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Anyone Into Heavy Metal?
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29 / M / Somewhere out there
Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/30/14
Love metal music, the bands I like the most are:

Demon Hunter
In Flames
Amon Amarth
Devil You Know
Coheed & Cambria
10 Years
Machine Head
Killswitch Engage
Avenged Sevenfold

There are others but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.
I've seen: Machine Head, 5FDP, Devil You Know, 10 Years, and others live.
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27 / M / TX
Posted 10/5/14 , edited 10/6/14
I like a band called "In This Moment" Great Vocals and Heavy guitar and drumming. Plus Maria Brink is gorgeous.
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Posted 10/5/14 , edited 10/6/14

TrueGoober wrote:

I'm more of a progressive metal / math metal type person. Not so much into metalcore or heavy metal like I used to be.

But here's a nice, heavily abridged list:
The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Fall of Troy
Protest the Hero

Used to be my bread and butter, still kind of is. But slowly replacing it with more techno and indie... Plus I need to restore my classic rock collection lol. Been too long since I had my Rush and Zeppelin songs

Holy shit dude, I like literally every single band on your list (and have seen several of them too - Deftones/DEP tour, Periphery, PTH, Ashe's last show with Tesseract, and Mastodon in November). I'm exactly the same, I used to be into heavy metal, but slowly grew towards prog metal/mathy stuff, because I love the punk energy that style retains. Way more loose than death metal. Based on your list, you should probably check out Cloudkicker sometime - it's all instrumental, but it has elements of djent, metal, post-rock, math, everything. Sick stuff.
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20 / M / Cali
Posted 10/6/14 , edited 10/6/14
Did someone already mention It Prevails?
Posted 10/6/14 , edited 10/6/14

jxd666 wrote:

some of these 'heavy metal' bands here. smdh.

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28 / M / The True North
Posted 10/6/14 , edited 10/6/14
Posted 10/6/14 , edited 10/7/14
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32 / M / Scotland
Posted 10/9/14 , edited 10/9/14

This is what I've been listening to lately..... EPIC.
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23 / M / USA
Posted 10/16/14 , edited 10/16/14
I'm in a Metal band and I love everything heavy and hardcore.
-All That Remains
-Bullet for My Valentine
-The GazettE
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27 / M / Mobile, Alabama
Posted 10/18/14 , edited 10/19/14
Metal? Yeah, you could say I'm a fan. These are a few bands I dig that come to mind.

Type O Negative
Black Sabbath
Children of Bodom
Dir En Grey
Lamb of God
God Dethroned
Napalm Death
Iron Maiden
Arch Enemy
Maximum the Hormone

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27 / F / SoCal
Posted 10/19/14 , edited 10/19/14
Born and raised \m/ my daddy sang me to sleep with lullabys of judas priest and metallica.
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23 / M / North Carolina
Posted 10/21/14 , edited 10/21/14
Why not try Fleshgod Apocalypse
Infant Annihilator
Blood of the Martyr
Cannibal Corpse
White Chapel
Within The Ruins
In the Midst of Lions
Black Dahlia Murder
Amon Amarth
Impending Doom
Thy Art Is Murder

short list, but its actually not a load of super generic bands, or metal bands that write super generic music. obviously my statement is a bit opinionated, but in the least, I do have a huge background in metal, as well as I've grown up around several bands.
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36 / M / Pennsylvania
Posted 11/3/14 , edited 11/4/14
You can check my profile, they're pretty much all there. I like different sub-genres of metal, not just "heavy".
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34 / M / Sydney, Australia
Posted 11/8/14 , edited 11/9/14
Everyone who ever owned ears should listen to Dillinger Escape Plan's Option Paralysis album.

Anyone wanting to branch out from metal to similar-but-different stuff might like to listen to Every Time I Die or The Bronx for metalish punk stuff. Actually, just listen to The Shape of Punk to Come by Refused. If you don't like that, then nobody can help you.

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25 / Iowa >.>
Posted 11/10/14 , edited 11/10/14
yup grew up listening to it, still do to this day
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