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Summer 2014 Writing Contest!!! (Winners Announced!!!)
The Judge
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F / traveling
Posted 8/15/14 , edited 8/16/14

DarkBeastOut wrote:

What if I use characters from Anime games like Elsword, Sol Badguy, or any other anime style games that doesn't have animes yet?

Just animes please
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Posted 8/15/14 , edited 8/16/14
Ok thanks. ..
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Posted 8/15/14 , edited 8/16/14
Naruto and Hinata’s Summer at the Beach
It was a warm summer day and it was especially hot in Konoha. Everyone thought this was an opportunity to have a day at the beach.
Kiba : WHOO!!! It is so hot today huh Akamaru?
Akamaru : Ruff!!!
Shino : (Shino says in a low voice) We should go to the beach…
Kiba : We should go to the beach!
Shino : Grr...
Kiba : Hey Hinata! You should ask Naruto!
Hinata : (She blushes) WHHHHHHHAT?!?!
Kiba : HAHA!!! Everyone will be there, besides everyone knows you like him so just ask him.
Hinata : (She twiddles her fingers) Ummm…. Ok I could try…
Hinata goes to find Naruto in the village but completely freezes and glows bright red.
Naruto : (He smiles at Hinata) Hey Hinata, I was just about to meet up with the others at the beach. Wanna come?
Hinata: (Blushes) Y-Yes…
As they arrive at the beach, they go to the changing rooms to put on their bathing suits, and Hinata waits for Naruto outside.
Naruto : (He comes out of the changing room) Here I come Hinata. Ready to go swimming?
Hinata faints onto the sand blushing bright red and Naruto looks down to find her.
Naruto : Ehh? Hinata? You okay?
Naruto carries her fainted body to an open spot he finds as she wakes up to find Naruto lying beside her.
Naruto : Oh hey Hinata, you’re awake!
Hinata : H-Have you been here the whole time?
Naruto : (He shows a huge smile to her) Of course, I wanted to make sure you were okay!
Hinata : (She gets up) Oh look there’s Sakura, you probably want to go to her don’t you?
Naruto : Well sure I’d like to see Sakura, but I came here with you Hinata.
Hinata : You really want to stay here with me?
Naruto : Hehe of course! I care about you Hinata, and you’ve protected me many times, so I care for you deeply.
Hinata : (She blushes lightly and smiles at him) Thank you Naruto that makes me happy.
Naruto : Would you like to go for a swim Hinata?
Hinata thinks about swimming with Naruto but as she begins imagining him swimming and seeing his fit body glisten from the water, she begins steaming and becoming bright red and she passes out.
Naruto : (He lunges to grab Hinata as she faints) HEY!!! HINATA!!! *Sigh* Not again…
Hinata ends up being out cold and Naruto takes her home safely and she eventually wakes up with Naruto at her bedside holding her hand.
Hinata : Huh? Naruto? I’m home?
Naruto : Well I was worried about you so I took you home.
Hinata : I’m sorry I ruined our day at the beach.
Naruto : Not at all. Knowing you were safe made me happy.
Neji enters to find Naruto and isn’t too happy as he forces him out.
Neji : 64 PALM ROTATION!!!
Naruto flies out the room screaming.
Hinata : Neji!!!
Word Count : 500
Genre : Romantic
Anime Name : Naruto Shippuden
Characters : Naruto, Hinata, Kiba, Akamaru, Shino, Neji
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Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
Ruri Miyamoto's Small Push


Nisekoi - Ruri Miyamoto, Kosaki Onodera, Raku Ichijou

500 Words

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Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14

Anime: Hyouka
Characters: Eru Chitanda, Houtarou Oreki, Satoshi Fukube
Category: Horror
(500 Words)

Our Last Summer

July 26
The last bell rang before school ended. As I walked out the front gate alongside Chitanda, I could feel the scorching heat of the summer. Yet she seems to be wearing a sweater on this especially hot day. “Ughh… Summer vacation starts tomorrow doesn't it?” I murmured. “What’s wrong Oreki-san, do you not enjoy the summer?” said Chitanda, looking unusually pale today. “It’s not that, there’s just nothing in particular for me to do. My family won’t be home too.” She tilts her head and smiles at me. “Oreki-san, I’d like to invite you for dinner at my house tomorrow. I've already asked my parents.” I felt the phone vibrate in my pocket. “Hold on a sec.” I answered the call without looking, hoping to surprise myself. “H- Hello?” A familiar voice had responded in the most sarcastic tone. “Houtarou… Do you believe in ghosts? Huehuehue.”

“What is it Satoshi?” I could hear the heavy traffic in the background; echoing. “The Summer Movie Festival starts tonight, across from the old shrine. They’re showing Ju-on! You guys wanna come?” Being 5 minutes away from my house, I imagined myself falling asleep on the world’s most comfortable bed. “Sorry. Unfortunately, I’m busy tonight and Chitanda isn't feeling so well, right?” Chitanda grips her sweater tightly. “Sorry Satoshi kun, maybe next time.” Bringing her face near mine, almost whispering. “Hmmm, I see. Well, get well soon Chitanda! I’ll call you after the movie Houtarou. Ja-ne!”

We walked pass the river on our way home. Carried by the current was what looked like an animal covered in white sheets; a school uniform maybe? “Did someone’s pet die? Why would they throw it in the river?” Chitanda’s eyes widen, as if surprised. I grabbed her shoulder; her clothes feeling somewhat wet. “Chitanda, Are you okay?” The pinkish tone of her skin looked as it were fading away. “Hey, Chita—” She suddenly grabbed my hands, and pushes her body up against me. Slowly, she laced her fingers through my mine, and began to stare intimately into my eyes… “Oreki-san,” she leaned toward me, standing on her toes. “Please close your eyes.”

Is this a mirage; a surrealistic fragment of my imagination? No, it can’t be. Up until now, I haven’t noticed how cold her hands are, have they always been like this? Before I could continue my thoughts, Chitanda’s lips met mine. Kissing me subtly, her soft lips sent a current running through my body. We paused for a moment, before she slowly pulled away.

Then I heard it, those words that will forever haunt me.

“See you tomorrow, Oreki-san.”

When I opened my eyes, she was gone.
She disappeared.

July 27
I awoke to find 13 missed calls from Satoshi, and one message. “Was the movie that good?” I checked the message.

//Oreki... They found Chitanda’s body in the river today. I’m sorry.//

I rushed over to her house.
Her corpse was on the floor, surrounded by family members.
Chitanda was smiling.
Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
Anime - Non Non Biyori
Characters - Renge-Chan. Candy Store, Nee-Nee.
Word Count - 491
Genre: Comedy

"Everyone Needs Friends. Even Rabbits"


In the distance, the sun glared. It was as hot today as it was yesterday, but they still had not acclimated to the heat.

“Candy Store, Candy Store…”

Renge-chan, dressed in her summer clothes, had her hair parted in two pigtails, each falling just short of her shoulders.

Candy Store now hesitantly turned herself to Renge-chan and , who was standing at her waist, tugging her shirt with all her might.

“You look sweaty. Take me to the rabbits. I wanna go to see the rabbits. They’re lonely! No one’s visited them since break started. A few older people from the village have been feeding them”, she said.

“It’s true. They may be lonely. But then again they’re just rabbits. They can’t talk”, said Nee-Nee, as she walked out from seemed like the middle of nowhere.

“I’m sort of busy, Renge. Maybe tomorrow.”

Renge-chan stared at her, tears forming in her eyes.

“But….but….they’re lonely.”

Candy Store looked at Nee-Nee, who was aloof, smiling as if she had no clue where she was; but she nodded her head signaling her to do what she knew she had to.

….Fine. But make it quick.”

They walked slowly, taking in the summer sun and air. Renge-chan walked jubilantly next to Candy Store, as Nee-Nee followed close behind, at her own, much slower pace. They passed the school, which was now dimly lit and out of use of the foreseeable future.

As they approached the rabbit’s cage, Renge took off running, still holding Candy Store’s hand.

“Whooaaaaa hold on Renge-chan!”, she yelled as he flew forward.

Renge walked to the cage, and quickly knelt down. She looked at the rabbits, they looked at her.


They stood still.

Candy Store now knelt down next to Renge, as Nee-Nee opened the cage.

“Candy Store, take a carrot. This one looks hungry.”

Candy Store picked up a carrot, and slowly let the rabbit nibble on it, before handing it to it.

“Arigato gazai masu”, Renge said, pretending as if she were the rabbit thanking Candy Store for her kindness.

“We’ve fed them. They don’t seem so lonely now. Can we go back. The store is just open without anyon—“

Renge-chan stared at Candy Store, tears welling in her eyes.

“But they need friends. Everyone needs friends. Even rabbits”, she said.

Nee-Nee and Candy Store now looked at each other, confused as to what to do.

“We can come back soon. School starts in a few weeks, Renge. Than you can play with them all you want”.

Renge-chan looked at the rabbits, than at them.

“Okay…”, she said.

“See you soon!”

They walked out of the cage, the sun now glaring even more strongly. The trees swept n the summer breeze, and did their hair.

“Thank you Candy Store, and thank you Nee-Nee. You’re my friends. Friends. Friends. What a weird word”, Renge said.

They kept walking, and you could hear their laughter from a mile away.

The End

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Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
no more than 500 words? My average meandering post is more than 500 words. I could probably bring this post to more than 500 words without even trying. I mean... seriously? That's not a story. That's a preamble - an introduction or a prologue. I understand people would be using established characters in established settings and thus the need for detailed prose and elaboration on who those people are and what they were about would be limited, but still. That leaves absolutely no room for any sort of descriptive detail. I'll pass on this - which is somewhat sad, since this is probably the first 'creativity' contest crunchyroll has run that I actually probably could have impressed at, being a fairly decent writer when I want to be. But 500 words? I'd barely be able to get through an opening with that limitation.
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Posted 8/16/14 , edited 8/16/14
The Melancholy of Kyon's Summer

It was upon us, summer vacation! No more schoolwork, studying, or staying late after class, just relaxing and fun in the sun, or so I thought. I had no summer plans and was just happy for the break. I was all set to relax and drift off on the couch when suddenly the phone rang.

Hey, Kyon! What cha doing? There’s this cool old boat I found and I wanna go check it out. Get your lazy butt down to the train station. We are heading out today!

Sigh, that is just like her to talk away and force me to do something before I can get a word in edge wise. Well, it’s not like I’m doing much here, so I better go meet up before she calls me again.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me. I got this strange call from Miss Nagato last night. She said something about an urgent disturbance and Haruhi. To tell the truth, I was half asleep and not really paying attention. Oh well, guess she’ll fill me in again later.

It’s about time Kyon! Come on we are running late!” “Right, late, sorry. Is this the boat?” “Yeah, isn’t it cool?” I looked it over quick. It was torn and tattered, and looked like something out of a crappy horror flick. “Sure, it’s unique” I quipped. “Well, don’t just stand there gawking! Let’s go explore it!

We went aboard and the first thing I smelled was musty and rusted metal. “Are you sure this thing is safe?” A nervous Miss Asahina chimed in “we-well, it is charming in its own kind of way I think. Miss Suzumiya seems happy with it so let’s just follow her lead.” Sigh, “alright, I’m gonna go to the cabin and check it out.

Creak, the floor did not sound very sturdy. A long hallway lay out before me with small rooms on each side. I reached for a door, and suddenly felt something grab my shoulder. “Ah! Oh, it’s only you Miss Nagato. What’s up?” “The anomaly it is here. We need to close the dead space now or it will be troublesome.” “Um, yeah, uh-huh.” I have no idea what she’s talking about but it doesn't sound good. Why couldn't I have a peaceful vacation? But no, I just had to get pulled along on another one of Haruhi’s adventures. Sigh.

I see a slight glow coming from what looks like the cabin door. Cobwebs fill the hall and it is eerily dark as the sky grows overcast. “It’s too late” Miss Nagato says deadpan as ever. I reach out and open the door, click. I’m suddenly speechless. There’s nothing there. No really, nothing is in the room. There is no room or me! There is just a void and darkness. It happened; the universe got destroyed by Haruhi. My thoughts in the darkness were all that remained. So much for fun in the sun. Well, I guess this counts as a vacation, sigh…

Words: 499
Featured Characters: Kyon, Haruhi Suzumiya, Mikuru Asahina, Yuki Nagato
Series: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Category: Drama
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Posted 8/17/14 , edited 8/17/14

After The Accident: Jonah's Ordeal

My view's filled with ancient temples of burnt stone; giant archways carved by ancient streams my only points of reference. My foot is still raw from the accident; the sand sticks to it like flies to paper. My mind begins to wander; 'Is everyone else alive?', 'Were we attacked?'.

All I can feel is pain.

I run my hand over my foot to inspect the damage. It’s worse than I'd thought. My two smallest toes are both missing and a deep gash, now filled with dark red sand, runs along the outside of my foot. It's disgusting, but I've seen worse.

After half running, half limping for an eternity I come to a dead end. On three sides of me are cliffs of ochre rock. Determined not to turn back I begin to climb. I make quick work of the first 20 or so feet with sheer tenacity driving me forwards up the reddish stone face. As I continue the strain on my hands starts to show, leaving bloody marks on the rock face. I put a hand over the top of the precipice and haul myself up. Everything is the same shade of terracotta brown, with hints of reds and oranges. It's truly beautiful.

My first instinct is to look for a road of some kind. Scanning on all sides, I see no signs of humanity but my faint footsteps down in the valley. Starting along the ridge, tentatively watching each step I make, I continue to look out for a pathway. Then I see it: a small line of black against the orange sand. A road. I cry out in joy and nearly collapse. I begin to scramble down the ridge towards the road. The rush of adrenaline helps me push on but becoming careless I slip. The feeling of falling jogs my memory: the jeep flipping, the howls of pain and the fall. My back hits the floor just below my rib cage. My scream echoes up and down the valley. I lie on the floor crying. I close my eyes and remember Koko and the others. If I can't live for myself, I have to live for them.

I – once again – head up the nearest cliff to view my surroundings.

The next 40 minutes are the hardest of my life. Every single movement on that hateful cliff is pure agony. My hands weep blood under the strain of the climb. The rest is a blur, hazed by pain and blocked from my memory. But lying on my front at the top is incredible. Only then do I realize how far I’ve climbed; even I'd never done something of this scale. The kick of sudden adrenaline pushes me quickly back to my feet. From my new viewpoint I begin to scan the area for the road…and there it is: maybe half a kilometer away. It was a single, shining black line among a sea of brown. It was a beacon of hope, and it was calling me.

Anime: Jormungand
Characters: Johnathan Mal (Jonah)
Genre: Action(?)
Words: 500 exactly
Posted 8/17/14 , edited 8/23/14
Characters: Claude, Chitoge, and Ichijo
Word Count:Word says 495
Trying to keep it under 500 words was a bit tricky, but I'm kind of happy with how it turned out. After the contest I just may expand on it and add all the other things I want to add to the story. It sure was fun to do and it's my first fan fic.........never thought I would write one. I may have some grammar mistakes, but I thought I would post it now( I didn't notice anything major),since I have no idea what the next week holds for me and I want to be able to get a chance to post my entry before the contest.
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F / Alaska
Posted 8/17/14 , edited 6/15/15
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Posted 8/17/14 , edited 8/18/14
This was a ton of fun. It took me about 2-3 hours to write, edit, and slim down to under 500 words! Hope you enjoy!

Title: Nightmare Offline
Genre: Horror
Anime: Sword Art Online
Characters Featured: Kirito and Asuna
Words: 498

Note: Not for the faint of heart.



The End!

I hope it was enjoyable! Some insight on the title: I chose the name because Sword Art Online took place during the game (online) so I tried making a pun with offline since this was occurring during Kirito's summer in real life (offline). Anyways, Cheers!

Also, I used word counter to help me keep track of my word count.
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24 / M / California
Posted 8/18/14 , edited 8/18/14
Mud Slide on the Cliffs of Dover

First in trickling chunks, then in a furious torrent came the mud down the white wall. There was no slowing the cataclysm along its sheer path. All I could do was hold on as the downpour advanced in ever greater quantity. At such a late hour, there was no guessing where the road's end would be until the very moment everything would slap against the brine's unbroken face. Once the waters were found, I small cloud of optimism blurred the the reality that in spite of the mud and debris finding its way down, much more would be soon to follow. Half an hour passed into the waning hours of the night. The debris flow slowed once more to just a trickle, and all that remained of the event was a single tarnished strip on the face of the white cliffs. The outgoing tide swept the slurry that completed it's journey, leaving me able to stand up again. I limped from the sight of the ordeal, homeward bound, promising myself to never again slurp yolks straight from the shell.
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F / Florida, USA
Posted 8/18/14 , edited 8/18/14

You might want to re-read the first post
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Posted 8/18/14 , edited 8/19/14

Kirito woke up like he had everyday during his summer vacation, and turned on the Nervegear so he could log on to Alfheim and meet up with Asuna and Yui. They had discovered a dungeon yesterday, and today they were going to clear it. He felt excited, and he couldn't wait to see Asuna. He logged on, and started making his way towards the dungeon. As he got closer to the dungeon entrance he saw Asuna and Yui waiting for him as he turned the corner. “Asuna,Yui are you ready to go?” he called out feeling ecstatic. “Just a second, I'm making lunches for the trip.” Asuna replied.
He walked over to Yui and saw her reading a book. “What are you reading?” he asked curiously. “It's the guide of dungeon monsters. What do you think were going to see today, papa?” she asked happily. “I don't know.” he replied uncertainly. “I've never seen a dungeon like this before.” He equipped his sword, and finished getting ready.“The lunches are ready!” Asuna walked over to Kirito, “Lets get going. I want to see the boss at the end of the dungeon.” They set off into the dungeon, immediately encountering high level creatures, like the giant salamanders. Kirito ran ahead and started fighting the salamanders, combining his magic and sword skills into a flurry of strikes, ending with decapitating the final salamander. “Asuna, switch with me!” he called out. Asuna ran ahead and opened the door to the next room. Asuna went to work on the trolls inside, and finished them off quickly.
“We should be getting close to the boss room!” Asuna called out. They turned the corner and saw the gates to the boss room. “Come on papa!” Yui said excitedly. She ran ahead and opened the gates. They walked in slowly waiting to see what the boss was. They walked to the center of the room, but still didn't see the boss. “Where's the boss?” Asuna asked. Suddenly the ground started shaking, and the walls started moving. “The room itself is the boss!” Yui called out gleefully. Kirito looked around uncertainly. “Are you sure, Yui?” “Yeah!” Kirito poked his sword into the floor, and it took damage. He couldn't understand how it would hurt them, when suddenly the walls started moving closer together slowly. “We've got to kill it before it crushes us!” he yelled. He and Asuna both started attacking the floor with a similar gusto. This boss couldn't do damage, but it had a lot of HP, and he didn't know whether they could beat it in time. As he continued to whack the floor he noticed the walls getting closer. He started attacking faster, and harder, only to look up and see the wall inches from his face. “Come on, it's going to crush us!” he cried out. He attacked one last time, fully draining it's remaining HP. He looked at over at Asuna. “Whats for lunch?” he asked with a smile on his face.

Category: Action

Word Count: 500

Anime: Sword Art Online

Characters: Kirito, Asuna, and Yui
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