My Crazy Anime
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My Crazy Anime
⦁ Chiyun strangley inherited the power of diffrent rasengans. Chiyun is 5ft'5in he have blue eyes brown hair and his skin tone is on the lighter side of caramel. Age:15
⦁ Tiger is quick and also he is very vicious he love to learn also he's an amazing fighter. Tiger is 5ft'7in he has green eyes his skin tone is light brown with a black crazed mohawk. Age:14
⦁ Chi is Chiyun sister she is amazing with strategies and cool plans. Chi is 5ft'3in she have fiery red eyes her hair is blonde and her hair is really long skintone light skin. Age:14
⦁ Tai who is always skipping class and late. It's like he dont care about education but always get 100% on his test. Tai is 5ft'6in his eyes are brown skin tone is light skin and his hair is black. Age:13
⦁ Kira is tiger sister but there always competing to see who is the strongest/bestfighter. Kira is 5ft'4in she have green eyes her hair is silky brown but very long skintone light skin.Age:14
This is Were There Story Begin
Chapter 1
Just The Beginning
Chiyun ...... Chiyun. What Kira are we still going to train after school''? Of course remember to keep it a secret. Is it because you dont want our friends getting involve. Yeah we dont need them to worry about whats going to happen in 1 month. Are you talking about the tournament? Hey..Hey!!!!! chiyun what are you and kira talking about. Care to share it with the class? um....oh...No no were find. Ok then get back to work. Yes.. Mam.
So chiyun we need to.....(ring) (ring) time to leave, class is over go to lunch. Ok Kira lets talk. Alright kira what did you need to talk about. Hey you guys what are you talking about. Oh nothing were starting to get supicious about you to do yall like each other . ''Do you kira?'' Tiger said. She said eww gross mabye as a brother nothing more nothing less. Alright dont forget im your big brother so ill look out for you. Yeah yeah i know you always protect me. How about we get in line, today is taco tuesday Tai said ''yes my favorite'' so were have you been said chiyun. You never come to class but whenever there's a test you get 100 what is your secret. I cant tell chi said " do your family teach you" how did you.....No. Oh hey chi said chiyun I didnt see you this morning. Well I went to school early this morning so i didnt say bye to you. Well it's okay So let's go home okay we'll tell them about this tomorrow about the tournament . And we will all start our first day of training. Goodmorning guys chiyun said. Everyone replied with ditto.
Chiyun: Me and Kira have been wanting to tell you all some news.
Everyone: What is it, tell us were dying in supense.
Chiyun: Ok.....ok hold your horses well we have entered a tournament it's about VR.
Everyone: Whats that i think a game or something....
Tai: I know about all of that isn't it a real time based game based on virtual reality.
Chiyun: That's exactly what it is but this is all about fighting and strategies so instead of mve and kira just entering. I think we should all join.
Chi: Well this could be fun and we could work as a team.
Tai: This sound great for me to use up all my extra time.
Tiger: Im in if you guys are in so when does it start plus details.
Kira: Chiyun i'll take it from here so. The tournament start in 1 month.
Everyone: What!!!!!!!!! are you sure we can do this in less than 29 days.
Kira: Sure we ca...
Tiger: For sure we can do this this is the perfect challenge. This could be the ultimate Team test to see if we make the cut and..
Kira: Alright tiger we understand that your happy but im still not finish with the deatils. We will all need to come to Chiyun and Chi house. Because there parents don't mind right chiyun
Chiyun: Yea my mom and dad said company is find as long as we do all our homework.
Everyone: awwww
kira: Alright we can work this out a little later.
Tiger: Ok let's get started so what are we going to be doing for training.
Chiyun: We are going to be doing some focus training and reflex training. But the most important of them all is Team...
Chi: Teamwork!!! right chiyun
Chiyun: Thanks chi for raining on my thunder so about team work. Well have to do syncronized gamesn. I will also need chi to put togather our plans plus tiger will help.
Chi: What!!!!! why does he have to help me all he likes to do is fight.
Tiger : Hey thats Hurtful i can contribute.
Chi: Alright no offense so chiyun whats the plan.'
Chiyun: Well the reason why I want tiger to help. Is he can tell you what kind of fighter we are. lets test him tiger what type of fighter would you catergorize us.
Tiger: Well I have played a quite alot of rpg's. So I would conclude Chiyun is a close kombat. Tai is more support wile managing our health and mana also our moves and the best choice with chi.
Chi,Tai: Alright well start thinking up plans.
Tiger: Also kira i haven't forgot about you. I think i see you as a more large range with giant scale attacks. We could probably combine atk and spd spells on your moves so it could provide more effectiveness and accuracy.
Kira: Alright I will start to figure out what moves that i have. Second Chapter Coming Soon :)
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