“I couldn't help it,” Nine says, adjusting his glasses and trying to preserve dignity. He points over at the other side of the pool. “But I'm not the only one.”

“What, you too, Mukasa?” Shibazaki exclaims. “This is disgusting!” They all jump out of the pool.

Lisa Mishima comes out with a tray of burnt food. “What happened?” Then she gets a whiff of the smell, and faints.
Twelve jumps out of the pool to try and catch Lisa, but he slips on the slip'n'slide and collides with her instead.

“This has been a disaster,” Nine says. “At least I will have a different nightmare now. One with kiddie pools and purple dinosaurs.”

Terror in Tub
    Anime Name: Terror in Tokyo (aka Terror in Resonance, or Zankyou no Terror)
    Characters: Shibazaki, Twelve, Nine, Mukasa, Five, Lisa Mishima
    Genre: Comedy
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26 / F / Rulid Village
Posted 8/10/14 , edited 8/12/14
Nisekoi 117.5: Climb (♡Romance♡)

The sky is dyed pink and the cicadas start their daily hum in the early morning heat. The natural buzz of the forest is disturbed only by a small group.

To celebrate Raku’s release from hospital the gang decided to go hiking. Almost everyone had gathered, but they stood idly by waiting for one last member to join. Tsugumi, Chitoge, Ruri and Onodera were talking gleefully while Shuu and Raku looked over a trail map. A shrill voice interrupted the scene.


The last member of their party had arrived. Hardly dressed for the part, Marika was wearing a summer dress, sandals and a wide brim sun hat.

Hesitantly, Raku remarked, “Marika, you know we’re going to be walking…a lot…on dirt…”

“It’s okay, I’m sure that if I can’t walk Raku~sama will carry me!!!”

Sighing, Raku turned back to the group and they headed off.


After some time they decided to stop for a break. Shuu distributed the water he’d been carrying. Retrieving her and Onodera’s water, Ruri, with a glint in her eye, “tripped” on her way towards Onodera spilling the contents of their bottles.

Deadpan as ever, Ruri stated, “Oh nooo…our water…I guess we’ll have to share. Raku, you’ll share your water with Onodera, right?”

At this, Raku spit out his water and Onodera shrunk back waving her hands wildly, both blushing madly.

“N-no, it’s okay I’m not that thirsty,” Onodera squeaked, instantly met by a glare from Ruri.

Chitoge spoke up to break the ambivalent atmosphere, “It’s okay, Tsugumi brought extras just in case.”


Finally reaching their destination, a waterfall lay before them. And not so much as a moment too soon as Marika was on the verge of passing out. While everyone was putting their things down, Chitoge approached the shore and squatted down at the edge getting lost in the sounds and flow of the creek.

While everyone else was busy, Raku approached Chitoge, “How is the water?” forcing her from her reverie.

Chitoge responded, barely above a whisper, “Want to check out the waterfall?” before jumping up with a start.

Pursuing her across a makeshift path of rocks, Raku warned, “Watch out, those rocks could be slippery.”

As though speaking those very words willed it into existence, Chitoge stepped on a rock that gave way to the current sending her straight towards the water.

Reaching out just in time, Raku caught her by the waist pulling her up and restoring their balance. Realizing their nearness Raku’s face slowly brightened. After a beat, Chitoge separated herself from Raku with a quick, “Let me go!” a blush upon her face.

Turning away embarrassed Raku mumbled, “I was just helping you out…”

“It’s not like I needed your help, I could’ve caught myself…” Chitoge mumbled back.

Back at the shore Tsugumi called out to them, “Ojou, we may have to head back, Marika has passed-out!”

And so, summer dragged on for the Bonyari High gang.

Word count: 496

Genre: Romance; Nisekoi in general is a Rom-Com but I decided to enter it as a romance.

Characters and Show Represented: Written as a missing chapter of Nisekoi so the characters are Raku, Chitoge, Tsugumi, Onodera, Ruri, Marika and Shuu.
The Judge
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F / traveling
Posted 8/11/14 , edited 8/11/14
Keep these great stories coming!!!
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Posted 8/11/14 , edited 8/11/14
This is gonna be fun
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Posted 8/11/14 , edited 8/11/14
Is the limit exactly 500 words! Is there any possible way it could be maybe 510. The reason I am asking this is because I wrote a story and I was sparked with a really funny one and already cut my main idea from it, but it still turned out to my liking, but it's over the , but it's 510 words even after I cut it down. is there any possibility to make the word limit a little flexible? If not it's ok I'm just wondering!
Thank you.
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Posted 8/11/14 , edited 8/12/14
Good stories so far!

Does the title of the story count in the overall word count?
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F / Western Australia
Posted 8/12/14 , edited 8/12/14
Yay, writing stories! Too bad I'm dying due to winter and school... ._.

Oh well! Time to make the worst fanfic ever!
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30 / M / Eden of the East
Posted 8/12/14 , edited 8/12/14
Beach Volleyball Showdown!

It was a particularly hot and humid day. Probably the hottest day of the summer. Kuroko and Kagami were heading to the beach after basketball practice.

"Tch, it's hot as hell today."

"We could buy some popsicles."

"Sounds good!"

They stop by a shop. Kagami notices that there's only two popsicles left. He reaches out to grab them but another hand snatches them up first! Kagami looks over and notices two guys. The one who took the popsicles was short and had messy orange hair. The other was slightly shorter than Kagami and had black hair.

"Hey, I wanted those!"

The little guy starts to shake nervously.


His friend steps in between them.

"Kageyama...he looks mad. Maybe we should give them to him..."

"No, you got them first Hinata."

Kagami is not amused.

"The hell you did! I touched them first!"

"No, you didn't."

Kageyama and Kagami stare each other down.

"I have a suggestion."

Kageyama and Hinata step back in shock. They didn't even notice Kuroko.

"Where did you come from?"

"I was here the whole time."

"Are you a ghost!?"

Kuroko holds up a volleyball.

"Let's play volleyball to see who gets the popsicles."

"Ha, I'm down."

"Fine by me."

"Yay, volleyball!"

- - - - - - - - - -

They head over to a sand court at the beach. They agree to play a match where the first team to get ten points wins. Hinata serves first.

"Here we go!"

Hinata tosses the ball up and strikes it. It hits the net and drops to the sand. First point goes to the other team.


Kageyama facepalms.

Kuroko serves next.

"Show 'em how it's done!"

Kuroko tosses the ball up and strikes it. It hits Kagami in the back of the head and falls to the sand. The game is tied 1-1.

"What the hell!?!"

Clearly Kuroko and Hinata aren't very good servers. The match continues going back and forth. Kagami manages to block a lot of spikes due to his height. Meanwhile, Hinata's quickness has led his team to a few points. The game is now tied 9-9 with Kageyama serving.

"One more point."

"Let's do it!"

Kageyama throws the ball up and spikes it to a seemingly empty area. However, Kuroko was there.

"What the?"

Kuroko is a master of hiding his presence. He quickly hits the ball to a leaping Kagami.


Kagami spikes the ball as hard as he could. It hits poor Hinata in the face!


However, the ball bounces into the air. Kageyama quickly runs over to it. Kagami and Kuroko, expecting him to spike it, leap up in front of him. Instead, he perfectly tosses the ball to a leaping Hinata who connects with the Freak Quick! Kageyama and Hinata win! Everyone shakes hands afterwards.

"Good game."

"You guys were awesome!"

"It was fun."

Kageyama walks over and picks up the popsicles.


Everyone just laughs. The popsicles may have melted but a new friendship was born.

Word count: 500

Genre: Drama (I think this classifies as a Sports/Comedy-drama. Sports isn't one of the genres in this contest but comedy and drama are. I have to choose one so I'll choose drama, for now.)

Characters and Anime represented: Tetsuya Kuroko and Taiga Kagami from Kuroko's Basketball, Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama from Haikyuu!

Side note(s): Only 500 words? Wish the maximum was 1000 words. I don't think 500 words does this story justice but I hope you all enjoy it anyways!
The Judge
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F / traveling
Posted 8/12/14 , edited 8/13/14

honeyneko wrote:

Is the limit exactly 500 words! Is there any possible way it could be maybe 510. The reason I am asking this is because I wrote a story and I was sparked with a really funny one and already cut my main idea from it, but it still turned out to my liking, but it's over the , but it's 510 words even after I cut it down. is there any possibility to make the word limit a little flexible? If not it's ok I'm just wondering!
Thank you.

I do have to keep it capped at 500 to make things fair. However, the title does not count in the word limit.

Also, I love how people are adding their characters and animes represented I would appreciate it if everyone could do this from here on since so many anime characters share the same names Listing the characters and genre entered do not count in the 500 word count limit either.
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25 / F / Philippines
Posted 8/12/14 , edited 8/13/14
Waiting (An Alice Academy Fanfic)

*sigh* The original story I thought of couldn't keep itself below 500 word count. It ended up going to 3000 or something so I had to make a new one. If only we could use game characters instead, I'd have made one for Pokemon. XD

Anyways, I'm not that good at making fics. I don't know which category this belongs to but the closest could be drama without the sadness.
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Posted 8/13/14 , edited 8/13/14
Thank you so much! I WILL cut down those measly 10 words if it's the last thing I do!!
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Posted 8/13/14 , edited 8/13/14
Tamako Market – Hot! Hot! Polka dot!

“It is so very hot…” Dera moaned, as he melted down Tamako’s windowsill like a plump marshmallow over a burning fire.

“I thought that your country’s always hot?” Tamako responded while scavenging through her drawer.

“Yes, but it is a rather pleasant heat.”

“I know it’s hot outside,” Tamako tugged on a piece of clothing she was wrestling out of her drawer, “so that’s why we’re all going to the beach!”She pulled out a red and white, polka dot bikini. “Ta-da! I found it!” Tamako showed it to Dera, who was mindlessly gazing outside of her window. His eyes fell upon a beautiful figure.

“Miss Shiori.” Dera whispered to himself, flustered with excitement.

“Huh?” Tamako tilted her head. Dera flicked his magnificent wings and dove out of the window towards Shiori.

“Miss Shiori!” Shrieked Dera, as his body began to fall. Tamako gasped watching Dera plumet towards the sizzling earth. Before splattering onto the pavement, he was saved by something stretchy.
“Oh Miss Shiori,” Dera cried with gratitude, “you are simply too kind once again.”

“Hello Mister.” Dera turned around to see Kanna, who had instinctively caught him.

“Oh, it’s you.”Dera sighed.

“Hi Dera!” Midori giggled.

“What? What is making you so amused?!” He queried.

Kanna released the stretchy material that had caught Dera. A snapping echo rang through the air.

“Huh?” Dera grunted, as he looked down. Pink, flower patterned bikini bottoms hugged tightly around his hefty waist.

“Ah,” Tamako poked her head out from up above, “Dera you look like mochi overflowing with strawberry filling!” All of the girls burst with laughter. Shiori laughed the hardest. Dera’s heart sank into the bottom of his stomach.

“Tamako, are you ready to go!” Midori shouted.

“Mm Hm! One second!” Tamako grabbed her bathing suit and began to undress.

Meanwhile, across the street, Mochizou blankly bounced a ball against the wall inside his room.
“Man, it’s too hot to do anything.” The continuous laughter of the girls swirled around his room. “Who’s laughing?” He wondered. Mochizou gazed across the street, into Tamako’s bedroom. She was now ready for the beach. In her bikini. Mochizou’s face glowed bright red, like the lights on a Christmas tree. Tamako’s head turned towards him. Mochizou jumped.

“Hiii Mochizouuu!” She waved with a cheerful smile. A river of blood began to drip from Mochizou’s nose as he stood clenched. “Ah! Mochizou your nose! It’s bleeding!” Tamako cried. Mochizou pulled his curtains closed in the blink of an eye. He fell face first onto his bed.

“Ahhh! I’m such an idiot!” He wailed with frustration and embarrassment. Tamako ran down the stairs. Before the girls left to go to the beach she yelled to Mochizou’s window.

“Do you want to come swimming Mochizou!” He froze stiff as a board.

“N-N- No th-th- thanks!”A disappointed look fell upon Tamako’s face as Dera and the girls left. Machizou sighed, scrambled under his bed and began to write inside a thick book titled, “Embarrassing Moments in Front of Tamako.”

Genre: Comedy

Posted 8/13/14 , edited 8/13/14
i just want to make sure. Are the only characters we are allowed to use anime characters or can we have anime characters and original? Also are we allowed to have a friend/family member proofread it for us, so there aren't any major overlooked grammar/punctuation mistakes? I just want to be sure before I start writing. The Contest sounds fun.
Posted 8/13/14 , edited 8/13/14
I must enter this.
I must read the rules later.

Does the first rule conflict with using anime characters?
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