Post Reply What if Sakura died like Rin?
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Posted 8/12/14
So since we found out how Rin died I was wondering what if the same thing happened to Sakura? What if Obito wanted Naruto to know what he went through and made him or Sasuke kill Sakura? I just thought of it today and wanted to see what you guys would think
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Posted 8/12/14 , edited 8/12/14
Before anything else, learn your tenses. When I read the title, I was like, "What? Sakura died? Did I miss it?" Then I read your post.

Well, there's a very low chance that it will happen. Masashi-sama likes to repeat history, but how things are going in the manga, it's not going to happen. A twist ending perhaps?
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Posted 8/21/14

narutoofanz wrote:

I have a question from all of you

Who will win ??? if Hinata and Sakura fights ???

Answer with solid reasons :D

Part 1, Hinata cause Sakura is literally useless. But in Part 2 her strength has beyond increased and it seems like she'll grow up to be even stronger than the 5th Hokage herself.. i think Sakura would probably win since Hinata would just go soft on her since she's her friend
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