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Posted 8/12/14 , edited 8/12/14
Game recommendations

There's already a anime recommendation thread... SO why not have a game recommendation thread? Please don't post spoilers here, there's no person who likes spoilers.

I accully have two recommendations.

Any Deus Ex game

I'm a huge deus ex fan and this is why I'm recommending all Deus Ex games (Except Deus Ex the fall cause it's shit). I've played Human Revolution on PS3 and PC. I must say, the PC version is superior due to 60FPS and FOV settings.

Hotline Miami (PS3/PSvita/PS4*/PC)

Hotline Miami is a game where you get jobs and basically kill people and the fun thing about it is that it's so hard. I like this game so much that I've bought is 3 times (DRM free on Humble bundle, PlayStation Store cross-buy and Steam)

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Posted 8/12/14 , edited 8/12/14
TF2 and Planetside 2 are arguably the best f2p fps ever. TF2 is available for pc/xbox 360/ps3 but only the pc is good. Planetside 2 is for pc but it's coming out for ps4. TF2 is just goofy and fun and Planetside 2 is like an open world massive war sci fi battlefield. Both on steam and they are not pay to win, if you spend real time money it's solely for cosmetics.
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Posted 8/26/14 , edited 10/16/14
So, i am really enjoying left for dead 2. Modding the game so i am fighting aliens, big daddies, yoshi, and setting the tank music to jojo music. All while my crack team being the cast of lucky star... God i am a nerd.
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