Full Metal Panic! Another
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Posted 8/11/14 , edited 8/13/14
Has anybody read this series? I was wondering what others thought of it any whether or not it would be worth it to read?


Okay, just to add what the back cover or a summary provided by the book store says:

Ten years after that fight...
Ichinose Tatsuya, a normal student who likes to mess around with machines, is going to Jindai High.
Enjoying his safe life, one day Tatsuya is suddenly attacked by an unknown A.S.
In that moment thinking that he was going to be killed, a mysterious beautiful girl, Adelina, appears.
But, whilst trying to fight, she suffers a grave injury.
In order to protect Adelina and his sister, younger, Tatsuya makes to operate the A.S., despite having no prior experience.
On that determination, his fate is altered.
A new story from the masterpiece of SF action Full Metal Panic finally begins.
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Posted 12/17/14 , edited 12/18/14
eh, i want to. but if there is no kaname....its hard.

i totlay forgot about this. i loved the series.
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Posted 12/19/14 , edited 12/19/14
Aw man, I so want to have someone pick this up officially in North America. It sounds great.
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