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Posted 8/12/14 , edited 8/19/14

1. FOLLOW THE RULES. ◄ It's VERY important that you follow the rules. If you break a rule, I will give you a warning but it you break a rule AGAIN, you will be banned.

2. Do NOT fight. If you create dumb drama and argue with someone, you will be banned. ;_; I can't stand it when people fight for no reason.

3. Do NOT put any nasty, sexual photos onto the photo area. Keep it PG13!

4. You CAN put yaoi or yuri photos on the photo area but AGAIN no sexy and nasty photos! They can only be kissing photos. YOU will be banned if you post a DISGUSTING photo on the wall. This includes photos of yourself or anyone else.

5. Please no flirting. I am gonna FREAK OUT if you or your role playing characters flirt.

6. Do NOT plagiarize OUR graphics! T^T If we find out, I will report you and BAN you from this group.

7. Do NOT sexually harass ANYONE in this group.

8. Do NOT disrespect the moderators + creators orders. If we tell you to do something. You will do it without questioning, okay? Whale... If you are asked where you live or something then, you can question them. XD

9. Do NOT say someone's opinion is stupid. Respect their opinion and be nice.

10. Do NOT fight over stupid things.

11. Do NOT share illegal websites.
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